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  1. "Is this... what my legacy was meant to be...?" "I... overestimated my... abilities, it seems." "*insert S Rank Lover Relationship choice here*... I couldn't do more... Live on not for me... but for both of us..." --------------------------- Just for a few off the top of my head, anyways. I'm sure there are far better out there.
  2. Read the skills... thinking of making it 'Rally: Pierce'. No bonus to units in range's attack stats in any way, though they still get a boon, that when calculating battle damage to their foe, subtract 10% of their DEF or RES from the result, depending on the form of attack made (has a greater impact on foes with higher defenses). Anyways, my next and probably last class to introduce for the time being, is non-promoteable, and is a non-combative; Beast Tamer. Humans that have lived and prospered in the wild, they knew the thoughts and desires of the creatures of which they share the wilderness with. Though they do not employ their own combative capabilities in battle, but have a way with words and know how to calm even the most savage of beasts. Though not recommended to send out into battle against other soldiers by themselves, when confronting creatures in which their allies have wounded, they can bring a sense of calm to them, no matter how wild they actually are, though there will always be a few exceptions. To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin as far as planning out skills/abilities to them, other than the fact they can tame creatures right out of the gates, though would require a monster to be at <5 HP to get the chance, which would still not be 100% without levels in the tamer themselves (which, ironically, their only method of EXP gaining is through tame chances, which would be about the same if a staff user used a Torch staff in the GBA games, more if the tame was successful, which will vary on the level difference between monster and tamer). Rather gimmicky, and VERY situational if you wanted a beast to join the party for whatever reason (an expendable when you don't want to lose a major character, basically). Though, summoners do this job of sending expendables out more efficiently, the minions of the summoner are... well, killed in a single hit, though, and for at least the GBA games, they exclusively used axes, which did make them somewhat unreliable outside of baiting enemies out unless the foe used a spear. As they're non-combative units, they're very squishy, too... so need to kill the beast they're attempting to tame should it end in failure. Any ideas how to approach this, I'll appreciate.
  3. I definitely enjoy Amelia and Franz myself; starts off as a rivalry, despite Amelia wondering why, to a development into friendship, and then into something more serious. Joshua and Marisa is a close second for me as well.
  4. I have my own top 10 that I would like to share, though in my mind, I feel that they might not be accepted. Understand, I will be trying to stay away from sword-users and Pokemon in this, mostly as... well, a lot of characters are using swords, alongside a vast Pokemon selection, it seems. Starting from 10 and heading to 1 gradually... For number 10, this one is sort of out there, as he comes from a shared game series... Galen Marek/Starkiller from The Force Unleashed Star Wars games, particularly from the first release. I mean... all those force abilities/combos would be vast, and he wouldn't exactly be a traditional 'swordsman' either, with his lightsaber, though still classified as a swordsman all the same, I suppose. Pick up a Beam Sword with him, and you get FUII Starkiller... though that's way off topic. But, as well as variable force abilities and lightsaber skills, he also has a diverse amount of clothes; Jedi experimental armor, Sith apprentice robes, Sith stalker armor and ceremonial Jedi robes all would make excellent appearance changes (while also cosmetically changing his lightsaber color too, even though the former two are from FUII). Remember, the games were released on the Wii, and I do believe the DS as well, though I could be greatly mistaken. Final Smash could easily be Force Maelstrom, or he could call in the Shadow Eclipse to bombard the field. Number 9 would be someone a little less expected... Amelia from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, donning her Recruit armor with Slim Spear as her weapon. Due to being a recruit, her combat abilities would seem rather limited, especially with a spear in mind. She'd have great reach, and could even use her spear as a sort of vault if grounded, allowing her to get to higher