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  1. I know it's really strange to say, but there's something fun about writing sleazy lines like this. I think it's because they're very distinct from the rest of the dialogue, and I don't have to worry about sounding formal or proper. Not to mention that I get to throw in euphemisms galore. Bold of you to assume that Holmes didn't happen across the secret to eternal youth in his travels. never mind that he would probably immediately lose it à la the Epic of Gilgamesh Isn't it a little bizarre that they decided to come back seven and a half hours later? I guess the 1 turn = 30 minutes convention hasn't been introduced to the player yet, but still, it's extremely generous, if nothing else. I really ought to try and test the limits of this scripted fight. What happens if your unit... doesn't have a weapon? ...has a weapon on red durability? ...has a weapon with a 100% fail rate? ...has a range 1 or 2 weapon? ...has a lance equipped? ...has Wormwood equipped? ...can only use knives? The potential for hilarity is endless! ward_directs_his_army_of_fireflies_to_consume_the_enemy.png And here begins the manifold-coded part of Berwick Saga--a very large number of events have alternate lines. For instance, here, Ward will instead say "With their leader captured..." if the player managed to capture Ritchens. There is also an extra bit of introduction if Reese and Izerna did not have their talk event during the chapter. Therefore, there are 2x2=4 variants of this scene. Unfortunately, Tirnanog decided that the best way to tackle this problem was not to use "if x then y" statements, but rather to include every variant as its own separate conversation. During translation, this meant that I had to copy-paste many conversations (with only tiny changes) many times. This isn't a particularly fun piece of trivia; I just want everyone in this thread to know my pain. Finally, I was thinking about your title "The League shall fall if I'm in control" and was wondering why you chose to go with a non-rhyming name this time, but I just realized that in certain accents besides mine, "fall" and "control" can rhyme, as /fɔl/ and /kəntɹɔl/! I feel suddenly enlightened. (For the record, in my accent, they're /fɑl/ and /kəntɹɔl/.) EDIT: Oh, I know why... kind of! It's because the first time the skill received an English name in FE was in Path of Radiance, where it was exclusively Reyson's skill (so he could move again despite not being flying or mounted). In Japanese, it was just 再行動 "re-movement," but the localizers went with something song-y to fit with galdr, I guess. Then, when it became a class class skill in Radiant Dawn, they stuck with the name. (It also sounds a lot like "canter," a word for a slow gallop, which is probably a happy coincidence.)
  2. It just so happens that I have one right here! no that definitely isn't my youtube channel what are you talking about Wait, it's not "coruña"? *furious googling* Well dang, apparently that's just the name of a town in Galicia... You win this round, Spain! In that case, I'll do you one better: In Latin, virus means "scum, slime, toxic liquid." So basically, people are all afraid of crown-scum these days. You say that, but if you hack in item 0x141, you will find a fully-functioning Warp orb Also, 0x13F was apparently planned to be an Again orb, just to break the game extra hard You would rob me of a chance to use this image?! Everyone should be prepared for my bad Berwick picture edits that I have already swarmed the r/fireemblem discord with And finally, I'd be happy to provide any background information, translation quirks, etc. upon request. Or--let's be fair--I'll most likely bring them up without any request, too. If I'm coming along on this journey, then you guys are gonna hear some trivia, dammit!
  3. Looking at a preview of the TearRing Saga official guide, I noticed they seemed to have artwork not on the official site such as the artwork of the monster classes.

    Are any of these artworks scanned? Maybe I should look into that?

  4. Eyyy, an LP! This should be fun! The thing is, I'm not a huge commenter on LPs because I don't often have a lot to say, but I do enjoy reading them! Hope you attract a nice flock of other readers 🙂 That said, I have two things I want to add: So, some of this background stuff you see in the game guide or strategy guide and not so much in the game itself (at least in the beginning). The Kingdom of Veria acts a bit like the Holy Roman Empire in that it's a bunch of mostly-autonomous states bound by loyalty to one crown. So, 14 of those 24 nations are actually part of the Kingdom. the Kingdom of Veria proper (lands held directly by the king) 7 duchies (loyal to the king of Veria) the Duchy of Narvia the Duchy of Bornia the Duchy of Serenia the Duchy of Yutoria the Duchy of the Highlands the Duchy of the Lowlands the Duchy of Diana 5 marches of the Barmoar region (loyal to the king of Veria) the March of Sinon the March of Mineva the March of Morrabia 2 other unnamed marches the Autonomous See of Danae (lands held by the Church, nominally loyal to the king of Veria) 7 Northern Lands (independent from Veria and each other) the Kingdom of Riana 6 other unnamed lands 3 Eastern Lands (independent from Veria and each other) the Kingdom of Ishs the Kingdom of Pesil the Kingdom of Leia Barmoar is just a name for the region, Liga is a desert under de facto control of Veria, and Lideon is an independent country unrelated to the Berwick League or the Raze Empire. A long time ago, I made this simplified map showing who controls what: The Marches are indeed what they sound like--border territories that are in the process of being settled, and which require extra management/reinforcements. On Kaga's blog, he talks about how Sinon was established only twelve years previously from unincorporated Barmoar territory, and that Bernstol is its first Margrave. Oh, you don't press the start button to see Tactical Hints, you press right on the D-pad. Very important to read those if you're going in blind! They tend to show up from time to time, so try to remember to check for them whenever these info screens show up. Anyway, good luck to you! Hope you enjoy the game!
