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  1. REAVER - the great warrior who excells on their axe and bow. Proficiencies: ▪ Axe [+3], Bow [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Axe level at A or higher ▪ Bow level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Axefaire ▪ Bowfaire ▪ Bowrange +2 ☆Mastery: Axe Avoid +20, Bow Avoid +20 Note: - MARSHALL KNIGHT - the walking concrete wall who has the role as the main defensive core. Proficiencies: ▪ Sword [+3], Lance [+3], Axe [+3], Heavy Armor [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Sword level at B+ or higher ▪ Axe level at B+ or higher ▪ Heavy Armor level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Swordfaire ▪ Lancefaire ▪ Axefaire ☆Mastery: - Note: - WAR DRUID - Master of magecrafts which adept with their lance. Proficiencies: ▪ Lance [+3], Reason [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Axe level at A or higher ▪ Reason level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Lancefaire ▪ Black Tomefaire ▪ Dark Tomefaire ☆Mastery: - Note: Can use magic. LANDSKNECHT - The masterful soldier of fortune. Proficiencies: ▪ Sword [+3], Lance [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Sword level at A or higher ▪ Lance level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Swordfaire ▪ Lancefaire ▪ Terrain Resistance ☆Mastery: Sword Avoid +20, Lance Avoid +20 Note: -
  2. DRAGON LORD - the terrifying armored airborne knight. Proficiencies: ▪ Lance [+3], Axe [+3], Heavy Armor [+3], Flying [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Axe level at A or higher ▪ Heavy Armor level at B+ or higher ▪ Flying level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Canto ▪ Lancefaire ▪ Axefaire ☆Mastery: Darting Blow, Uncanny Blow Note: Male only. BATTLE MASTER - since she was forbidden to become an HERO or WAR MASTER, then... Proficiencies: ▪ Sword [+3], Axe [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Sword level at A or higher ▪ Axe level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Vantage ▪ Critical +20 ▪ War Master's Strike* ☆Mastery: Deviant Str, Quick Riposte Note: Female only. SKY HUNTER - the combative hunter who rodes on his chestnut pegacorn. Proficiencies: ▪ Sword [+3], Bow [+3], Flying [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Sword level at A or higher ▪ Bow level at B+ or higher ▪ Flying level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Canto ▪ Swordfaire ▪ Hunter's Volley* ☆Mastery: Triangle Attack, Deviant Avoid Note: Male only. BOW FIGHTER - the sapper which literally the fighter with her powerful bow. Proficiencies: ▪ Brawl [+3], Bow [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Brawl level at B+ or higher ▪ Bow level at A or higher Abilities: ▪ Fistfaire (increase the Onager's Mt. by +5) ▪ Bowfaire ▪ Bowrange +2 ☆Mastery: Unarmed Combat, Tomebreaker Notes: Can use Onager. Female only. SAGE KNIGHT - the versatile magical sword knight. Proficiencies: ▪ Sword [+3], Reason [+3], Faith [+3], Riding [+3] Certification Requirements: ▪ Reason level at A or higher ▪ Faith level at A or higher ▪ Riding level at B+ or higher Abilities: ▪ Canto ▪ Black Magic Uses ×2 ▪ White Magic Uses ×2 ☆Mastery: Defiant Mag, Transmute Notes: Can use magic. Male only. RUNE DANCER - supporting in while assaulting out? Proficiencies: ▪ Sword [+2], Authority [+2] Certification Requirements: ▪ The unit already has the DANCER class ▪ Faith level at B+ or higher ▪ Dark Seal Abilities: ▪ Dance ▪ Heartseeker ▪ White Magic Heal +10 ☆Mastery: Poison Strike, Lifetaker Notes: Can use magic. Female only. No SONGSTRESS class since it's basically the name of Dorothea's personal ability. * Extra note: As the Mastery Skill which basically unusable for the other classes, it has been put on the Abilities template in order to make it works on the current classes. All of those classes were strictly made by following and according on the wikis with this website. We realised many people might be totally disagreed or even against our fanmade classes. But that's fine. Beside we playing the FE-games for fun, we also find that the creativity is also equally fun as well. We also knew that we are absolutely flawed (including bad english) here. So, anyone here who find the fun things on creativity may also creating the new or bringing the other FE's classes as long as they became the "Three House's styles" here. Thank you.