places. Contrary to her stats in game, she'd be surprisingly fast and nimble, though she would also be a bit clumsy from time to time, yet this could be referenced in her moveset, rather than her moving capabilities. Also expresses great skill with her weapon... Alternatively, could even use her Heroes General appearance with the ax as her weapon (also something I haven't seen in Smash is a full-focused ax-user (Dedede’s and Ice Climbers’ hammers don't exactly count)). Final Smash could be Duessel, or even Franz riding in on their horse mounts(as they were Great Knight/Cavalier/Paladin, respectively) so the two can dual attack. Recruit Amelia could also be a fairly reasonable Assist Trophy as well. Moving on to 8 would be another blonde, but from a completely different series all together... Colette Brunelle from Tales of Symphonia (as awesome and diverse as Lloyd/Kratos/Zelos are, I'm trying not to have swordsmen on the list). She would be rather unique as she would combine mid-ranged combat as well as melee with the use of her twin Chakrams (while also being a great jumper with those angel wings of hers). Her clumsy form of fighting would be humorous as well, though use of Item Rover could give her a chance to steal whatever item the opponent can clutch, even potentially stealing a consumed smash orb if it connects with the right target. Her angel skills could prove effective in some way, though will take time to charge... but will have many skills she can execute immediately that have reasonable area of effect hits. Her Final Smash, of course, would be her Mystic Arte, Holy Judgment; could heal some damage off herself and nearby teammates (up to 30-50%, the latter only working in team matches), as well as random area of effect beams of light that bombard the field. Number 7 would be SA-X! ...No? Then how about, just going out there, Sylux instead? I never personally played Metroid Prime series too much, but the character seems interesting enough, and would be a different approach than all those 'Make Ridley playable!' people out there. Hints suggest him to be a future potential obstacle/antagonist for Samus in a later Metroid game, so why not show what more he could bring to the table than what has already known? Could play similarly to Samus, but have a few unique, personal tricks up his sleeve. I wouldn't even know where to start for a Final Smash, however, as I said, never played the Prime series of Metroid games to know. Might even prove to be an effective assist trophy too, but might be better off as a playable character. Plus, don't have to worry of having to scale him down. Number 6 is going into 3rd party territory, though with Cloud of Final Fantasy VII being playable in Smash 4, suppose I can hope, unlikely as it might be... Akira Kurusu, AKA Joker from Persona 5; not a sword wielder like the other Persona protagonists (instead relying on a knife/dagger), with the choice for a pistol as well (even if it's actually an airsoft gun outside the metaverse) for a range alternative. Arsene would deliver the 'Special' attacks, which are rather variable, but considering how you receive him, access to a (single or few) dark/curse spell(s), a physical attack with consideration of Confidant Abilities being used for different attack setups. His final smash could be having Arsene use Demonic Decree, which for Smash, could be tweaked to work somewhat differently than the original; that, or just use Mamudoon, the (medium-chance) AoE instant kill dark spell, or even a 'Hold Up! -> All-out Attack' sequence that brings in 3 random Persona 5 party members to deliver it. Who knows? Number 5 will go to a rather niche character that appeared in only a single Castlevania title... Aeon from Judgment; the Magistrate of Time with a large watch that has a LOT of functionality to it, from unleashing beams of light, swinging clock hands that function like guillotines, heck, even has the capability to halt time for a brief period by thrusting it in the ground after enough time has elapsed. He is still capable of some martial art abilities as well in conjunction with his clock lance, making for a rather versatile and unique gimmick character. His final smash could easily be '13th Hour Lament', which was his finale skill in Judgment. Back into potential 3rd party territory, though then again, maybe not, would be Luneth from Final Fantasy III (the remakes) with number 4. Now... he could be played as a swordsman, but then again, maybe not. Due to FFIII having a job class system and all, he has a large selection of skills and abilities, as well as combat styles, to choose from, so he's not outright limited