  5. Hello, everyone! The time you've awaited for so long has finally come! Yes, the translation is finished! We've now left the "beta" stage, so now, I present to you Release Candidate v1.0! There are almost certainly a number of typos and other errors scattered about, and they will need eventual fixing, so I ask players to please try and screenshot any that they come across. (The F8 key does that in PCSX2, and they're saved in Documents\PCSX2\snaps by default on Windows.) HOWEVER! There are exactly six lines in the game that remain untranslated despite all my efforts. This is because we've been unable to find the file(s) where they're stored. These lines are pretty unobtrusive: they're lines spoken in the Epilogue by mercenary units who survived but were not recruited. Until the time comes that we can insert them, I'll translate them here for you (essentially no spoilers): Thank you again to everyone who helped support the translation and bring it to the place it is today. We couldn't have done it without you. EDIT: (Sorry, had to submit that fast before my computer died; just finishing this up on my phone.) The Serenes Forest guide pages for Berwick Saga are still a work in progress, but all the major ones you’d want to look through for a first playthrough are tidied up. I’ll also be updating my signature when I get my laptop charger back from my work tomorrow.
  6. Oof... I checked the script, and that's a copy-pasting mistake on my part. The game handles events really inefficiently, where each variation has its own text instead of coding something sensible like "if X character is alive, then do Y" (even if the variant scenes are exactly the same), so if I don't copy the lines over properly, it'll do that. It's fixed on my end now!
  7. Hello! There is an editor out there, though it's entirely in Japanese: https://web.archive.org/web/20190228025534/http://www.geocities.jp/kt_0t3wqu6irw/tool2/index.htm It also requires rebuilding the ISO after you're done editing it, which can be tricky and tedious. If you do it using regular ISO tools, generally the edited game doesn't even run. I've been using a tool called xPERT to do it, but I don't really get how it works, and all the sites that host it seem really sketchy... so be warned. Basically all of the game's important data for gameplay can be found in the DATA3 and SLPS files. (Apparently, DATA0, 1, and 2 are just junk, while DATA4 contains filesystem info, IIRC.) So... yeah. On the plus side, you can use these tools to change character/class/item stats, character/class growths & skills, character starting items, food effects & likes/dislikes, and max stats. Frustratingly, you can't seem to change bracketing or character classes, but I think eatrawmeat391's cheat codes can at least do the latter.
  8. Every time I log back on to Serenes, I always feel so happy to see comments like these. ☺️ I'm afraid I don't have an update for you guys just yet, but I hope you can get a little bit of comfort in knowing that it's still coming along nicely. Here's a checklist of things that need to be done before the final patch can be released: So, that's what's on my plate right now. Most epilogues are pretty short, but there are a few exceptions... *coughSherpaSherlockPercevalcough* Once those are done, though, it should be smooth sailing.
  9. Hello, you guys! What's better than one Berwick chapter...? Here's version 46, which covers both Ch. 13 and Ch. 14! Since the plot is on the home stretch by this point, there are no side missions left, hence why I've been able to get these out faster than usual. We're so close to the end! Thank you all for sticking with me so long!
  10. Thank you! Happy new year to you too! Yes, you’re right—the translation isn’t done yet in any form. (When I translate, I edit the game’s script files themselves so they can be put right back in the game, so no middle steps required.) Now that Vestaria Saga is out, I’ve got to remain relevant somehow 😄
  11. Wow, this thread has blown up a bit since I came back to life! Glad to have people talking more about the game. And with that, I have more good news to share! Since quite a number of Map 12-1 events were already done (thanks, past Aethin), I'm able to get that map out now, too! Enjoy version 43!
