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  1. ...which is why I don't understand why it was not brought up and how did people got around that. I have tried the patching successfully, even downloaded a ROM already patched with the Naga translation and it would always freeze at the title screen after pressing start. I'm using Snes9x+ on my Android.
  2. Sorry for posting this later, but I have an issue. I don't think nobody is taking this translation seriously anymore. There is a bug that freezes the game at the title screen. Once you hit the start button, the main menu never shows up. That has not been fixed up until now. If someone got around that part, let me know on how you did that, because I've looked everywhere for a solution to no avail and I really want to play this game! Also, no updates since the release of FE Heroes, especially regarding the name translations. Are we just gonna ignore that fact or are all the characters got their names translated exactly as it appeared on that patch?
  3. Forgive me for responding this late. I don't know if the thread is still active and being watched but I just want to verify if there has been any updates on the translated rom since FE Heroes, and which version is the most recent that I should download for that fresh 'localized' experience? The last time I downloaded the translated ROM was when it first came out.
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