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  1. Considering Annette can reach 90+ Hit Rates on most Enemies in Hunting by Daybreak, I don't think accuracy is a particularly big concern. Even if it was, Hit +20 or Uncanny Blow would be enough to solve any Hit issues.
  2. They did, but they just decided not to do anything about it. To quote: "Interviewer: The beginning of the story’s second part could vary pretty intensely difficulty-wise, depending on their playstyle and the route they chose. Yokota: Right. There was some discussion about that, and we concluded that some people would probably get stuck on a certain part, but since it’s Maddening mode there’s not much we could do about it. That’s how we came to how the game is currently balanced." Which, no matter how you slice it, is complete and utter BS. Especially considering how a small change like giving a Prep Screen for only Byleth and Dimtiri would fix a lot of those cases.
  3. Really, there's not much you can do. A lot of the strategies that make that map tolerable require preparations to be done in Chapter 12 and may even require entire of chapters of preparations before hand to work. That being said, there are a couple things you should know. First thing to know is that the enemy AI in the starting area attacks in two groups, split between the north and south. Specifically, if any enemy with a battalion is in range, every single enemy in that group will come after you. Additionally, if a enemy steps into the range of another enemy in a different group, it will also cause everyone in that different group to come after you. With that in mind, if you give Dimitri the +1 Movement Ring, he can reach the thicket next to southren Thief which will delay the northern group moving for a turn. That might ease the rate if the enemies you can take if you can defeat them fast enough. If you have a flying Byleth with Reposition, you can actually use it to shove Dimitri through the northern wall in the starting area and fight the northern group. Nice thing about this is that it only aggro's the northern group, as none of them walk into southren groups. As for actually surviving the waves of enemies, there's nothing that can be done except to pray that Dimtri dodges the hits coming his way. You can equip shields to try to lessen the damage that way, but that'll most likely backfire since it'll allow the Snipers to most likely double him. Other than that, that's pretty much all the advice I can provide. Don't feel bad about being unprepared for this map, it's quite infamous for a reason. Even the Devs themselves admitted it was poorly designed.
  4. Whoa, back up there. I'm not claiming that dodgetanks are outclassed by Impregnable Wall, I'm just claiming that Impregnable Wall is a whole lot flexible and is worth bringing to every map. I wouldn't normally consider Quick Riposte either as well, but a dodgetank can obtain a lot more class exp than most other units pretty easily. Like I once warped Felix into a thicket near Randolph in Chapter 14 with the Knowledge Gem and he was only 10 battles off from mastering War Master by the time I was done with the battle in 8 Turns. I will admit that for the AS boost to the early and midgame from Weight -3 makes it worth picking up for Ingird, but equipping it for the avoid it provides lategame is totally a meme. Thing is about Wyvern Ashe is that he still doesn't really have a niche. Anyone with a D in Bows could replicate alot of what he does with a bow while providing something else to the table. Even the other archer would be better, as a Wyvern Ignatz could provide Rallies on top of being extremely accurate with Axes, while someone like Cyril can use Point Blank Volley and Break Shot. Str -5 on a monster is also not that great considering you can just use the free Blessed Bow in Chapter 13 to simply break a barrier and avoid it's counter entirely.
  5. I was discussing Dodgetanks to Impregnable Wall in that comparison.The fact that any unit doesn't have to have Alert Stance or Brawl Avoid stacked with limited avoid boosters to be safety placed into multiple enemy ranges is a boon worth bringing to any map. Do you really switch Ingird to using Swords over Lances as a Falcon Knight? She doesn't even gain any substantial Avoid from it until A+ Swords, never mind the drop in her already poor Strength. You don't have to chose whether or not you want a Warmaster to bait or defeat an enemy. They can easily hit 100 Avoid just passively, which is more than enough for most enemies. Alertsance on Brawlers is only really ever necessary if you want to see a displayed 0 Hit on almost all enemies. Equipping Gautier over something like Leicester and Gonreil is the difference of 15 Crit. While that is admittedly a good amount, Crits still aren't going to be consistent without either some form of Wrath, so I don't think of it as a huge loss.
  6. +3 Avoid is realistically not going to matter by that point and wouldn't be worth the Skill Slot. Swords are terrible for Ingrid considering not only would she lack a faire skill and would contribute even more to her Strength Issues, she'd also lose 30 Avoid to Paladins and Falcon Knights thanks to Sword Breaker. Gaining +9 Avoid while losing as much -13 attack is simply not worth it. Quick Riposte and Crit +20 by themselves wouldn't be enough to match 8 move and Flight, no. But when combined with the fact that Brawl Dodgetanks don't require a flying Battalion, are capable of dodging without waiting on Player Phase, aren't subject to weapon breakers, can use Guard Adjutants, and can have better avoid than flying units, that's enough to put them over flying dodgetanks yes.