to sword fighting or fist brawler. Just as job classes are, along with their combat styles, as wide and diverse, so are his final smashes in this case. Fairly versatile character with a lot to play around with, anything could happen. Moving to Number 3, and yet another potential 3rd party crossing... would be Flonne or Etna from the Disgaea series. I say 'or' mostly because I feel either one of them could work, being polar opposites of one another in many ways, but they do get along well nonetheless; heck, they could work as a team duo, like the Ice Climbers. I don't know. Etna focuses more on physical combat with spears, axes and guns, opting to rip her enemies apart if they insult her, while Flonne approaches things... the Flonne way, with lots of love in the picture with her bow and staff. Etna may not have much for costume variations, but Flonne does, being an angel trainee, archangel as well as fallen angel. Final Smash could be a dual blast of Divine Ray alongside Chaos Impact, for massive carnage. Onto number 2... Hector from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. 'Nuff said. Okay, in all seriousness, again, the use of axes isn't common in smash, and though he is my second Fire Emblem representative on my top 10 list, he is actually somewhat of a main character (though he isn't THE main character, that's Lyn), rather than an optional recruit. In turn, this can make him rather viable and different than the sword-user Fire Emblem representatives (as well as Robin/Corrin) in Smash. His Final Smash, to avoid 'Critical Hit' being the choice, perhaps Eliwood and Lyn come to his side, and they perform a trio strike that deals large damage, before they leave to let him continue the fight? The one who deserved my number 1 spot would be honestly a tie for Linkle or Impa from Hyrule Warriors. Another game I never got to play yet… but starting with Linkle, despite her being the ‘female Link’ to some, her combat style is anything but the original hero’s, for she combines dual crossbows with martial arts (which wasn’t seen in Legend of Zelda in… ever). Her movesets could be rather massive to decide on, though. On the other hand, Impa shown a combat form which was rather surprising for a Shiekah, and it amazingly worked from the videos I’ve seen, and just as vast, though throw in some techniques of the Shiekah that even Shiek had yet to implement. I unfortunately wouldn’t know where to start as far as Final Smashes are concerned for either of them really, though I’m sure Shigeru Miyamoto could figure out something creative. I know, we already have a number of representatives from Legend of Zelda already… but I think it’s about time Toon Link retired as a ‘clone’ of his normal self (though they could always make it so the normal Link could have some representations to his toon self in outfits) Those are my thoughts, personally; what do you think?
  5. I figured that... Which is why I'm considering removing the rifles due to them being more advanced. I said before, 'Riflemen' is only a placeholder name to describe one that can use firearms until I can come up with a better reference that isn't already taken or has a universal meaning behind it, like 'shooter' being used to describe archers as much as lesser gunners. Might just go with 'Gunner' in that case, as it's fairly universal and has no real connection to semi-modern gunmen. I agreed that rifles from horseback is a bad idea, though there are real people in history that have fired weapons from horseback, not just characters of fiction like the Lone Ranger. Though they used more modern firearms, rather than simple muskets/matchlocks. Commandos add +2 to ATK or MAG, depending on the unit in range (if they're a physical fighter, then +2 ATK, it's only +2 MAG for magic users), and it's mostly meant for a morale-booster of sorts, though it's not unlocked until level 15. I mean... it makes no sense to boost the physical attack of a mage, or magical prowess of a swordsman. I'm not boosting RES/DEF, though... Read the skill again... It doesn't add resistance... I understand, my wording was probably vague, and made it so it added to both, not just one or the other with unit profession in mind. Just when it comes to calculating damage for a foe, it ignores 10% of the hit target's DEF/RES stat, depending on the attack used. 'Hardened' is only a passive, and only is used once (not like they get those boosts for every level-up). Though, this isn't meant to be a parody or anything, I'm trying to say that with real history in consideration, very early firearms shouldn't be entirely impossible, with how Fire Emblem's technology appears to be.
