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  1. Honestly its very difficult to say. Sakurai seems to keep things to himself. One things for certain, he definitely does care about the community and the feedback fans have given him. Otherwise, Ultimate wouldn't be the game that it is, and he wouldn't have flown down all the way from Japan just to say thank you to the top players and overall the community. He's a hard worker, and its quite clear he put a lot of heart, soul, and passion into this game. I think he does enjoy smash bros, but he does seem to be really tired as of late. Guy needs a break after this.
  2. 8.5/10 upbeat and catchy. Unfortunate that Waluigi is gonna be an assist trophy in the new game. Tons of people wanted him in the actual roster. While we're still on the topic of smash Super smash bros Brawl - Stickerbrush Symphony One of if not my favorite my favorite track from the smash series. Love how they arranged this piece.
  3. That's a menu theme? Its great though. 8/10 Stairfax Temperatures - Snowhorn Wastes Probably my favorite track in this game.
  4. 8/10 Donkey Kong land - Kremlantis People either love or hate NES/GB music, but I personally love this track.
  5. Meh 5/10. Its upbeat but it doesn't really stand out for me all that much. Tekken 7- Dragon's Nest
  6. 9/10 It reminds me alot of Chrono trigger and Mana soundtracks. It's really calm and relaxing. Makes me wanna play Xenogears, and the only Xeno game I've played is Xenoblade chronicles 2. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Another Winter
  7. 8/10. I have a soft spot for snes/super famicom tracks, and the song really takes advantage of the sound chip. This one's from the shinobi 3 and I gotta say, This is taking the Yamaha chip (the genesis/megadrive sound chip) to its absolute limit.
  8. Awakening is great and all but if its a port or even a remake (highly unlikely) then that would be really disappointing.
  9. Really liking the Majora's mask tracks. Favorite Zelda game. 6.5 @Robert of Normandy
  10. Its pretty catchy and gets me hyped up. 8/10 not much to say. Solid piece.
  11. Not really. I rarely ever try to correct anyone's grammar. Anyone want a sacred stones sequel besides me?
  12. I have yet to finish this game but that sounds fantastic. 9/10
  13. Because people put too much stock in "potential". What were they thinking when they made Karla as she is in FE7?
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