  3. Me and my friends which were played the FE3H has their own opinions about the character's class-features. Long story short, one side needs more freedom for any character-build and the other side needs more in-game uniqueness. In other words, one side needs the less genderlocked classes (as IF/Fates) while the others worshipping the genderlocked classes. All of us finally made the six main fanmade Master Classes for fun. All of these fanmade Master Classes are genderlocked and provides the various Mastery skills equally for any character regardless their gender. Regardless any stats base or builds, we tried to made them balanced and we still obligated to following the "rules" as the entire fanmade master classes should be: 1. Two kinds Proficiencies at minimum. 2. Four kinds of Proficiencies at maximum. 3. Three kinds of class Abilities at max. 4. Two or three kinds of the Certification Requirements at minimum. 5. Two kinds of Skill Masteries at max. 6. No unique abilities and masteries which exclusively possessed by the protagonist, any lord, and any enemy units (including "Counterattack") allowed. 7. Flying and Riding classes must have "Canto" on one of their three Abilities slot. This is the templates which only for easier to make the fanmade Master Class. So, no insisting for using it at all. [MASTER CLASS NAME] - (Optional. A small description of the class) Proficiencies: ▪ (Two kinds of at minimum, four kinds at maximum.) Certification Requirements: (Two or three kinds of expertise levels which obviously has something to do with the class) ▪ ▪ ▪ Abilities: (Three kinds at max. while the "Canto" skill would be taken one slot if the class is the Riding or Flying type.) ▪ ▪ ▪ ☆Mastery: (Optional. Two kinds at max.) Note: (Empty means the unisex class without it's own magical capability.) __________ [nb.: We aren't sure if this thread is really "qualified" for the General / FE3H thread or not. So, better if we just posting it here than sorry.]
  4. A refresher unit without dancing or music but with a joke instead Emilia Clarke
  5. The Demon King were unexpectedly a remarkable business consultant. He helped you for growing your incomes, even you suffered headaches on every payday since he consumed your soul little by little as his wages. Your company started to emerged, and in order to expanded your market, the Demon King gave you four options: A) Lowering your Tome's price, the user might be increased B) Adding more numbers of the Tome's pages, increase durability C) Using the better ink for the Tome's productions, increase might D) Hiring some funservice-models and used their photographs as the Tome's cover, the customer would not be limited to the users only
  6. Mecha pilot, because on that age we able to 'play' any games like (obviously) mecha pilot or genetic-created dragons-for-ride, but on the age of dragon-rider we would never have any games like mecha-pilots. WYR have a Killer Weapon or Silver Weapon?
  7. Granted. All playable characters would retained all of their last levels and exps, last presented classes (including by reclassed and DLC classes), and their weapon ranks before; But all entire enemy's units also became the prepromoted class with very high levels and stats as well as all of their weapon ranks would be maxed from the very start, made the NewGame+ featured almost meaningless. I wish crossbow weapon would returned in FE as a separated weapon rank, and made the new ranged-weapon triangle: bow > crossbow > dagger > bow.
  8. Then we considered that the LH would never be started here. No need to push the GMs up if they were unable to started the RP here. Now I'd been recalled all of my characters from the registrations, so just at ease. Cheers.
  9. That's why I said "unusual things" at first, despise there would be boarders between Thyr and Alathil or not. Beside, as it said, the RP would be started-over as the new stories which based on the same historical backgrounds, so the continent as well as all the "inhabitants" may be different than the old one you knew, except if the map picture of the continent has already presented here while the RP has been introduced before. If the old-chapters stories didn't have Alathil desert regions as the battlegrounds yet, then let the GMs will make it happen for this time in SF (if they wanted, ofcourse). The stories will be more and more complex since this FE-forum may be the right place for starting over later on. Alathil's desert areas would be good for the story's complexity later on since desert regions are one of the very disadvantageus maps for ground-units (other than infantry-spellcasters) which forced to do their campaigns there (by the storylines which might consisted other than just for the resources). We believed that this RP would not just the two-sides region settings (Thyr vs Serall) only without any warring-each-other tales to the outside of the chessboard, so we believed GMs might intended to make it happen: if don't, Alathil region would not existed from the start. Well, if the dear GMs may considers to take me in, our characters will met soon or later after the RP started. If don't, then it will be no problem at all. BTW, thanks for accompany me while awaiting here. We believed the RP will be safe here since this FE-forum have less-to-no toxic, as Mr.DuckMannnn said before. Even I might not joined in this RP (if the GMs didn't accept my characters), at least just allow me to enjoying you and your friends tales here. Best Regards.
