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  1. +3 Avoid is realistically not going to matter by that point and wouldn't be worth the Skill Slot. Swords are terrible for Ingrid considering not only would she lack a faire skill and would contribute even more to her Strength Issues, she'd also lose 30 Avoid to Paladins and Falcon Knights thanks to Sword Breaker. Gaining +9 Avoid while losing as much -13 attack is simply not worth it. Quick Riposte and Crit +20 by themselves wouldn't be enough to match 8 move and Flight, no. But when combined with the fact that Brawl Dodgetanks don't require a flying Battalion, are capable of dodging without waiting on Player Phase, aren't subject to weapon breakers, can use Guard Adjutants, and can have better avoid than flying units, that's enough to put them over flying dodgetanks yes.
  2. The appeal of Impreganable Wall is that allows any unit to act like a dodgetank and bait enemies without massive amounts of investment.That alone makes worth bringing to every battle. Even if you discount that, being able to make any unit effectively immune to gambits and have enemies ignore them in favor of your dodgetanks provides a great amount of flexibility you otherwise wouldn't have. Adjuatant provide +10 Avoid at A Rank Support. That's what you're overlooking. Ingird will actually not have much more avoid than Felix with this setup. An Average level 40 FK Ingird will have 39 Speed, which would result in 120 Avoid when wielding Luin. An Average level 40 War Master Felix would have 34 Speed, giving him 114 Avoid without needing to even wait. Keep also in mind that with Sauna it's entirely possible to slap on regular Alert Stance on Felix and actually get more avoid on him than Ingrid. And that's not even the discussing the benefits of Crit +20 and Quick Riposte.
  3. They might not, but they have their advantages such as not being forced to wait on Player Phase to be useful on Enemy Phase, able to use Guard Adjutants without using up Blessing, and not having to lose 30 Avoid to Weapon Breaker enemies. It's trade off to be sure though. TC has the DLC so I think it's fair to include it.
  4. Alert Stance isn't the only way to Dodgetank. Brawl Avoid +20 with other Avoid Boosters is enough to get 80 Avoid before even considering AS. Plus if you really wanted, you could just slap on regular Alert Stance for 95 Avoid since B Flying is easily obtainable with Sauna. That's as much Avoid as Ingrid is going to have without a single Speed Proc. Very few enemies have over 40 Charm. With 2 Tea Parties over the course of 10 Chapters, that's +20 Charm. Combine that with +7 from a B Rank Battalion and even a unit with mediocre Charm like Felix who only averages 18 Charm at level 40, that's -25 Hit on an enemy with 40 Charm. Charm is just a non issue by the time it becomes important.
  5. Even if you wanted to ignore the substantial amount of difference in combat and the fact that could just a unit with Impregnable Wall could fulfill your needs of a dodgetank, it still does not make Ingrid a great dodgetank. High Speed isn't even necessary for some dodgetanks as you can easily get a Brawling unit to 95 avoid off of Grappler's Base Speed alone without even needing to wait on Player Phase. And can I just say having high Charm isn't much of a boon? Any unit can get +2 Charm a month just through tea parties. Considering you can easily have 7 Activity points by Chapter 6, Charm isn't a particularly demanding stat to have. Resistance also doesn't matter that much since you should be looking to avoid hits, not take them. Even then, she's also still regularly 2-3 hit KO'd by mages, which around what most physical units when you account for Blessing. Claiming that Ingird can be a decent dodgetank is acceptable, but claiming she is the best one in AM because of her Speed and supports? That's just overlooking how ineffective her combat is as well not considering how much better the other options are.
  6. Being on the ground is pretty advantageous for Dedue. Not only does it give him access to Guard Adjutants so he can get to 1 HP pretty easily, losing Avoid from battalions also means enemies are more consistent in hitting him. You'd be surprised about how shaky enemy hit rates are for even some one as slow as Dedue. Plus, it frees up a flying battalion for other units to use, which are pretty lacking in AM. I also think you're downplaying just how much of an advantage B. Wrath really is. Like compare a Lategame Ingrid's Performance to a Wyvern with Battalion Wrath. It's difference between one rounding 1-2 enemies on Enemy Phase and wiping out entire sections of enemies. Ingrid may have her slight advantages such as a lead in Flight Exp and Resistance, but that difference in combat cannot be understated.