  6. Now, just settle down, okay? I kind of figured this would bring up a problem; black powder in with dragons and other mythological beings, and even magic, never work, right? Well, suppose we place a time frame of Fire Emblem's technology (as a whole) being in around 12th-14th century for real life, okay? For us, the introduction of black powder was in the 9th century in china, as a 'fire lance', which was a pole arm with a hollow at the end, which once ignited, would be used to fire off shrapnel, essentially the first cannon/shotgun, as you will. Now, as for the Fire Emblem world(s), for the sake of argument, there are countless continents out there, some of which's technology isn't really expanded on, or even noted to be any different from another. Say there is one continent in Fire Emblem that would the equivalent of south-eastern Asia (and it's not completely improbable, as later Fire Emblem games do have Ninja, spies/militia from Japan, as a class to my understanding), so there, the technological advances were fairly reasonable. Odds are they were able to develop and make use of the firearms more quickly than the others, even somewhat controlled explosives to some degree (though that's another subject I feel we'll discuss later on). Point is, is it really that unlikely for firearms to generally exist in a fantasy setting like Fire Emblem, even if they are crude/unreliable pieces? I was mostly trying to go for a bit more variety, with plenty of drawbacks to using such weapons in such early development in a time where bows were far more reliable; heck, some backwoods hunter may prefer the guns over the bow, as winds impact their shots less and hit their target quicker. Sources I used for early firearm inspiration to try and place into a Fire Emblem world of my making eventually are here and here. I did mention rifles, yes, but they have a severe drawback because of the grooved internal barrel and ammunition (to help with accuracy), having to be so precise in loading them, muskets were the better option if you wanted to let loose rounds more consistently. Muskets were still favorable over rifles until the American Revolution where the first 'revolvers' were seen. The rifles were fairly advanced, though, so I may take them out entirely... Also, class names; there's a topic out there that depicts unit names that make no sense, which I'll link to here for you to look at your earliest convenience. As I said, they can be refined on; 'Rifleman' was simply a placeholder; I didn't want to use a simple 'shooter', as that could suggest anything, even a recruit/journeyman-leveled archer, really, and from what I understand, there's also already a 'hunter' class too, so really limited on options. Musketeers were usually some of the finest duelists for their time, and at this time, were considered elite among elite with their rapiers and firearms, even being their own military force in some Europeon countries (France, being one such example). As for 'Medal of Honor', I wanted to give a unique name to the promotion item, instead of a 'Marksman's Seal' or something similar in that regard, which I originally intended. I mean, 'Guiding Ring' and 'Orion's Bolt' are among a few 'Seal' items that aren't exactly 'Seals' by name, but function the same. Mounted firearm shooting was... admittedly a bad idea, I agree, but again, variety was the idea that came to mind, as opposed to making all three infantry. Personally speaking, I see nothing wrong in combining firearms and units that practice in their use, to be placed in a fantasy realm like Fire Emblem where Wyverns, dragons, pegasi and even magic could exist, (for all the people know, firearms could be considered as a new 'magic' that they have little other means to describe) as is the same as cannons. Improbable, yes, but not completely impossible, if you take in real history to consideration.
  7. Okay, so... I sort of fleshed out the next trio of units with a new weapon concept with them, well... sort of. Early firearms. Muskets, flintlocks, early black powder rifles, blunderbusses, and so forth... with the basic class being simply named 'Rifleman'. I will try to put the abilities, based on what illegal knight provided, though I would be grateful for any balances to provide. The Riflemen work akin to archers, being limited to indirect combat (unless using a pistol/shotgun, like a flintlock/matchlock/blunderbuss), and considering the aspect of early-age firearms, they weren't exactly the most accurate when it came to greater distances, particularly flintlocks and muskets (though the latter was a bit of an improvement even at medium ranges). Pistol-based weapons have the same range as a bow, while muskets have about the same range as a longbow, though the 3rd tile out is only 1/2 the accuracy as the 2nd tile out. Actual rifles improved accuracy, damaging even 4 tiles away, but every tile after the 2nd loses 1/4 the accuracy, and due to how they functioned, required a longer amount of time to make use of attacks (use of a rifle while maintaining balance would be a 1 turn delay to reload before able to attack again, to make up for the greater range). Blunderbusses act as shotguns, having the same effective range as pistols (though lose 3/4 accuracy on the 2nd tile), yet are rather lethal regardless of target, even if they pack armor. Like archers, they are lightly armored, so any unit able to close the gap can deliver effective, even potentially