  10. The main course about the countries warring each others must be still maintained as the main story. And about the existencies of the monster-hordes (which not concerned in the main stories) roamed far from their own teritories (Alathil) and might reached and entered the Thyr/Serall regions (may perhaps by unusual things), then why not? Beside, only my characters who fought them (monsters, rebels, or bandits). Only my characters has skirmishes on their background stories. Don't get me wrong: I never asked the existency of any random skirmishes in the main story. The skirmishes were only belongs to my characters. The skirmishes were only mine to be written! This is the world of Fire Emblem, not the world of Brigandine or Dragon Force which skirmishes (outside the main stories) were never existed as they just focused on the warring-states only. Let GMs decides later on! If the battlefield's backgrounds might reached the Alathil regions later on, they might be considered to able to "met" my characters on just one sub-quest/extra-chapter (which unlocked after reached the Alathil's regions) and GMs might considered to took them and counted me in (then my characters' skirmish-carreers would be ended for good and started their parts as their country's combat-units). If the GMs thinks that my characters and me didn't needed to be existed in this RP, then no problem. No need to "choose" the sub-quest/extra-chapter and just let my characters still-missing and never met any forces.
  11. No. I didn't do any discussions about these characters, but I would open if wanted to talk about how they would joined later on. That's why I said about: depend on the routes (GM's policy). It's about "GMs may wants to take them in or not" later on. I created characters as re-recruitable that often existed in the world of Fire Emblem. I strengthen their backgrounds to be not "just a strangers who able to recruited with a cheap reason (like: they-should-join-in-because-of-their-country crap)". That's why at least they must knew, even a little, by someone who will take them in (there's a little active and passive conversations on their background stories with their kings or their lords). Fighting monsters in their background stories were their main part of their "reasons" about why they didn't joined in from the start (including their different class-tier, even it had less-to-no powerful effects). That's why I wrote their duties on the skirmishes, and not as the main chapters. They would be met when did the "sub-quest", and they were characters who would be free to be existed (by recruited) or not later on. In other words: GMs were free to took me in to this RP later or not. Another reason: I'd created a light comedy about the romance-on-the-battlefields (even their respective countries warring each other) as their additional stories and not as the main course. Cheers. Edit: I unable to correcting many typos and grammatical errors (since english isn't my native language) there, including to completed their stories. Long story short for completing their stories: as old medieval warring-policies, the armies might had their own policies than the navies and vise-versa, including the border-sentries on the remoted areas. In other words, even the warring-states armies still on the battles, it didn't always necessary applied to the navies or remoted-area's border-sentries even they also still on their awareness (beside, the naval battles or the border sieges were never be focused in the world of Fire Emblem).
  12. It will be hard. A dancer with a blade may looks attractive, but a dancer with a tome looks weird. I wish Prince Kurthnaga existed in Fire Emblem Warriors and used the oversized Sabatons boots to fights when he wasn't in his dragon form.
  13. I see. I understand if any Skills system (including class-Skills) may confusing. Before the RP started, not any stats or Skills, perhaps the king's class might considered the suggestion, since the king's "class" is above the lord? Once again. It just suggestion. (Any suggestions could not be applied anymore when the RP has already started)
  14. Yes I edited again because I forgot that Serall only has two generals. Okay, not enemy then. Btw, it just a suggestion since I really know that controlling someone's story even not my powers. If no one to take it then no problem, that's why i just gave suggestions for strengthening the characteristics.
  15. ...so intimate. They started to touching each other and they begun to uncontrollably...
  16. You didn't vote but he shot lasers from his eyes (superman style). You able to dodge it. You still have to face him and your pride prevents you for doing fake heart attack. Now you will... A. Use your Str stat : challenge him on arm-wrestling B. Use your Mag stat : persuade and convince him about bbq C. Use your Skill stat : hit him with your high Critical Rate D. Use your Spd stat : attack him with your fast Double Hits
  17. Blazing Blade. Mark must faced those three powerful bosses (instead than supported them).
  18. Logically correct. But the "quantity" didn't decreased when the target dodged it, so.... well... no idea (including hand axe and arrows). So yes, there's "of returning" magical enhancements.
  19. You suddenly remember why the library is devoid of people. It's smartphone and data. You calmly sat and connecting your phone with library's wi-fi and copying all the tex-bbq those you can find. You leaving the library and.... A. Go to meat market B. Go to seasonings market C. Go to kitchen-set store D. Go home
  20. "Fixed" Sorry for misunderstanding the last option. It will never happening again.
