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The knights-for-hire with their almost master-of-all-stats builds (except Magic and Luck stats) as well as the only infantry knight which able to move across water tiles. Beside their high HP, this forbidden class have standard infantry movements, cannot reclassing to another classes, unable to use any Legendary Weapons, but proficient for wielding Lances, Axes, and Daggers. Technically, the Illegal Knights are Generals who also adept with daggers without their shields as well as without their weakness againts anti-armor weapons respectively. Even so, this class weaknesses are when they encountered againts enemy's fliers as well as when they fight on water areas. As the sell-swords, only golds in their minds. They will serve only the highest bidder and refuse to socialize, thus they would never desire to have any Supportive Partners so they will never close with anyone or even build families. In the pasts, the Illegal Knights were always inspire terror to both enemies and allies due their legendary brutal methods on the battlegrounds. For centuries, in every countries and realms, Illegal Knight is the one of the most immoral, rarest, and almost forgotten classes (even most people considered them as a myth). This class are always considered as illegal class. Lance E, Axe E, Dagger E.


IN-GAME (note: this forbidden male-only class were considered as unique/special class, so the other units could never reclass into this anti-social class)

Stats growth:

HP 70%, Str 60%, Mag 0%, Skill 50% Spd 50% Luck 0%, Def 60%, Res 50%


-Gloom (passive, personal innate Skill): Absorb HP equal to 50% damage dealt. Basically like Sol with 100% rates. (Doesn't work when the user pairing-ups. Doesn't work when fights on water areas. Doesn't work againts fliers.)

-Lonewolf (passive, class innate Skill): Restores 40% HP every own turns, all stats +4, movement +1, and negates all ground's terrain movement reductions if no allied units in 3 tiles radius around the user (except Lords). Unaffected by any Rally Skills.

-Scrounge (passive, learned at level 1): After defeating the enemy at range 1, takes all the defeated enemy's tradable weapons and items (Doesn't work when the user pairing-ups. Doesn't work if the enemy defeated in range 2. Doesn't work on water areas).

-Antifields (passive, learned at level 10): When fights the enemy, ignore enemy's terrain effect bonus and the enemy will received extra damages 3 times from their own terrain effect's reducing damages (Doesn't work when the user pairing-ups. Doesn't work againts enemy's Illegal Knights. Doesn't work when fights on water areas. Doesn't effect fliers units since they ignore all terrain effects).

-Onslaugh (passive, learned at level 25): When do battle againts supporting-up or pairing-up enemies, nullifies all enemy's Stances and dealt 3.5 times damages to the both enemies. (Doesn't work when the user pairing-ups. Doesn't work when enemy fights alone without any pair or support. Doesn't work when fights on the water areas. Doesn't work when both enemies who supporting-ups or pairing-ups are fliers)

-Demoralize (passive, learned at level 35): all stats -4 and movement -1 to ALL units within 3 tiles radius around the user, but doesn't effect the user. (Doesn't work when the user pairing-ups. Doesn't effect another Illegal Knights. Doesn't effect Lords since they are the ones who hired the user, except the enemy's Illegal Knights)


"A couple of enemy's sturdy Generals sat at the castle's throne? Let me handle them....alone!"

"My name? My name is not important at all. Your beloved Lord didn't hire me to tell you my name. Just call me Illegal Knight, Milady."

"Let me deliver the last blow to those undead manaketes, Sir! Their decayed dragonstones are very pricey..."

"I will follow your orders but it's not very wise if you include me in the deployment againts the Wyvern Prince and his imperial fleet, Milord!"

"Yes. The General Princess was sends her pegasus forces to hunts me down not because I committed a crime. She did that because she feared me, sweetie."

"Do you want to stay alive from this battle?! If you want to live, then STAY AWAY FROM ME!!"

"After the war ended? There's so many orphans after the war, and I will take two or three young lads under my care. Beside, I must passing down all my skills to the next generations. Same as myself before when a vagabond takes me from the orphanage and made me one of his trainees. Why did you ask?"

"What? A wife? Family? No, I don't need those useless things...hahaha..."


Paladin: "Milord! Why did you hired someone like him? Different if the items stolen or dropped after the battle, but this man loots the dead if no one stands beside him! I can't accept this!"

Hero: "A sell-sword who works alone? I think he just a very greedy man who refuse to share the fortune."

Wyvern Lord: "I have no words for that man. His presence made me sick."

Dancer : "I never dare to stand close to him! He is so terrifying! I felt my soul would escaping from my body!"

Great Knight : "Even this man has joined to our banner, it still hard to believe that his class even exist!"

Bow Knight : "I wonder how can he through passing the woods and mountains so easily?"

Kinshi Knight : "I want to kill him! I became a failure brother because of him! He killed my only sister when she pairing-ups with the enemy officer before I convince her to join our banner!"

Berserker : "Hard to believe it. A knight which able to move acrossing the river?"

Rogue : "Phew! If I posses no Locktouch Skill and anti-fog eyesight, I might lose my job..."

Sniper : "He have no respect to anyone, eh?

Falcon Knight : "If he turns againts you, just tell me! I'll handle him myself!"

Sage : "Is he have no manners?"

Swordmaster : "That man have no honor."

General : "Enemies who depends themselves on the castle wall's protection would meet their own demise. Sometimes I pittied them..."

Malig Knight : "I aware him."

Dark Flier : "Why should I care about him?"

Strategist : "He wants to work alone, right? So let him be!"

Assassin : *cold grin*

Warrior : "Well, I'm glad I'd never meet enemies with same class like him so far..."

Ballistician : "So funny when this forum asks him about his allegiances. Of course there will no answer to choose for him. He fights for MONEY!"

Dread Fighter : "Despise his unfriendly nature, I admit that he is very strong."

Witch : "Ah... that loner, huh? Sometimes he made me want to know more about him...tee hee..."

Spear Master : "He hates to see people pairing ups. If perhaps because one of his Skill, then I can't blame him."

Dark Knight : "He just like an ordinary soldier when we stand near him while he still in low and mid levels. But when he reach high level, hehehe...don't stand too close around him! Trust me!

Bride : "Why? WHY? I can't believe when he said love is a useless and the most disgusting thing in this world! Every living beings must live with their soul mates! I won't give up! I'll teach him what the love is, even by force!"

Grandmaster : "His presence ruins both enemy's and our's tactics altogether! If you insist to deploy him, just tell me beforehand, Milord!"

Princess : "His class and personality made me so sad..."

Lord : "Thank you for your efforts. And thank you for not too near to my men. You are more worthy than how many gold I'd paid you. If you need someone to give you a hand in battle, just tell me! I will accompany you myself!"

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