  7. Some units wouldn't mind using a Battalion like that though.Take Dedue for Instance. Petra's real claim over Ingird over is the fact the she gets Battalion Wrath. That small detail alone makes a huge difference in their late game performance that any advantage Ingird may have before then doesn't really measure up.
  8. Ingrid is typically the best choice in Blue Lions due to giving +3 Atk with both Felix and Sylvain during Link Attacks at A a Rank, has a 3 range spell with Thoron to be range for them, as well as having a Riding Boon for acquiring +1 Mov faster. She's also generally mediocre as a unit due to easily be outclassed by potential recruits, particularly Petra. I'd also recommend not investing in a Dancer for combat. They can deal some damage with the proper setups, but they're going to struggle to one round tougher enemies comparative to most units when properly invested in. And while people may say that Ingrid has a good niche as mage killer, any unit can have a good performance against mages in this route with Sacred Shield. That's a Gambit that makes three units immune to all ranged attacks for a turn, so when combined with Retribution they can easily be taken by most units with no issue.
  9. You could just break the Titanus shields from something like a curved shot from a Blessed Bow and just follow up with other attacks like Monster Piecer, Sublime Heaven, or just attack with the weapon they're weak to. Even if they look threatening at a glance, breaking a monster's shield is never a big issue with how easy they are to trivialize.
  10. I don't see what this build is supposed to excel at. Units being able to double enemies isn't very noteworthy if they aren't capable of one rounding. Like just look at how an average Manuela preforms against the regular enemies in Endgame like in your example . She doesn't even one round the Fortress Knights with the Levin Sword, let alone any of the other enemies or the elites. She also lacks the Crit Rate or Avoid to make up for her lack of offensive prowess and can't do anything with Vantage consistently. Alertstance wouldn't even really do anything for her since enemies would opt to just ignore her due to Stealth. And I would claim that this isn't a low investment build. Mastering two Intermediary classes is already quite the good amount of investment, but doing so when she only has 5 levels left until she hits level 20? That's going to require either grinding or for her to miss out on swordfaire for quite a while. A good example of a low investment unit would be something like this instead. They were severely under leveled, yet only needed 1 Intermediary Class Mastery to be capable of clearing out an entire section of a map by themselves. Manuela is just a unit who suffers from low bases without any easy recourse for fixing her stats and has no offensive niche even after investing in her. Getting her to double enemies won't change that.
  11. I've finished my first playthrough within 40 Hours on CF. Granted, I never played any Animations, Aux Battles, and gave up doing anything regarding the Monetary by the timeskip. I also skipped a lot of maps by warp skipping straight to the boss Now an average run takes me about 25 hours, but that's with all the above plus skipping all story segements.
  12. The point wasn't that Hanneman could double while others couldn't, it was about how Mage's struggle to double Fortress Knights using 3 range spells in general. Like even with Weight -3, Dorothea still can't double Fortress Knights with Thoron when equipped with Thryus without eating a Bullhead.
  13. Because mages using their 3 range level spells are slow enough to the point where they have difficulties doubling Fortress Knights. Weight -3 might mitigate these issues, but that's a substantial amount of investment considering most have an armor bane.
  14. He doesn't have to use the Speed Ring most of the time as long as Cooking is in play. He also doesn't need a Magic Staff considering he already one rounds most Armored Enemies. Most mages have difficulty even doubling Fortress Knights when they're not using their most basic spell. Having Low Speed doesn't really affect a Mage's performance in a meaningful way.
  15. Bullheads exist, as does the Speed Ring. Those alone would ensure he'd be able to double almost every Fortress Knight without having to rely heavily on his Speed Growth or Stat boosters.
  16. People here are really overstating Hanneman's Speed Issues, particularly against Armored Enemies. Here's the actual numbers behind that point. While Hanneman may not be a great unit, people are really overestimating Enemy Fortress Knights if they think he can't double them.