  7. The appeal of Impreganable Wall is that allows any unit to act like a dodgetank and bait enemies without massive amounts of investment.That alone makes worth bringing to every battle. Even if you discount that, being able to make any unit effectively immune to gambits and have enemies ignore them in favor of your dodgetanks provides a great amount of flexibility you otherwise wouldn't have. Adjuatant provide +10 Avoid at A Rank Support. That's what you're overlooking. Ingird will actually not have much more avoid than Felix with this setup. An Average level 40 FK Ingird will have 39 Speed, which would result in 120 Avoid when wielding Luin. An Average level 40 War Master Felix would have 34 Speed, giving him 114 Avoid without needing to even wait. Keep also in mind that with Sauna it's entirely possible to slap on regular Alert Stance on Felix and actually get more avoid on him than Ingrid. And that's not even the discussing the benefits of Crit +20 and Quick Riposte.
  8. They might not, but they have their advantages such as not being forced to wait on Player Phase to be useful on Enemy Phase, able to use Guard Adjutants without using up Blessing, and not having to lose 30 Avoid to Weapon Breaker enemies. It's trade off to be sure though. TC has the DLC so I think it's fair to include it.
  9. Alert Stance isn't the only way to Dodgetank. Brawl Avoid +20 with other Avoid Boosters is enough to get 80 Avoid before even considering AS. Plus if you really wanted, you could just slap on regular Alert Stance for 95 Avoid since B Flying is easily obtainable with Sauna. That's as much Avoid as Ingrid is going to have without a single Speed Proc. Very few enemies have over 40 Charm. With 2 Tea Parties over the course of 10 Chapters, that's +20 Charm. Combine that with +7 from a B Rank Battalion and even a unit with mediocre Charm like Felix who only averages 18 Charm at level 40, that's -25 Hit on an enemy with 40 Charm. Charm is just a non issue by the time it becomes important.
  10. Even if you wanted to ignore the substantial amount of difference in combat and the fact that could just a unit with Impregnable Wall could fulfill your needs of a dodgetank, it still does not make Ingrid a great dodgetank. High Speed isn't even necessary for some dodgetanks as you can easily get a Brawling unit to 95 avoid off of Grappler's Base Speed alone without even needing to wait on Player Phase. And can I just say having high Charm isn't much of a boon? Any unit can get +2 Charm a month just through tea parties. Considering you can easily have 7 Activity points by Chapter 6, Charm isn't a particularly demanding stat to have. Resistance also doesn't matter that much since you should be looking to avoid hits, not take them. Even then, she's also still regularly 2-3 hit KO'd by mages, which around what most physical units when you account for Blessing. Claiming that Ingird can be a decent dodgetank is acceptable, but claiming she is the best one in AM because of her Speed and supports? That's just overlooking how ineffective her combat is as well not considering how much better the other options are.
  11. Being on the ground is pretty advantageous for Dedue. Not only does it give him access to Guard Adjutants so he can get to 1 HP pretty easily, losing Avoid from battalions also means enemies are more consistent in hitting him. You'd be surprised about how shaky enemy hit rates are for even some one as slow as Dedue. Plus, it frees up a flying battalion for other units to use, which are pretty lacking in AM. I also think you're downplaying just how much of an advantage B. Wrath really is. Like compare a Lategame Ingrid's Performance to a Wyvern with Battalion Wrath. It's difference between one rounding 1-2 enemies on Enemy Phase and wiping out entire sections of enemies. Ingrid may have her slight advantages such as a lead in Flight Exp and Resistance, but that difference in combat cannot be understated.
  12. Some units wouldn't mind using a Battalion like that though.Take Dedue for Instance. Petra's real claim over Ingird over is the fact the she gets Battalion Wrath. That small detail alone makes a huge difference in their late game performance that any advantage Ingird may have before then doesn't really measure up.
  13. Ingrid is typically the best choice in Blue Lions due to giving +3 Atk with both Felix and Sylvain during Link Attacks at A a Rank, has a 3 range spell with Thoron to be range for them, as well as having a Riding Boon for acquiring +1 Mov faster. She's also generally mediocre as a unit due to easily be outclassed by potential recruits, particularly Petra. I'd also recommend not investing in a Dancer for combat. They can deal some damage with the proper setups, but they're going to struggle to one round tougher enemies comparative to most units when properly invested in. And while people may say that Ingrid has a good niche as mage killer, any unit can have a good performance against mages in this route with Sacred Shield. That's a Gambit that makes three units immune to all ranged attacks for a turn, so when combined with Retribution they can easily be taken by most units with no issue.
  14. You could just break the Titanus shields from something like a curved shot from a Blessed Bow and just follow up with other attacks like Monster Piecer, Sublime Heaven, or just attack with the weapon they're weak to. Even if they look threatening at a glance, breaking a monster's shield is never a big issue with how easy they are to trivialize.
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