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  1. Maddening reduces Weekly Training exp by 8. So instead gaining 24/28/32 Skill exp depending on boons and banes, they'll be will be gaining 16/20/24 exp instead. Sauna and statue bonus are also not applied weekly goals, only instruction.
  2. Can confirm this is the case. Here's a Magic Weapon in use. Here's a Magic Combat Art in use.
  3. My thoughts over some units: - Byleth is much better off going Brigand -> Pegasus Knight -> Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord. Swordmaster just doesn't offer that much to be really considered over classes. You should also get them to C Armor to allow other students to get it faster and also allow them have a chance to pass the Fortress Knight Certification for a base 19 Defense as a Wyvern Rider. - Hilda would be fine being raised to C Authority for Alliance Wyvern Company rather than Galatea. While it may be slightly inferior stat wise, Impregnable Wall is a really good Gambit that really be useful to have on hand and would free up Hilda to learn things like C armor quicker. - Raphael would be much more useful as a Grappler using Fierce Iron Fist than a Fortress Knight. While Fortress Knight can take hits, the lack of Movement, Offense, and the presence of tools such as Impregnable Wall really make the class not as useful. - Marianne should focus only really on Riding. Dancer are going to be dancing every chance they get, so anything else isn't really useful. She's also a very good choice for Chapter 13, considering that when combined with Warp you can beat the map in five turns with minimal combat and a base Claude. - Ingird wants to be recruited a lot sooner than Chapter 10 considering that she doesn't autolevel flight and A+ Flying takes a while to get. Petra would also be the better recruitable candidate for Dodgetanking with Alert Stance + due having higher crit rates with Battalion Wrath. In general: - I'd recommend focusing on using recruitable units over starting House units. The stats they come with typically greatly overshadow starting house units, especially when recruited by Chapter 6. Here's exactly what they're stats would look like. - Authority Prowess isn't worth getting units since Gambits don't do that much of damage due to not benefiting from- faire skills, Deathblow, or Battalion benefits. They're more useful for weakening enemies and holding them in position rather than outright dealing damage. - Don't be concerned with stealing, as there's very little actually worth stealing. About the only real notable things are the Evade / Accuracy Ring in Chapter 7 and some of the weakness nullifying shields, but a Chapter 6 recruited Ingird/Petra can easily steal almost all of those things at base considering that stat boosts such as Rally Speed count toward stealing. - Only Lord gives extra Authority skill, not mercenary, and that class is locked to the lords.
  4. You can instruct in him Faith, but there may be other skills vying for attention, such as Reason or Authority, never mind how you're only limited by 5 Students at best at that stage of the game. If we assumed that he was tutored in Faith at every opportunity and that he got a prefect every other time, that'd add additional +30 for every week, +35 with the statue bonus. That'd result in a total of 786 Faith Exp, or about 1/3rd through B Rank and 540 Faith Exp off of A Rank. So even if you tutored Linhardt, Lysithea will still hit Warp at the same time as him, if not sooner.
  5. Getting A Rank in a skill is a lot more difficult then just to B Rank, as it's a 640 Skill Exp to go from B -> A. That's the same amount required to go from E+ -> B. Like, let's just see how much of faith advantage Linhardt over Lysithea by the time we recruit. Let's say we recurited Lysithea by Chapter 6. That'll give Linhardt 9 Weeks to study Faith, which is result in him gaining 226 Faith from weekly training on top of his 180 Base Faith. Assuming he healed 50 times as a mage, that'd total 606 Faith Exp, or C+ Rank. That's still 706 Faith Exp he has to get for A Rank. And keep in my mind he only gains +4 Faith Exp per heal as a Mage since he doesn't have Mastermind. Manuela is even worse shape as she only starts with C+ Faith in Chapter 8 and doesn't learn Physic. Lysithea can recurited even sooner than chapter 6 pretty easily since the flowers you can get from planting Yellow Seeds are her favorite. So it's rather easy to get B Rank with her and have her ask to join your class if you get lucky enough in Gardening. So Lysithea most certainly has the easiest time of learning Warp even when she needs to be recurited since the jump from E+ -> B is a lot less than D+ -> A and having Mastermind helps a lot.