lethal damage. That being said, firearms are effective against lightly armored targets as well as flying adversaries, if they are able to connect, but mostly ineffective against those packing medium or higher-grade armor (unless stated otherwise). The rifleman can promote into one of two classes to give the init coverage, which could act as branching promotions for other classes as well; Musketeer and Commando. Riflemen - Firearm E, Infantry, Skill: Level 1 - Hardened. Improve DEF and RES by 1 point, and HP by 3. Level 10 - Sharpshooter. Improve accuracy and critical hit rate by 5% when using firearms and cannons. Can promote to Musketeers or Commandos at level 10 or higher with a 'Medal of Honor' promotion item. Musketeers, I looked to history for inspiration; talented in the use of the musket rifle, they are also very effective sword duelists in single, melee combat. Though lightly armored, they are light-footed and rather evasive, yet also very perceptive in their attacks as well, making it difficult for them to miss, even using firearms (only receiving 50% of the accuracy loss penalty when compared to basic riflemen, but only apply to firearm usage). Adversaries that use lances are going to give Musketeers a hard time if they aren't picked off by the time they are able to close the distance. Certainly the skillful variant when compared to their alternative promotion choice, Commando, they may not have the best defense, if they can avoid the damage entirely, all the better. Some Musketeers can make up effective combat squads alongside their Commando brethren. Musketeers preferred to fight on foot as opposed to on horseback, as it's difficult to effectively use their blades from the back of a mount. Mercenaries/Swordsmen may become Musketeers as well as Riflemen by using a Medal of Honor. Musketeer - Firearm D, Sword E, Infantry, Skill: Level 5 - Calm Shot. Use of firearms against foes beyond recommended range suffer only 50% the penalties of the weapon. Additionally, firearms can no longer suffer a 'catastrophic failure' (I'll elaborate at the end). Level 15 - Skilled Duelist. If the attacker is the only one within 3 spaces of the defending Musketeer, the offender suffers a 15% loss of accuracy to their first attack while, if they can counterattack, the Musketeer gains 15% to their accuracy to their first retaliating strike. Commandos, on the other hand, as opposed to skill, rely more on brute force to defeat their adversaries, packing axes alongside their rifles while able to handle hits a little better. Though their accuracy is only just slightly improved over a riflemen, they will never compare to a Musketeer in able to deliver the hit reliably. That being said, what they lack in accuracy, is their know how in their adversary's defenses, and can figure out a weak point even in the thickest of armors (delivering damage that ignores 25% of a foe's defense stat when using a firearm). Although Swordsmen and even Musketeers have them trumped when it comes to combat in the accuracy department, their ability to bypassing weak points in armor is vital when it comes to success as well. Commandos, while mounted warriors, they were also a rather commanding force on the battlefield, issuing orders as necessary. Warriors/Axmen may become Commandos as well as Riflemen by using a Medal of Honor. Commando - Firearm D, Axe E, Cavalry, Skill: Level 5 - Piercing Shot. Use of a firearm has a chance to deliver damage that ignores 25% of a target's DEF stat. (LUCK÷3)% chances of activating. Additionally, firearms can no longer suffer a 'simple failure' (I'll elaborate at the end). Level 15 - Commando's Orders. Allied units within 3 spaces of the commando gain +2 to ATK/MAG, and ignore 10% of the target's DEF/RES when calculating damage to foes. So really, what I have laid out in the promotion choice is accuracy, but fragile (if they can't dodge) vs. improved damage, yet less accurate. Those are the damage-based classes I have in mind; one thing I forgot to mention is all three can make use of cannon emplacements (which work like balistae for the greater range, but have the same mechanic as the rifle, needing a 1-turn delay between attacks; the cannons themselves are rather ineffective against infantry, but cavalry or other mounted units, it'll prove to be effective, and very effective vs. airborne targets if the shot connects). Also, all firearms can never deliver more than a single hit, due to the atrocious reload speed of cleaning the barrel, loading the powder and the ball, then ready to fire (further shown with the 1 turn delay in cannons/rifles), and (including cannon emplacements) have a 15% chance of misfiring, not discharging properly or at all, counting as a 'simple failure', as well as a 1% chance of delivering 25% damage of the user's current HP as well as destroying the weapon (can be upwards to 75% damage of the user's current HP when a cannon fails in this manner), considered as a 'catastrophic failure', mostly as many early firearms needed time to reload effectively, as if rushed, can lead to weapon failures in some form or other. Like I said, these units are for a kind of a big roleplay I have in mind that I hope still feels like Fire Emblem, with a few technological advances, like black powder and such, however the unreliability (and dangers) of these early firearms makes them a less viable choice vs. bows and other ranged weapons that don't have any risk of giving the user troubles.
