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  1. Yeah i agree, imo it adds to a character's design, but sadly it can be a controversial, but just now that i was scrolling again through her art i noticed she made a Shadow Dragon artwork So we can imagine how FE with her would look like: (dang i like ripped Marth) Though a more detailed style like would be more fitting.
  2. ^ That looks amazing. I don't know if Kinu Nishimura has been mentioned yet, she has worked on various Capcom like Breath of Fire, Street Fighter and other games like Code of Princess, Virtue's Last Reward, Culdcept Revolt, etc. i love her artstyle, and the way she draws the anatomy of different characters.
  3. Is it possible to say something nice about Gordin? ...ah, yes, his lines from the OVA are hilarious.
  4. I like Kozaki's style, but i prefer variation, if Hidari comes back that would be great, his designs are some of my favorites in the franchise (Alm). If they get someone else i would love to see Akihiro Yamada; or Akihiko Yoshida, i'm in love with his art, from characters to background, though i don't know if he works outside of Square Enix. Kimiko Fujisaka is great too, and if they want something crazy then Tomomi Sasaki. Dream scenario would be Kentaro Miura.
  5. A Chinese theme would be amazing, the warring states period is like the most perfect era to base a FE game on, i can just imagine the cool design with traditional chinese costumes, and mixing music with traditional instruments. Arabic, or Roman themes would be amazing too.
  6. I don't want Avatar protag, characters with barely any development like in Awakening, kids.
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