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  1. If I remember correctly, in the pre chapter dialogue for the map that this event takes place in there is dialogue in the house that triggers the event that states they are looking for cute, weak girls. So the player knows that something will happen. Not going to get into the main argument though.
  2. Just the feeling I got from the royals: Ryoma: 24 Xander: 23 Camilla: 21 Hinoka: 19 Kamui and Azura: 18 Leo and Takumi: 17 Sakura: 15 Elise: 13 I'm probably way off the mark though.
  3. This is an exaggeration. While yes there are some problematic and/or one dimensional characters such as Eponine and Soleil (Elise's personality isn't a problem, being able to S rank her is though), most of the characters in Fates have more to them than Awakening's cast, and the quality of Awakening's cast was exaggerated as well.
  4. I'm honestly curious to see how they would handle Jugdral remakes. I mean, FE4's gameplay can only get better, but I really want to see how they would handle it's narrative.
  5. Meh, I'm indifferent to Avatars. I'm not exactly a fan of Kris or Robin, but Kamui was ok (not great), and at least some of their decisions had consequences/had somebody to tell them when they were being stupid. Could lose the player worshipping though.
  6. I'm not exactly adverse to the series' direction. I still have fun with the games, and while I do disagree with a few of Fates' features, the rest of the game is enjoyable enough to outweigh them for me. Simple, in Fates' 1-2 ranged has been nerfed, and a lot of magic users are quite poor. Combined with the fact that bows have been buffed, and most of the playable Archers are pretty good, Archers now have a niche. I completely understand why the new direction turns some people off though.
  7. Yep, when choosing Nohr Kamui chooses to ignore these reasons to keep the people he cares about (The Nohr royal family) safe. It's a selfish choice, whereas Hoshido is pretty clearly the greater good in this situation. Kamui is kind of a fool. Leon has to butt in a few times to keep Kamui's naivety from getting themselves killed. (See the end of Nohr chapter 14, or Leon finishing off Zorua or whatever his name was at the end of Nohr chapter 18.)
  8. Seeing how this comes after Kamui fails to prevent a whole town being slaughtered, and then a man hunt for somebody else that would have likely caused a lot of deaths if Leon hadn't come up with a way to trick Garon, this is somewhat justified. 1: When confronted about why he would ever side with Nohr by Ryouma, Kamui responds with "I can't abandon the people who have supported me throughout my whole life." It's a selfish choice. 2: Nohr Kamui gets overruled when trying to stop his bosses from killing people. He doesn't outrank them, and ditching Nohr would be against the whole reason they side with Nohr. To help the people they care about. It's likely they wouldn't be welcome in Hoshido at that point either.
  9. It's mentioned that Kaze and Rinka are prisoners taken from a previous battle in chapter 2, when Garon has Kamui test his/her abilities. Marx mentions to Lazward that some retainers he was very fond of died protecting him from Hoshidans in their support. There has been conflict going on since Sumeragi was murdered.
  10. Aqua's the problem here. I think Kamui's actions were reasonable with the information that they had, but Aqua's actions here is one of my issues with Fates' plot. The only possible explanation is that she thought that given the current situation they wouldn't be able to ever gain the support of the Hoshidans so getting rid of Garon would be easier, and even that's a suspect reasoning at best. Gah, just making sure it's clear, my problem with this part is Aqua's actions. I found Kamui's decision to make sense, given the information they had.
  11. Kamui doesn't really have any other options. They can't return to Hoshido, as they've alienated them by betraying them, and the Hoshidans are paranoid of all people with ties to Nohr. If Ryouma couldn't prevent Aqua from being captured, how did you think the Hoshidans would react when the traitorous prince/princess suddenly returns? Telling the siblings isn't really an option either, as Marx would accuse Kamui of betrayal without absolute proof, that Kamui doesn't have. If chapter 26 of Hoshido is any indication, Marx is much stronger than Kamui even late into the game, and would quickly stomp them. Kamui has screwed himself/herself into a point where pretending to go along with Garon is their best option.
  12. Kamui does try to get Ganz and Macbeth to back off, but he/she gets overruled because they are under Garon's orders. Last time I checked a King outclasses a prince/princess.
  13. Silas explains on Hoshido that he made a Knight's vow to himself to serve Kamui after he was saved from being executed. Simple, but it's there.
  14. I dunno, I edited the header on it, but it didn't stick, as I thought using the quote box would look better than just pasting the text. Oh well, changed it now.
