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  1. Changed my mind about Dimitri's "twinge of darkness". I think it's that he's the illegitimate son of Justin Timberlake, circa 1999. Every morning, he must straighten his natural ramen hair until it becomes spaghetti hair so no one finds out about his secret.
  2. It's going to be the one-year anniversary soon of a mass shooting in my city in which an acquaintance was killed. I didn't know the victim that well, but their family lives in my neighborhood and their sister still goes to my old high school, and I've seen firsthand how devastating it's been for them and the community. It's really driven home for me that mass shootings aren't just news articles that you read and then forget about; this could happen to anyone, and the victim's family has to live with what happened every day.
  3. I'm a bit late, but I have OCD too and it definitely affects silly things in my daily life. The most obnoxious thing that it makes me do is whenever I read a digital clock, I always need to read the time backwards, then forwards, then forwards again, and then backwards again. If the time changes while I do this then I need to start over. Also, if I watch a video and I see the video length, I need to do the same process. If I pause the video and the length that I've been watching it ends in 5, then I play the video for another second so it won't end in 5 when I pause it. If I get really bad intrusive thoughts I've found that lying under my weighted blanket really helps to calm me down. Grinding in Fire Emblem or Persona also helps me with this because of the repetition.
  4. - Dmitri's "twinge of darkness" is that he's traumatized in one way or another and struggles to cope with it. My guess is that either his family died in a violent way and he witnessed it, or he's being abused by his parents. - If S-Supporting comes back, the same-sex option(s) will be limited to just Byleth/a same gendered partner, similarly to Fates. This would be really disappointing to me, though :/ - Claude's real reason for being at the academy is to gain intel on the other lords that the Leicester Alliance can use to its advantage. - Your supports with Lorenz will be centered around trying to help him get a girlfriend. If you're playing as F!Byleth, the S-Support will basically be a rehash of the Gregor/Cordelia S-Support. - Hubert is not going to be evil. - There will be some stuffy teacher character who doesn't like Byleth, probably because they think that Byleth was only hired due to Jeralt's importance. You'll have to prove your worth to the teacher, and by the end of the game they'll have opened up to you and will vouch for you.
  5. Hi, I'm babyseal, it's nice to meet everyone! I've been playing FE on and off since around 2014. So far I've only played Awakening (which I like, a lot) and Fates, but having heard only good things about the past entries in the series I've started FE4 and am trying to find a way to play the Tellius games. So I know can't really call myself a real fan of the series, having only played two entries, but I'm hoping to change that, and hoping to talk about it with some cool people ^^
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