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  1. The Strategy Here's a video from the person who made the strat, but be warned it is very laggy: https://youtu.be/F_ywAp-q4Cw
  2. You can get her to C+ rank, which lowers the requirement down to D+ Lances. Normally the game doesn't show + ranks, but you can check it with either by Sharing Meals or Choir.
  3. Screams in rage over Byrce dropping a Speedwing rather than his Lance
  4. You should really consider using more Battalions with support Gambits, such as Kingdom Archers or Kingdom Armored Company. The Archers come with Retribution (Makes 6 units able counter attack on Enemy Phase regardless of distance for five turns) and the Armor Knights come with Impregnable Wall (Reduces all damage taken and given to 1 to three units for one turn), both which can really help clear the area and allow your weaker units to move up. But the biggest help on that map would undoubtably be the Sacred Shield Gambit on Kingdom Heavy Soldiers. That Gambit's description claims it only nullifies attacks made from ranged physical weapons for three units for one turn, but it actually also works with Magic. It even goes so far to null the attacks from Edelgard's final form at range. So when combined with retribution, a unit can easily destroy any mage that would try to attack from a distance. A tip for the Dark Knight Reinforcements is it that while the siege mages are unblockable, you can prevent the Dark Knights from showing up by blocking the tile they show up on.
  5. - Uncommon class picks like Mage Ingrid will have a very difficult time in the beginning. But they can become decent enough by the time they promote at level 20 due to class bases. Giving them good battalions and Blow Skills will also really help them out. - Most maps will have Allied units are autoleveled like enemies on the map. They're some exceptions though, like Felix's Dad on his Paralogue. - The Exp cut on Maddening isn't too bad with the Statue Bonuses, but it's still not recommended to field more than the deployment limit allows for. - Seige weapons can be pretty threating on Maddening since not only do they hit a lot harder, certain skills such as Poison Strike on Archers also apply. They're still tolerable thanks to gambits, however, as some such as Impreganable Wall or Sacred Shield can really nullify the threat of them. - Paralogues still give a substantial amount of Exp due to enemies being higher leveled than normal chapters.
  6. Fortress Knights can take a beating with the right set up. They have a class base of 27 Defense, so when combined with a +8 Defense from a good defensive battalion and a Silver Shield for an additional 4, that can lead them to having nearly 40 Defense without a single level up. That's enough to take 0 damage from enemies in Chapter 13. Issue with the class is that all they're good for is taking damage, and even then they're not great for that. Magic absolutely shreds them, Poison Strike from Archers still applies even if they take no damage from them, and Gambits really soften them up for other enemies to finish them off. Not to mention any unit is capable of taking hits with the Impregenable Wall Gambit.
  7. I already shown how a base Wyvern Lord can reach 42 Speed. Even with the 14 weight Brave Axe, factoring in Death Blow and Weight -3 they'd have 37 AS without any Speed Procs or Bull Heads. Offensively, they'd need Attack 62 Attack for Seteth and 60 for Dimtiri. The Class base Strength for Wyvern Lord is 22. With: Brave Axe (35) Axefaire (40) Deathblow (46) Empire Elite Wyvern Company (54) Rally Strength (58) They'd be only 4 Strength off, which they could get either level ups, Strength +2, or + Attack Supports. And keep in mind that this is assuming no growths. In an actual Playthrough they won't even need everything listed on here. If Heavy Draw is enough to defeat flier in one shot, so can Point Blank Volley. Like the Pegasus Knights in Chapter 13 require 72 Attack to Ohko, but when a Forged Silver Bow alone can deal 39 Damage , it's an easy benchmark to reach. And while it admittedly it take more investment to reach, it can help against hard to kill enemies such as Assassins or Swordmasters. And why are worrying about Rng Screwage when Leonie has some of the better bases among the recruits? Also, anytime you want point out enemy stats, here's a useful link for that: https://imgur.com/a/dSnk6C9
  8. -It's not my view of efficiency, it's just how that's traditionally viewed around these parts. -The Speed base of Wyvern Lord 24. Add to that: Darting Blow (+6) Rally Speed (+4) Speed Ring (+2) Speed +2 (+2) Special Dance (+4) That's 42 Speed right there before even including any Speed Procs or even Bullheads. Really any unit can have an easy time one rounding late game bosses as long as they got a Brave Weapon and the skills to go along with it. - How is Heavy Draw better than an combat art that's pretty much trivializes almost every flier in the route? Felix also starts with only E+ Bows no matter when you recruit him compared to Leonie Autoleveling the skill. Him having more support partners isn't really relevant when they only give +2 Attack before the timeskip and they may not be deployed at all. A 15% difference in Strength is not enough to have that much of gap between the two and will not result in Leonie being RNG screwed. She starts with 16 Strength when recruited by Ch 6 with 20 Speed as a Pegasus Knight. There's no way a three tier gap that big exists between the two units. -It's quite realistic for Petra to obtain Alert Stance + before even the timeskip. Here's the math behind it. You also really underestimate her durability since she take 2-3 hits before going down with Blessing, never mind how the enemies have to get over her over 100 Avoid. While Gambits are admittedly an issue, they're relatively uncommon on enemies especially after the timeskip. Ranged attacks is also easily handled just by slapping on Retribution onto her. Thing is, where would a line be drawn between trivializing the difficulty and just it being useful? Take Ferdinand for instance. You commented how far away A Rank Lances is, but using the setup you described would have him gaining +32 Lance Exp a turn. That would mean the difference between him reaching Swift Strikes and Lysithea hitting Warp is no longer then a minute or so in real time. It doesn't break the game id say, but it's a clear advantage one without grinding wouldn't have. Should that kinda of thing be allowed?
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