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  1. Lol @ this shit stomp. Just curious - when this is over are you going to do an FE7 mage run? That would be a good read.
  2. Any word on Mewtwo? I know the leaker on reddit gave some kind of information on him but is there any concrete evidence he's back?
  3. gg, you just got the 2 most powerful units in this run in 1 chapter! Do you plan on supporting them together? Also, you gonna train Ewan or no?
  4. Totally agree that the new patch is amazing. The only thing I would change is the legendary weapon titles.
  5. Damn, the legendary weapons in this game could have some really badass names since English has so many colorful synonyms for words like that. I definitely like The Glorious Ascension, but I thought that the Elder Revelation and whatever Forblaze was could change (the stuff you explained makes me think so even more). Also, "Blizzard Spear?" Craziness.
  6. Maybe you could surround Boyd with Marcia and Jill on the 2 sides closest to Muarim? If you have more units try to cluster them in front of him and then just move them out of the way next turn; this way the untransformed guys can't completely box Boyd in.
  7. Ahh that makes a lot of sense. What's the direct translation of the name, then? I'm curious about what liberties the translators took.
  8. He's garbage because this is the bonanza of crappy units Also, wasn't Apocalypse supposed to be called "The Revealing Darkness" or something? I could be making stuff up idk.
  9. Wow, that was fast. The fixes are awesome, great job. Also, I like the new site layout :P
  10. So i don't really know what happened, but while/after the servers went down all the urls for the info sections got changed (serenesforest.net/fe13 --> serenesforest.net/awakening, etc), just want to know why that is; that seemed kind of unnecessary. Not that theres any problems with it, just a few dead links around and stuff like that. Also, the site got REALLY slow; i have no idea how servers work, so is this something that's going to fix itself or is this permanent? Thanks.
  11. The milestone Guiding Ring chapter is finally here! That sophia is kicking all kinds of ass. Those poor healers though...
  12. Karel will kill the spirit of Crappy Units Bonanza by being a Decent Unit.
  13. Hurl that angelic robe at Niime! Or if you get 2 then Sophia could get one, idk the item distribution in this game at all
  14. Well shit, I knew about the 50 wexp thing but didn't realize everything gave only 1. Thanks for the info, guys
  15. If that's true then I'm going to kick something.
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