  8. I never used Myrhh, tbh, so I didn't know a lot about her... Interesting unit and sprite, yes, but was afraid of usurping the dragonstones (only having 50 in all!) of hers to the point where she couldn't be used again, as I didn't know of any means of replacing/repairing them at the time, which I later found out can't happen except by one method, though at the time, didn't know the existence of the 'Enemy control glitch' in FE7 and FE8. Regardless, your adaptations of my class to modern Fire Emblem standards looks great! Sandcruise is a nice touch, as I never did consider to make them native to the desert, in all honesty, though it's quite a possibility now. Overall, I never would've considered the statistic balances either, with the unit overall being very luck-dependent. When you mention the character with the rider class in mind is in fact a woman, yes, not incredibly young though, about... late 20s/early 30s, maybe. A commander/general of sorts with high respect, but can be cold and, if she needs to be, rather cruel. Kind of suffers from bipolar personality shifts, which brings out her cruel side at times... Might make her a Warlock with that considered. She's wise and brilliant in forming strategies when not hindered by her secondary, somewhat chaotic side, otherwise, she tries to keep a sense of professionalism when viewed in the public's eyes. But she is on the opposing side... so still a threat either way. The Knights are treated like, well, the Knights/Generals/Great Knights of the earlier games; high defensive statistics, but slow overall, so armor-slaying equipment helps there alongside cold damage. Warlocks/Riders naturally have high resistance (with the former getting a slight boost in speed, albeit not too grand), but lower than adequate defenses, making magic offenses against them somewhat useless except if one uses cold magic (contrary to still being magic damage). As I stated, my knowledge of later installments post-GBA is minimal; I haven't gotten myself any new Nintendo consoles since the Wii, and I never got a DS either... so I would be lucky if I got my hands on Radiant Dawn or Path of Radiance for the GC (though considering the prices they're going for on Ebay, it's unlikely). That said, I do have two other units unrelated to the basilisk rider, one of which is not promoteable (with a lot of gimmicks to try and sort out, for it's not a combat-focused unit; think like the bard/dancer in this regard), with the other having two promotion choices. Considering my roleplay to be, I think them to workish; when I have them more or less configured, I'll post them. Overall, thank you again for the update to my class; may or may not need further help in the future!
  9. Understand, as I explain my classes, know I have not played any Fire Emblem games after Sacred Stones/FE8, so I might be missing some info that other classes other people might possess. This is a class I wish to implement in my upcoming Fire Emblem Roleplay, once I'm able to start my own topic; it just sort of... came to me, almost. I mean, we have horses in cavalry. Nice. Pegasi. Excellent to get around. Wyverns. Definitely powerhouses. Griffons. Expresses high class. But... where's the grounded, nigh dragonoids, aside from manakete? Though slower than a traditional cavalry, can go places a horse normally wouldn't be able to? Presenting my class... The Basilisk Rider. Soldiers that ride on magic-resistant mounts, which look look like large lizards with some serpent-like features, may even possess very few dragon-like look to them as well. The riders may opt to bring either a lance into battle, or a tome of anima magic. The basilisks have a bit of a perk to them, something I took from mythology, that their stare can induce death to those that look it in the eye. I did sort of modify it, though, that instead of death, petrification takes place instead, which guarantees a critical hit next time the target is attacked... which is terrible to be the victim of, in it's own right. But, the petrification has a small chance of occurring when the basilisk rider delivers a critical hit. There is a bit of a weakness in riders and their promotions, though, is a common weakness to cold, due to the cold-blooded nature of the basilisks. Also, due to the dual nature of the riders, inclined to both magic and physical attacks, that's how their promotion functions. Basilisk Knights are the physical variant, and develops physical defense along with their naturally high resistance to magic, though are rather slow, and would be lucky to commit to multiple attacks. Alongside their lances, they take up axes as well to bring down as much pain as possible to their adversaries. Their basilisks are also able to traverse mountains a bit more quickly, though they're still horrendously slow at it, yet can make use of what the heights have to offer as far as protection is concerned. Though the rider delivers most of the attacks, if a weapon becomes unavailable, their basilisks are able to attack with a lightning breath, as well as their low-probability stone gaze. Basilisk Warlocks are the magic variant, and develop a greater speed as opposed to their physical defenses, hoping and likely able to string together multiple attacks to their adversaries, using both anima as well as dark magic in conjunction of one another. Due to their magical nature, when adversaries come up close, their basilisks are able to deliver a lightning breath to foes... even able to lock them in their petrifying gaze if lucky enough with a slightly improved rate at doing so. Those are a few of my ideas, anyways... Nothing fancy, but I hope to incorporate them into my upcoming roleplay soon. Tell me what you think; I wouldn't know where to start as far as specially named skills/abilities are concerned, when looking at games following the GBA era.
