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  1. Guten tag, meine Freunde! Wie geht es euch allen? Ich bin—I mean, uh... hello! We're now up to Chapter 11! Yippee! Here's the new patch.
  2. Hello! This is just a guess, but I think the problem might be a missing path to the output file. Try copy-pasting the path of the source file and typing a new filename from there, like in the attached image. If that doesn't fix anything, send me a PM, and I'll help you sort it out.
  3. The entirety of Holmes's route is just a fever dream after he had one too many pints of mead. That explains why everyone thinks he's a hero and why nothing makes sense.
  4. I’m not aware of any differences besides some names of files. Still, could be some important differences. I don’t have internet on my laptop at this exact moment, so I can’t copy the whole hash over, but for the unpatched ROM: the SHA-256 starts with 77a280686, and the MD5 starts with a6d226e51.
  5. Aha! They called me crazy, but I knew Hardin was Big Boss all along! Also, I spent much more time than was healthy trying to decipher what Derrick was saying in your dots there. My best guess was “And there really are,” but that doesn’t seem to fit that well. Knowing me, I’m probably crazy, and you didn’t actually mean any secret message. (In case people couldn’t tell—in the translation, I made up actual lines for each of Derrick’s text boxes and just replaced all the letters with periods... though deciphering it must be a nightmare, since ellipses and periods are also still periods.)
  6. Hello everyone! After a bit shorter of a gap than usual, I've come once again to release a new update (Version 37), this time with all of Chapter 10! You can download it here.
  7. @Saint Rubenio, throughout this LP, you’ve opened my eyes to the glory that is Ahab. When I retranslated the game, I didn’t really give him much thought—all my focus during the Salia Arc was on making Zechariah’s slightly less idiotic. Man, he’s even got posthumous character development... Oh boy, I do love me some glitches! I have no idea what is going to happen now that you’ve split them into different parties, but I look forward to the results. My money’s on the clone vanishing or teleporting back into the original’s party. Okay, so here are the rules about Krishna, assuming I remember things properly. I’ll go over everything so all the readers can be on the same page: 1. Though they look identical, there is indeed an “original” and a “clone,” as Ruben has surmised. 2. If you do something to the clone’s inventory or stats (gain experience, swap items, etc.), the original and its stats/items will be unaffected. 3. If you do anything like that to the original, however, the clone will be overwritten with the new status of the original. (I’m going to call this “re-sync”ing the clone.) To check which one is which, trade an item to one of them, then check the other. If the item appears on both, you gave it to the original. If it stays just on the one, you gave it to the clone. So, to dupe items, you give something to the original, then trade it off the clone. Voila! You now have two of the item. Re-sync the clone, and you can repeat as desired. (You can even abuse this to teleport-clone items all the way across the map, iirc.) Not that you’d want to, but you can also do the reverse—delete items permanently! Give them to the clone, then re-sync the clone. Congratulations, you just deleted a key item and soft-locked the game. Remember, with great power comes great current squared times resistance.
  8. I don’t know if you’d necessarily want to do it for this LP, but I think you might’ve done all the necessary steps to perform the Krishna Duplication Glitch. ...... ...Oh boy, two useless units!
  9. Garo, Arkis, Kreiss, and Krishna all get new titles upon learning certain skills. (Lethality, Lethality, Vantage, and Draco, respectively.) Plum, Lyria, Kate, Enteh, Mel, Shigen, and Raffin (the 1st time) all get new titles through events or story progression. The rest of the title changes happen during promotion, though not every character gets a new title.
  10. Bit of info about "Stealth Hunter" -- the Japanese name is ハイドハンター Haido Hantaa, which seems to be "Hide Hunter." (For what it's worth, there's also ハイドナイト Haido Naito "Hide Knight" unused in the game.) No clue if the first word was supposed to be "hide" as in "hidden" or as in "animal hide," so I went with the first and made it clearer as Stealth Hunter. Earlier ideas included Captain, though now that people mention it, Admiral would've been good, too.
  11. Thank you very much! Shouzou Kaga certainly poured his heart and soul into these games, so it's my pleasure to do what I can to spread them to the English-speaking audience. I'm always surprised how many people see my efforts on niche games like this, and I'm very glad to hear that you enjoy the work I've put into the translation! Best wishes to you!
  12. Thank you for your kinds words, as always! Now that it's June (holy crap, is it really already?) it's time for a BeRwIcK uPdAtE! Not to be outdone by Project Exile, I too have a new release, though sadly mine doesn't cover the rest of the game just yet. Version 35 goes until the end of Chapter 9! So have fun with that! Get it here.
  13. Sadly, not really. My sister knows Castellano from minoring from Spanish and studying in Madrid, and my dad knows Chilean Spanish because of his work, but I'm the oddball with Japanese. I studied Latin for 3 years and still use it occasionally, so I can recognize some of the verb conjugations and lots of the vocabulary words (like huerto from hortus) if I try to read it, but it's not like I could write a coherent paragraph or understand a conversation.
  14. Oh well. Glad I could help a little, at least. Sadly, Berwick's files are only marginally better organized. As one friend of mine put it, when it comes to internal organization, the games are basically held together by a combination of plaster and duct tape. For a news update, I'm now nearly finished with the in-chapter dialogue for 9-main. That particular fellow is from the indoor variant of Chapter 26! I shan't say more than that to avoid gameplay spoilers for other readers. Only tangengially related, but since you're a Hispanophone (Spanglophone?), I thought you'd find it interesting that in the files, there a handful of unused place names with official English translations--along with exactly one place that is used in the final game: Wellt. Apparently, the intended translation of ウエルト was not "Wellt," but rather "Huerto." I'm sorry, Kaga, but I don't think "vegetable garden" is a good name for a kingdom. We've also got fun unused character names like ロドリゲス "Rodriguez," クワトロ "Cuatro," and エルコンドル "El Cóndor."
  15. Thank you to all of you for your kind words of support. Unlike the FE games, I never know how many people are even aware of TRS or BWS or that they have translations, so it's a treat to come back here to Serenes every now and again to see your messages. For a progress update, I've got most of Chapter 9 (main) done outside of what actually takes place during the map. And boy, can I not wait for people to get to the end of the post-chapter dialogue, when people may start to wish they didn't have emotions.
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