  12. Five months? Pffft, what calendar are you using? Surely it hasn't been— Dammit. Well, I've returned from the dead again to bring you Chapter 12, but only the main mission for now. Sorry if that's disappointing, but I really wanted to push something out so people would know that I'm still alive and have come back from my longer-than-I-should've-taken hiatus. As requested/advised, I've removed the projected release date from the OP, and I won't be adding a new one so that I don't make any more promises to break. Anyway, with that disappointing news out of the way, here's the new patch.
  13. Hmm, you're quite correct, yes! Runan might have some minor blood, there's no way to be sure. Holmes is definitely a commoner, though. Quite interesting. Oh, forgot to chime in about this bit! I think it’s Tatus who mentions in an offhand comment that Runan has “only a maternal connection to the royal family,” so presumably his mother was a minor princess or something. So there’s Carluon Hero #1. Tia is of course the Earth Shaman and King Grauss’s great-granddaughter (through her mother), which makes her Carluon Hero #2. Sennet is both Canaanite royalty and Sage Eisenbach’s grandson (not to mention that his sister is the Wind Shaman), so he’s easily Carluon Hero #3. And here’s the kicker—since Holmes is Liza’s daughter, he’s Sage Octavus’s grandson (and thus the first cousin of Renee, Rishel & Mariel, and the Pegasus sisters) giving him the status of Carluon Hero #4. Freakin’ family trees. It turns out Richard is the only of the “new 8 heroes” to have no established connection to Carluon, which may explain why he didn’t use the Bhaumastra against Guenchaos. As punishment for your hubris, Berwick will now be delayed until the after release of FE19. P.S./Edit: I had a bit of a grin seeing the "Mayor Villains" section tierlist... maybe the Mayor of Ocus, slimy as he is, should be included as well. (Definitely not a typo from villanos mayores, no sir!)
  14. Man, what a wild ride. Would you believe that I wasn't able to bring myself to play TRS for years after redoing the script? It was so jarring to play through it, wanting to change and re-word every little thing again. I still hate the first line of Chapter 1. "Eugen, do you believe that the kingdom of Wellt will be sympathetic to our cause?" I'd see it every single time I recompiled the game to test menus and such, since I was stupid and didn't get a save to load. Fortunately, the weirdness has worn off after a couple years, though Let's Plays like this have still been the main way that I've enjoyed the story since then--and I've been thrilled to have been able to do so again. Boy, I really started to get lazy/tired in some of these epilogue scenes, didn't I? I remember the nights sitting on my couch and editing those, thinking, "Damn it, Kaga, when is this going to end?!" I was really pushing myself to get it done so I could relax (and finish Zero Escape 3, as I recall). Today, my coworkers were a bit confused when I started chuckling uncontrollably at my desk at Enteh's "I do" response to Runan. I look forward to your future LPing (Let's Play-ing? Let's Be Playing? Let's-ing Play?) endeavors, and I'll try to get Berwick in everyone's hands as soon as life lets me. :)
  15. Thank goodness things worked out in the end with posting! My condolences for the hoops you had to jump through to get it working! With a retrospective view on the whole story of TRS, I feel like Zieg is the main core that I always liked best. Which is funny, since he was actually a pretty late addition to the story! He's not present at all, to my knowledge, in the demo versions. Imagining the story without his full subplot just seems sad. What an inferior game that would be! As a tribute to Zieg, I shall share one of the few good pieces of fan art I've found of him: The names of the four holy swords were a bit of an issue for me, since I was on the fence for a long time on what to call them. As @Interdimensional Observer mentioned on the last page, the Japanese names all start with 聖剣 seiken "holy sword" followed by Reeve, Salia, Leda, or Canaan. (Naturally, this means that the sword Seiken Reeve was probably named after the girl, country, river, and/or word for "compassion" in Jugudi.) Wanting to spice the names up, I looked for mythological theme naming to call them, and when Western mythology didn't give me any options I liked, I turned to the Indian epics and Vedas, which have lots of gods and weapons. From there, I picked the four weapons seeming most closely related to the elements: Agnēyāstra "fire weapon," Bhaumāstra "earth weapon," Vāyavyāstra "air weapon" and Varuṇāstra "ocean weapon." Never mind that astra often signifies a ranged weapon like a javelin, arrow, or magic spell. If you look on the FE Wikia, I wrote little descriptions of each weapon's mythological role on their respective pages.
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