  10. I've had my share of bullying troubles myself, but mostly in my elementary years than anywhere else. I was socially awkward, and for my first year, I was unable to speak clearly because my teeth were messed up. Admittedly, I still have trouble socializing with others, however, it is on a smaller scale. My whole life so far, though, I have been admittedly 'slower' than than the others, for when it comes to grasping some concepts or ideologies, I would end up coming to know them later than the others. I also do have a bad habit of stating the obvious from time to time as well... but, I mean, the way the other kids approached these things, it just irked me to no end, yet there wasn't really anything I could do about it, from 5th-7th grade, I had to stay inside during the breaks just to get away from the bullies, as the teachers wouldn't do anything about it. Heck, when it came to my 7th grade graduation, I did one small thing to stand up for myself, and suddenly, I'm unable to go on the graduation trip while the others did, which... I was just frustrated with. Heck, even a friend in my year helped as well, but they got the same punishment (though when summer came, we were introduced to a summer festival that happened during that time not too far away from us, which admittedly, made up for not going). Now I had only a small handful of friends growing up; being in a small town, this isn't really ideal, and so, a lot of them ended up moving, though a few remained right to the end. 8th grade, I still had issues, but they weren't as bad; a few mocks here and there, but as I was in a higher-grade school at this point, I was able to get through it. As soon as I hit the 9th grade, everything changed that year's Valentine's day, when I showed up to the dance with a girl, whom recently moved into town and I have worked alongside her brother, who has autism, a few times. When I asked her if she wanted to go to the dance, I was afraid that, like my 8th grade Valentine's Day, I would be by myself, and turned down... I was surprised when she accepted. Essentially, once I stepped in through the doors with her at my side... everyone, even the bullies who picked on me, looked at me differently from there. My dad has a saying that I still firmly clutch onto. "The best revenge is living well." Essentially saying, getting by on an upbeat note, no matter how difficult things seem, everything that gets under your skin and your buttons pressed, they lessen and lessen, to the point where you're not the easy victim others thought you to be. I never understood this until the 9th grade, and I went to a dance with an actual date. Everything after that moment, the bullying just became so minimal to even nonexistent, that I was actually able to focus, to have a life without worrying in fear that something bad was going to happen. All in all, I guess the point I'm trying to make is that, no matter how difficult things may be to you, don't let what others do or say to you get to you in a way they can notice. Just smile, wave, and keep on keeping on. If you show that what they're doing to you isn't bothering you, even though deep inside it sort of does, so long as they can't see that suffering, the bullies will lose interest soon enough. This is really the only piece of advice I can offer you; it may not be much, but I hope it works out all the same. Best of luck to you and where you decide to go as well!
  11. Welcome; though rather new myself, I do hope that you enjoy your stay here, and whatever artwork you do, is probably better than what I'm capable of doing. XD
  12. It could be a lot worse, though, I'm sure... Of course, I don't really know how it could be, though you can consider this as one of my signature lines, I guess?
  13. I very much appreciate it; getting some help to get it polished up, adding a few aspects that I don't believe existed in the games as well. I do hope it turns out with positive results at the end of it.
  14. I have the world actually fleshed out... more or less. The world is actually more a continent, divided by 8 (well, currently 7, used to be 8 at a much earlier point, time-wise) countries/kingdoms. Their names, landmarks, trails... may need help naming smaller villages along the way, forbidden lands, etc. If you want more info, feel free to PM me, and I'll try to indulge you; I'm very open to criticism, as well as suggestions to improve on what I already have.
  15. I've mostly been fiddling around, trying to figure out the hacking tools myself; if I had more time, I'd watch some 'How to...' videos and learn how to do it properly, haha. As for my roleplaying, well, I've grown used to all players; newbies, experienced, and veterans of all kinds, really. More than anything, I would like my RP to be the foundation for my rom-hack to be, essentially... Meaning that in a sense, it won't be just my project, but anyone who wishes to participate as well. That's the goal, anyways... I may be quoting a line I heard somewhere in a game, 'Unobtainable dreams are the best kind', and that's how I'm looking at things now, haha. I hope to get it together, though, turning that 'unobtainable' to 'obtainable'.
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