  17. How is Victor Private Militia bad? +6 Attack and +15 Hit are really great bonuses, espically since it's only C Ranked. That makes it ideal for units with an Authority Bane like Felix. Add on to the fact the Ignatz only requires Authority to get makes it a very obtainable. I'd argue it's one of the best Paralogue battalions due to availablity.
  18. Caspar can actually deal decent damage to the Deathknight at base level when recurited at Chapter 12. Lance of Ruin would be too inaccurate to really be of use and wouldn't one shot anyways barring a unreliable Crit. Luin would be better, but it's really not worth rasing him to C Lances.
  19. Even that I wouldn't approve of. When it eventually only takes 25 battles to learn some of the best abilties in the game (Death Blow, Darting Blow, Hit +20), it really diminishes class management and makes it so that units never even have to fight in a class to master it. Plus it really skews a unit's skill exp. Even if a unit fought only 5 rounds of combat in a intermediate class, that's often more Skill Exp than they get from instructing. Add on the Knowledge Gem, and it's the main reason why some think S+ Skills are achievable when they're otherwise not very feasible for people who don't use Aux Battles or Sauna.
  20. I'm curious, would you consider something like this to be a case of grinding? The player managed to master two classes in a single Aux Battle that would be difficult to master in regular battles, but they didn't resort to using broken weapons. I'm of the opinion that is grinding and would advocate for complete ban on Aux and Quest battles barring the merchant quest. But I imagine a lot of people wouldn't share the same stance.
  21. Before this starts, I really think that Monastery Usage should really be more clarified. How much Aux Battles should be allowed, for example? Would Paralogues or Quest Battles be treated any differently? Should Fishing for Bullheads be accepted? What about for Professor Exp? Rigging for Promotions? Stat Boosters obtained through Gardening? And what of the DLC? I think that these questions should be answered from the onset, since those things can really effect how a unit can perform. Like participating in Aux Battles could mean the difference of learning Death Blow from 3-5 chapters to 1-2 chapters and can lead to really differing preceptives.
  22. What classes you make units matters a lot more than what units you use. Even though Caspar is one of the weaker units in the game, he can still consistently one round enemies as a Grapler with Firece Iron Fist even at base strength. A better challenge I'd argue would be to use classes that units aren't usually put into or even unfit for them, such as Great Knight Bernadetta or Warlock Petra.
  23. Main reason why you don't hear good things about it are it's Skill Rank Requirements and Speed Penalty. But NG+ eases upon the requirements and Maddening makes the Speed Penalty not matter much. If you're playing on Hard, than it really doesn't matter what you do, al pretty much all your units will be one rounding if built properly. Just be aware that even on Maddening, It can't beat the power of Favoritism.
  24. I'd argue Great Knight would be a good choice as a endgame class if you're playing NG +. That may seem contradictory if you want a magic class, but it's true. Lighting Axe with something as basic as a Silver Axe + already outdamages Hades without even accounting for the 30% Res Scaling, while the Bolt Axe + provides good 3 range without having to use a +Range Magic staff. Sure, it doesn't have Flight, but that actually leads into it's second advantage, Ground based Battalions. With Dark Flier, you're effectively locked to one battalion, Nuvelle Filers, which doesn't give the best Hit or Protection in the world. With something like Superme Armored Corp on the other hand Edelgard can dish out damage and take it. It also makes it much easier for Hubert to Adjutant her if you're not using him. While the -4 Speed Penalty might be a turn off, it really doesn't matter on Maddening Mode. Enemies are going to be too fast to double even with Darting Blow unless you saddle them with a lot of speed carrots and cooked bullheads. Even then, it's not likely she'll be able to one round without a bunch of premium magic herbs. One shoting is always the way to go with mages. If I had to recommend a class path, it'd be: Monk -> Armor Knight (for 12 base Defense) -> Mage -> Warlock (for 17 Base Magic) -> Valkyrie -> Great Knight. Axe Prowess, Uncanny Blow, Fiendish Blow, Magic +2 are the skills I'd recommend.
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