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  1. That makes 3 misreps you've done of me do I hear 4? No, I was saying I was in the poe and why was hal just sitting there instead of taking action.
  2. Then why aren't you voting me if you think that? Hmpf, As a member of the Kirijo group your blatant line of actions won't be tolerated. If you believe I'm scum act on it instead of using useless words. I already understand the position I'm in.
  3. Well mr Athena those are some very valid lines of logic. While I understand your logic on Hal I disagree that Fen/Dusk is an impossible scumvscum world. Your Shinori logic makes sense as well. I'll try to get my own understanding, but I'll most likely look back at you. Considering I know the 2 people I would vote aren't on the table I'll expend my thinking. Right now that looks like Shinori or Dodge, but marths unvote on me was towny in my eyes
  4. That explains everyone else's reasoning for townreading fleet besides my own I see. Hm, could you explain shinori now that you're here?
  5. I agree that not all player acts one way, I just wanted to know how you get to your answer given I'm already suspicious of you.
  6. When you're new to a game such as mafia mr Duskfall most new players are excited and ready to get out there, at least as town. As shadows they tend to over think and be very careful with how they post. What gives you the illusion that new players are careful as town.
  7. That's what I'm trying to figure out myself. I just know I have townreads in the main Poe. Personally I have only have 2 big scumreads in hal/dusk but even they have reason to be town for one way or another. It's why I'm asking for your read on my nulls like: Darth/Ichigo/Marth/Shinori
  8. Athena you're around yes? You can solve 2 issues for me 1) You 2) Shinori. Talk to me on that thank you
  9. This is another reason where I simply do not understand your logic. If a player is new I feel they wouldn't be careful as town. They have no reason to have that careful feeling.
  10. Some people having me as a scumread is questionable, to say the least. If I was null I could forgive that, but a scumread? How so I don't think any of my play has been scummy. The main point of an argument from Marth is that I handwaved the fen lynch and stayed on dusk. That's obviously incorrect the reason I stayed on dusk is I had no better reads at the time. I was busy with IRL matters and thought it just is best stay on what I feel strongly on. The weiner scumreads are also very bad, from what I've seen of his play it is very different from the game my company linked me a file on. I would personally not vote that slot. The main poe has 2 town people in it. Considering I'm in that it is most likely you won't listen until I am dead to reconsider. However I do believe we're over all wrong here
  11. I will be back in the morning, however I will be much more active today thankfully now that I'm no longer sick. The empress is here to stay. @Ichigo Why are you suspecting Darth at the moment? I can not remember a lot (or any really) of Darths posting and would like your thoughts on that slot. While I still want to lynch Dusk I don't think I will be voting him today as I don't think I can get him lynched. Along with the fact my efforts are better focused getting more reads on the game state
  12. Greetings everyone. It appears I wasn't that needed.
  13. I'll take your word on it for now. At least for hal, but I'm confident on Dusk myself. Fen seems to be the lynch and given they're the most talked about name it's prob the best. Although it's a shot in the dark for me
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