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  1. This was the result of my first pull on this banner. I also got a second Clair during a second round of pulling.
  2. North America just got several new My Nintendo Rewards, all of which are Fire Emblem based. 3DS30% off Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright- 80 Gold CoinsWii U30% off Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon- 20 Gold Coins30% off Fire Emblem Sacred Stones- 240 Platinum CoinsComputer/smartphoneFire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia wallpaper- 50 Platinum Coins
  3. Same here. Paging on Japanese speakers: Can you translate this?
  4. Hadn't paid too close attention to the amount of Orbs I spent, but I know I summoned either 4 or 5 sets of 5 heroes. Most recent set has been my best yet. 2 5*s in Lyn and Hector 2 4*s in Oboro and Tharja, and a 3* Laslow Right now, most of my bases are covered, so right now, I'm gonna hoard Orbs until they decide to add RD Mia to the game.
  5. Name: Hana HP: 18 Atk: 21 Spd: 13 Def: 2 Res: 1 Weapon Skill: Armorslayer+ Assist Skill: Rally Attack Special Skill:
  6. Name: Corrin (M) HP: 19 Atk: 19 Spd: 8 Def: 4 Res: 5 Weapon Skill: Silver Sword Assist Skill: Special Skill: Dragon Gaze Name: Barst HP: 20 Atk: 13 Spd: 3 Def: 5 Res: 3 Weapon Skill: Brave Axe Assist Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Name: Chrom HP: 21 Atk: 20 Spd: 5 Def: 7 Res: 2 Weapon Skill: Silver Sword Assist Skill: Special Skill: Daylight Name: Sophia (comes from a 3*, so can't verify skills) HP: 17 Atk: 15 Spd: 3 Def: 5 Res: 7 Weapon Skill: Assist Skill: Special Skill:
  7. No clue. Right now, Sophia's maps are the only special maps available.
  8. http://bit.ly/2kymlXh Likely to be limited, so make sure to get it while you can.
  9. One detail you have incorrect. If you lose any units at all during the Special Maps, it's an automatic loss.
  10. I was able to fuse them together. The SP of the two Ravens were combined, and I got a minor stat boost as well. I read that you lose these stat boosts if you rank up the character, but since your's are 5* already, you shouldn't have any problems in fusing them. Also, I never tried it myself, but I don't see why you can't use two copies of a person at once.
  11. One more to add to the list (didn't see it mentioned anywhere). Raven is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.
  12. Attached the image showing the lack of ability to be able to proceed. And Sartek, you mean the Auto-Favorite option in settings, right? I set it for 5* only, and this image was taken afterwards. EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't notice the Heart symbol before now. Figured it out from there.
  13. Not sure what's going on with this. The game says that if you have two of the same hero at the same rank, then you can fuse them together to combine their SP, and possibly get stat bonuses. Thing is, I did two full rounds of pulls earlier, and I ended up getting two Ravens at 4*. I thought I would be able to fuse them together, but when I go into the options that are supposed to allow it, it doesn't let me proceed forward with the fusion. Anyone know if there might me some other requirement I'm supposed to fulfill to go forward with fusion?
  14. Did my first round of 5 pulls, ended up acquiring 4* of Jeorge, Jakob, Raven, and Hana, and a 3* of Arthur.
  15. This is basically the essence of my question, and as I've mentioned, I've run Mobius Final Fantasy on my phone just fine, which seems like a more resource intensive game (wasn't able to find any mention of system requirements online, though).
  16. I'd imagine they're either mentioned in game, someone asked a Nintendo rep about them, or they were reported to the Japanese authorities and someone got a hold of the data (recall hearing that things like draw rates are required by law to be reported for Gacha games like this)
  17. It's 14% actually. But despite that, there is a distinction in the overall quality of the 5* relics on current banners. These are the typical odds for relics on the current existing banners. OSB or BSB: 1% BSB: 1% BSB: 1% Super Soul Break: 2% (total of 4, so 8%) Unique Soul Breaks: one is 2%, and one is 1% Overall, it adds to 14%, but in going through high end-content in FFRK, Burst Soul Breaks are basically a fundamental part of clearing the content. Super Soul Breaks are a good supplement, but not at BSB level, and outside of a few specific exceptions, no one uses Unique Soul Breaks anymore. I see the 3% of the BSBs and the 3% of 5* heroes in Heroes as being roughly idenitical. And don't forget, it's still possible to level up characters to 5*, so functionally, it's even better than that.
  18. That's something I'm trying to figure out. I looked at the recommended requirements for Final Fantasy Record Keeper as a comparison, and it says 2GB of RAM recommended, though I can run it just fine on my phone, with maybe a little bit of lag here and there.
  19. An interesting piece of info popped up recently: the draw rates for heroes on the different banners and such. http://www.perfectly-nintendo.com/fire-emblem-heroes-plenty-additional-details-previews-system-requirements-etc/ 3-star hero: 61% 4-star hero: 36% 5-star hero: 3% I play Final Fantasy Record Keeper quite a bit, and compared to the current content in the game, the 3% draw rate is about equivalent to the rate of what you'd get if you managed to get one of the top prizes on a banner in FFRK (either Overstrike Soul Break relics or Burst Soul Break relics). I know that you can't really compare the two, since one is items, and the other is people, but at least the overall draw rates for rare content aren't "terrible" like some games are.
  20. Updated the OP with some new details that popped up regarding system requirements. This actually also leads me to a question. I have a Galaxy Grand Prime, with usually around 500-600 free MB of RAM at any time. Despite this, will I still be able to run Heroes, or will the worst thing I suffer be just a bit of lag here and there? I play Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and have in the past played Mobius Final Fantasy, and I can still run those even if there is still some lag. Not a very tech savvy person, so I'd appreciate it if someone can explain it to me.
  21. http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/01/31/fire-emblem-heroes-isnat-a-mobile-knock-off/ A small bit of info mentioned in there. Just as we should've suspected, Intelligent Systems were the ones handling the core development of the game, with Nintendo and DeNA providing some assistance.
  22. The firs real chance we have of seeing what the game is like, and so far, it doesn't disappoint.
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