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  1. When it will, it will. Don't rushed people ffs. They have jobs, study or whatever it is.
  2. Shuuda know it sooner.
  3. This game is nice and all but sometimes something still bugging me. I mean, can you make battle animations better than this? I'm not talking about Radian Dawns or Fates Styles but at least, make it Gba style?
  4. It's only allowed 1 s rank in fe7/8 (only 1 s rank change based on the weapons beings equipped) , to fix this just install "multiple s rank" patches
  5. Then what about m.. i mean Echidna? Is she a warrior or what?
  6. Your game but with 2018 modular mini box installed, it displays every skills and weapons
  7. yeah i can confirmed that aether is set at lv255 greatlord to learn which mean we cant get it unless we already got it before promotions. Same with every promoted classes.
  8. Well i guess i am going to choose ephraim route then.
  9. V2.1 is, but i'm not sure about 2.0. After all, it's not hurt to try.
  10. The rapiers problem is gone. I thank you. New skills activation animations is not as beautiful as i thought but
  11. Now that is what i am, talking about. Glad it helps. Edit: this is from Skillsystem folder but it lacks lethality and sureshot so i add them. Credit: @circleseverywhere and Mariode from SF i guess https://drive.google.com/open?id=1boauMLTTmqUwtQGZgud9QMz7ClPhoLvM Take it or leave it, it's your call Edit 2 : Is this intentional?
  12. That or you can use ranged animations for melee ones by export it via febuilder, edit then import it back. It's pretty easy, just ctrl+c then ctrl+v. Just saying
  13. Now that is what i am going to talk about. ??
  14. Some screenshots would be nice
  15. Wouldn't risk losing my save, you can pick the skills then I'll apply it on my own. (no offense)
  16. This is a masterpiece, will try it whenever i have time. Congratulations for you and your hard work my friend.
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