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  1. If you really want to get silly, you could also combine it with some form of Wrath and watch as they solo sections of entire maps even on Maddening.
  2. No I do mean Great Knight making Edelgard being a better mixed attacker than War Monk. Using Lighting Axe with a Silver Axe + already out damages Hades by at least 6 might plus Axefaire. Put it this way: a Great Knight Edelgard is capable of oneshoting Fortress Knights with a Hammer without even the need for Fiendish Blow. Add on the capability of chipping from three range with the Bolt Axe + and being able to better support Raging Storm due to Canto and Axefaire, it is a much better mixed attack class. War Monk actively hampers using both offensive and supportive magic. Just because the class has a feature of being able to use magic does not mean it should be the metric of what units are judged by. The class should instead be judged by the usual metrics of how capable it is of one rounding, how much investment it takes to get there, and what kind of support it can provide, etc. War Cleric cannot one round any enemies bar fortress Knights through casting spells. But it can give female units a niche in allowing them access to a Fistfaire class. Enabling a unit like Leonie the capability of being able to attack four times in a row in a way that's not constrained by Wootz Steel makes it already very good. Adding on Brawl Avoid +20 and making her able to to extend the durability of her battalions as well a participate on Enemy Phase with very little risk makes it exceptional. The point of this thread is to ask what is the ideal performance of a class. How well a unit can cast magic should not factor into that if the class cannot enable anything with it.
  3. I'd really disagree with the idea of Edelgard being a good mixed attacker as a War Monk. War Monk offers no good base Magic, no Tomefaire or Mag class modifier, and only allows one cast of Luna and Hades. While Aura Knuckles can be used to one round Armor Knights, any base War Monk would be able to one round even endgame Fortress Knights with them. I'd argue Great Knight Edelgard would be a better mixed attacker than War Monk. Even then other lords would be far better off as a War Cleric than Edelgard. Brawl Avoid +20 by itself is pretty good, but when combined with Battalion Wrath and Dimitri's Personal or Cluade's Fallen Star, it can lead to some really good results. But they have no reason to actually stay in War Monk compared to War Master, so I wouldn't say they are the best of the class. Instead, I'd suggest Leonie as best War Cleric. Battalion Desperation is a skill that is not mention often, but it works very well here. Combining that ability to be able to quad with a high speed growth allows Leonie to have pseudo brave art that doesn't require getting A Rank in a weapons skill while also drastically lowers the amount Strength she need to one round. It also makes her quite the apt dodgetank with Brawl Avoid +20 and her high Speed Growth. So while War Monk may be a mixed class, I'd argue the best use of it is to not even make use of magic and just focus entirely on physical side of things.
  4. Link attacks don't get applied on enemy phase. While they will work for adjutants, having a enemy be in range of a unit on Enemy Phase does nothing.
  5. Eh, those guys are pretty bulky. 23 Defense ain't nothing. Giant Birds in random monster Aux Battles would be your best bet. I don't know how well they scale, but considering this example I'd say it's less the than the might difference of fighting non monster enemies.
  6. Thing is that there's quite a few things that can't be killed on EP. Enemy Monsters, Fortress Knights, Siege Equipment, and Gambits are all rather concerning for any Vantage setup. The only thing a dodgetank has to worry about are enemy Gambits making them a lot more flexible. Vantage setups can be used to great effect, but they're more limited compared to dodgetanks.
  7. Nope. They just cease to exist by the time Part 2 rolls around if you don't do them.
  8. Derp. Should've read it more thoroughly. Still, there's nothing to say to you can't combine Wrath and Dodgetanking. Battalion Wrath works quite well, but even Defiant Crit works. For Example.
  9. The point of the comparison was that there was not a significant Avoid Difference between Wyvern Lord and Falcon Knight. As such, Ingrid would be better valued as Wyvern Lord rather than Falcon Knight due to the significant Strength difference between the two. I'm confused by the second point. Why would more Crit be unnecessary? Wrath by itself is not enough to achieve consistent Crit rates of 90-100%. Killer Weaponsare massive reliability boosters that dodgetanks really shouldn't go without even if they are rather heavy.
  10. I just wanted to show how overkill Vengeance is, so that's why I went with Expected Stats rather than Capped Stats. I'm pretty sure Dedue can't even hit his HP Cap even with heavy Gardening abuse since Fruits of Life only give 1 HP a pop. Only way to get him to that would be to grind on Normal Mode or use the Dancer EXP Exploit. Fair point on the Monster Weakness though. King of Beast Steak would be better than Sacred Beast Roast since the former gives +3 HP while the latter gives +1 HP and +1 Strength instead. It's about a 4 damage difference. I don't think trying to maximize damage before the timeskip wouldn't work. Not only would you be missing out A Rank Dimtri Support and King of Lions Battalion, you'd also miss out on a 4th week of cooking since there's no 5 week month in Part 1. It'd really depend on how much tougher Monsters in Part 2 Aux Battles are compared to Part 1 Quest enemies. I don't have hard stats on that, but I'd be willing to bet that they're not that bulkier to the extent it'd overcome the might difference.
  11. Vengeance on Dedue would be your best bet. There's a reason why a base Cyril can one shot Nemesis. A level 40 Great Knight Dedue coming from Fighter -> Brigand ->Warrior -> War Master would average around ~70 HP and 36 Strength. That by itself would be 108 attack. Now lets tack on every Strength Booster in the game. 113 Lancefaire 118 S+ Lancefaire 120 Strength +2 128 Defiant Strength 134 Deathblow 139 HP +5 148 King of Beasts Meal x3 170 Lance of Ruin 173 Sacred Power 176 Charm 179 A Rank Dimtri Link Attack 183 Rally Strength 193 King of Lions Battalion 196 Advocate 201 Seraph Robe He wouldn't need that Seraph Robe and a couple of other things if you used the Spear Assval on a cavalry unit, as that'd be difference of 39 Might vs the Lance of Ruin's 22. He could also benefit from the Blaiddyd Crest Stone like Dimtri on NG+, so he could reach reach that 200 attack benchmark that way without needing anything that's listed on here. If you added that plus a crit, he'd break the displayed damage cap of 999 damage.
  12. There really isn't a significant Speed Difference between Falcon Knight and Wyvern Lord. +1 Speed and 10% Speed Growth aren't really enough to be that significant, espically when it comes to dodgetanking. Compare a Falcon Knight Ingird's performance to a Wyvern Lord Ingird. That extra Strength from Wyvern really helps Ingird compared to the simple Speed boost from Falcon Knight. But the real reason why people value Wyvern so highly is that they typically combine it with a good personal Combat Art to make use of it's high Strength and flight. Combat arts like Swift Strikes are enough to one round enemies without a class faire thanks to Wyvern's Strength Mod. A paladin using Swift Strikes would deal only 4 damage more than a Wyvern Lord even considering Lancefaire, so it's worthwhile trade to increase mobility of unit. Add to that having some of the best class bases in the game and being able to access Defiant Crit, it can lead to some pretty dumb things.
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