  15. Suzukaze and Saizou have pre-battle dialogue during chapter 12, but not having pre-battle dialogue in chapter 25 is a major oversight. Just gonna pop in and say that Marx's stubborn attitude is due to his upbringing by Not!Garon, and it's mentioned in a few of his supports. I can't exactly remember all of them off the top of my head, but his support with Kamui mentions his feelings on when Garon's orders conflict with what he thinks is best for the country, and in their A support he says: " I'm always thinking about putting the country first before everything else, but I also consider Father's orders as absolute. But, that father, when he gives orders that don't take into account the country's best interests... And when I just can't, for the life of me, agree with these orders... In these moments, indeed, my sword may be rather violent."
  16. Apologies if this has been posted on this thread before, but since I can't find the route summaries in this thread I may as well post them here, as I feel they would help with discussion, especially if some of the people in this thread don't even know what happens in FE14's story and are just going off what they have heard: Hoshido: https://kantopia.wordpress.com/2015/06/30/fire-emblem-fates-hoshido-story-summary/ Nohr: https://kantopia.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/fire-emblem-fates-nohr-story-summary-ongoing/ Invisible Kingdom: https://kantopia.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/fire-emblem-fates-invisible-kingdom-story-summary/ My thoughts on FE14's plot? I enjoyed all three of them more than most FE plots, but I hold most FE plots in low regards.
  17. My bad, I thought you when you said you were more concerned about defence, I thought you mean -Res Kamui vs -Luck. Arthur's not really a tank past the early game. He can take about 3-4 hits, should you raise him, and that's more than most of your units.
  18. -Luck drags every stat except for speed and res down with it, whereas -Res only effects Res, Magic, and lowers speed growths by 5%. You do get more goddess icons than just those, but even 13 luck is enough to keep Arthur out of crit ranges usually. It hurts his hit a bit, and makes him more likely to get crit, but because of how plentiful goddess icons are, especially in the Nohr campaign, and that goddess icons now give +4 luck, it's quite easy to fix.
  19. Eh, depends on the mode really, IMO. In Nohr Lunatic, Charlotte's bases are pretty bleh and she's actually quite squishy when you get her (dies in two hits to everything), whereas Arthur comes with good bases for the chapter you get him, and has a 7 chapter advantage on her. (Chapters 7-12, and Mozume's gaiden) On IK where they come at the same chapter, Charlotte's better.
  20. You're kind of right, but Arthur uses those goddess Icons better than anybody else, as aside from a -Luck Kamui, (but -Res is better) everbody has much better luck than Arthur. The offensive potential does outweigh the risks, IMO.
  21. The crit formula is also a bit less generous in Fates, so both skill and luck have been nerfed, but that nerf makes them more important. In my Nohr Lunatic run, the 3 goddess icons were enough for Arthur to be facing 0% crit rates throughout the early-mid game, and less than 7% on most enemies aside from Berserkers and Trueblades who have an innate crit bonus.
  22. Arthur's luck is extremely fixable though. You get a grand total of 3 goddess Icons in Nohr's early game which now boost Luck by 4. His Personal skill is a fantastic offensive skill, even if it's defensive application is questionable. Not to mention he has solid growths in everything else (50% speed as a fighter for example) and one of the highest skill growths in the game which is important to compensate for his luck, and gives him WTF crit rates in conjunction with his personal skill.
  23. In most of the games, Fighters are a class I avoid. However, I do like Arthur, Nolan, Boyd, and Orsin, and make sure to use them in every playthrough. Generally, if a fighter has a decent speed stat and good bases, I'll be sure to use them.
  24. I'd love for them to remove the S-rank options for Elise, Sakura, Midoriko, Lutz, and Tsukuyomi. Nothing of any value is lost, but they'll probably just take the easy way out and make them all older in the North American release.
  25. Considering that Anakos' first encounter with Severa, Inigo, and Owain was calling out to them when they were standing on castle walls, I'd assume that either: 1: Severa, Inigo, and Owain were the only Awakening kids that he could find at a short notice, as they were together at the time, 2: That Anakos doesn't have the power to send all of them, or 3: The other Awakening kids were there, but decided to not travel to another continent to hear more about his request. However, since Cynthia didn't accompany them, (She's like the only other Awakening kid who'd want to come along, all of the others have pretty good reasons to not come along, or in Nah and Yarne's cases, be undesirable due to sticking out) and Anakos mentions Naga being very powerful for being able to send so many people through time, I'm going to assume a combination of the first and second.
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