  21. Finally you met the goddess, but the goddess unable to knew you anymore, since you has 'changed'. It will be the last time you meet her even you are so curious about 'another world' before and you glad that now your nightmare has ended, even now you faced another nightmare (the world of Fire Emblem will not appear again). You wish... A. You became a rich woman B. You became a more powerful psychic C. You become a younger and beautiful girl (reverted age) D. You want to go home since you remembered your mother
  22. You 'forced' to retried your powers after you heard, "The tests seems failed. We have no choice. Prepare the procedure now! We will performing brain surgery!" ...... ...... ...... But, nothing happen. It seems you lost your power. Then you heard the chef said, "The soup is the last meal that we served. I believe there's no regrets later on." Then the nurses and doctors comes around you. You knew you will 'back' to your precious world before, but you heard, "No anesthetic! We need to know what happen after we disabled the powers." You.... A. Panic and begging for anesthetic B. Laugh and pretend to be insane C. Tried to rampage even strapped down D. Passed out
  23. "That's my Wyvern's name. You almost kissed him before.", the Wyvern Lord smiled. It's looks like he doesn't upset anymore. You felt the golden wyvern laugh at you. "I see. Well sorry about your steed before. I had no choice. Btw, I'm no longer at the Witch Queen's service. Take it!", you gave the Wyvern Lord an orange. "So, you are a travelling sellsword then? Thank you. Oranges are rare fruit here." The Wyvern Lord said, "I'm a prince of the kingdom that the Witch Queen tried to invade. She wanted our land and our sacred relics. And I admit you have good potential on battlefields. You also participated when she repelled our counterattack, right?" You surprised inside. You think that the prince is the ruthless Paladin since he looks a little older than the Wyvern Lord, "Forgive me, your highness. I think the ruthless Paladin is the highest rank before...." "Don't be! I'm not your prince, so just at ease!", said the Wyvern Lord. "Big brother! You visit us again! Please come to our house!", some children approaching the Wyvern Lord. "Yes I will come later. Please say my greetings to your parents!" "Yes big brother!", the children running home. "About the 'ruthless' Paladin that you met before. He lost his young brother and his parents by the witch's forces who raided our western village. If your attack successfull, all the innocent women and children who covering themselves behind the castle walls will not survive. That's why he was so upset. He worried about them. And about the angry Bow Knight, her young innocent siblings ruthlessly killed by the Pegasus Knight which I slayed before. I don't want my general lives by vengeance, so better I did it for her. The Witch Queen's force have no mercy even to the weak or peasants. We have no choice. We must protect our people and someone who dear to us." You remembered the Pegasus Knight that you flirt before. She fallen before you and your mind became confused when you knew the truth. "The children before are not truly siblings. They are war orphans. Their real siblings and real parents were slayed by the Witch Queen's ravaging forces. Their 'parents' are the old couple who take care of them. They made their house as an orphanage.", the Wyvern Lord said again, "Before I visit them, I acknowledged your remarkable battle skills. Your class also different than any was I met before. I, the prince myself, offering you. Will you join my service? It doesn't matter if temporary. We will hire you. You can have oranges or play with my wyvern as much as you like if you agree. I must go back since this place is not on our kingdom's teritory." When still confused and felt guilty because never asked the Witch Queen's invading motives, you... A. Join the Wyvern Prince permanently. Swore loyalty to him. B. Join the Wyvern Prince temporary (as a mercenary). C. Politely refuse since you still trauma about the ruthless of war and the truth about this world. Then you will continue your journey. D. Politely refuse and said you are a "pilgrim" and you just forced to join the Witch Queen's force before. And you want to continue your journey.
  24. D.) On a castle The wyvern flied back to the enemy's castle!!! You heard a wistle. The wyvern lord stands so calmly. Your critical hit seems only a scratch for him. You wonder how high his HP and Def stats. You forgot that the flying beasts are soulbounded with their riders. You tried to control the wyvern but it doesn't work at all! The wyvern lord wields his short axe, while the paladin prepares his short spear and the bow knight aiming you with her bow. This is disaster! You saw a lake below and you forced to jump. When you jumped down, you must dodge the incoming short axe, short spear, and arrow. You dodge them all but the short spear hit your bag and destroy your last elixir and orange (oh no!!! Orange!!!). You dive and swim away, and the enemy's force lost you out. You manage to going back to the Witch Queen even you badly injured. You reported to her and she terrified. The enemy's crown prince himself along with his finest generals that was you faced before are the strongest warriors of the enemy's kingdom. No wonder if her force lost the battle. The queen said that no one knew the prince on the border because his forces must be on far south from the border. Your "contract" has done. After the court bishops heals you, you have your big basket full of oranges. Now you on the country's northwest border while enjoying your oranges (finally!!!). Next, you... A. Go to the western port B. Go to the northern village C. Go to the northeast fort D. Go to the southwest town
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