  6. I mean if you really wanted to get Warp on Lysithea quickly, all you'd have to is put her on as a adjutant with heal equipped, since that'd add +7 Faith exp for every round of combat. Add Tutoring to that equation and there's no reason that Lysithea should be unable to get the 640 exp for B Faith in a timely fashion. Authority Banes are not going to sort themselves out. A unit with Authority Bane is only going to get +16 Authority from weekly training on Maddening and +1 Authority from every round of combat, so Caspar will need a substantial amount of tutoring in order to get B Authority. You also need consider that Bombard is. Most of the Black Eagles also don't get doubled by most enemies as long they're being fed Bullheads on a consistent basis. Like a Chapter 5 Thief will fail to double a base Bernadetta with a Mini Bow (7 Spd + 4 - 2), and she isn't exactly fast. Any capable of unit one rounding with class bases and masteries. The fact that Caspar has a tool to deal more damage should not raise his standing when other units who aren't even that great can deal just as much damage without it with no investment. Ingird is still in High tier, where I believe she does not belong. To begin with, Frozen Lance is locked to A Lances, making it something Ingrid's not going to have for a long while. Even if she does have it, she won't do that much damage seeing as how she never even breaks over 20 Magic at level 40. Not to mention, accuracy is also never that much of a particular problem with the myriad of ways you can account for it, even with bad terrain. Sword breaker alone would probably be enough to have a 100 Hit with Luin. Speaking of, while Luin is a decent weapon, it's not exclusive to Ingird. Burning Quake is Ok, but it's not going to overtake a unit that has a decent Strength Stat or a good Combat Art, such as Seteth or Bernadetta. Ingrid belongs more in mid tier than high due to low Strength and lacking notable Combat art. I was going to disagree about the importance of One Two Punch to Alois. But after looking at the numbers, it's pretty clear what you're saying is accurate, so i'll concede the point. Though the enemies do a lot more damage to him than you describe in your post.
  7. My thoughts: -Ingrid's stats when recruited aren't that great. When recruited in Chapter 6, this is what Ingrid's stats look like. 13 Base Strength is rather lackluster, especially when compared to other recruitable units such as Felix or Leonie who have Speed on par with her. Her combat arts aren't anything special as Hit and Run doesn't give enough avoid to consistently dodge attack and Frozen Lance hardly does any damage due to her low magic, never mind how it's locked to A Lances. About the only thing that's notable about her is the flight boon for an easier time for obtaining Alert Stance, but it takes too long to get considering that she doesn't autolevel flight. -Alois is likewise too high up one the list. While he requires no investment to be a good Grappler / Warmaster, he'll be lacking skills such as Deathblow or Strength +2, which makes a huge difference when wielding Gauntlets. One Two Punch is also not that great by the time he shows up since Grapplers are picking up Fierce Iron Fist, which is usually the better option between the two. Quick Riposte also takes quite a while to master and won't be in play for most of his deployments, so speed is a big issue for him. Stacking Crit on him is also not exclusive to him, as any unit with Battalion Wrath is capable of doing the same. -I'm not sure why Ferdinand and Sylvain are in Mid tier when they have easy access to both Swift Strikes, especially when the latter has an easy time promoting into Wyvern Rider due to his autoleveled Weapon Ranks. Ferdinand is also has the capability of acting as dedicated dodgetank with just the regular version of Alert Stance thanks to his personal, though is admittedly is a bit unreliable with it. - Shamir also belongs in High Tier as she arrives with a higher base Strength than pretty much any other unit by that point and Speed stops mattering for her the moment she hits Hunter's Volley. -On the other hand, Ignatz belongs more in Low tier. Break shot is useful early game when units are incapable of one rounding, but by the time he's easily recruitable that is no longer the case with many unit picking up Deathblow and being able to one round enemies. Against Monsters it is also unnecessary as they're easily taken out by units with Killer Knuckles, as the majority of monster have 0 Luck and are critted quite frequently as a result . Rally Speed is a good boon, but if Rallying is what's needed, Annette is substantially more better at that role. - Lysithea doesn't take that long to learn Warp, especially when considering Mastermind. Like with that skill, she gets +7 White Magic Exp for a simple heal spell. Do that 20 times, and that's 140 White Magic Exp right there. And she only needs 640 Skill exp to reach Warp. Combine that with her high Magic Growth and her autoleveled Magic as a recruit, she should be in High tier. - Caspar should most certainly go to bottom tier, especially on any of the Black Eagles route. With 6 Base Speed and 9 Base Strength means that he is going to be doubled by pretty much every earlygame enemy if carrying anything heavier than Training Gauntlets, which is rather bad since that's the only way he's dealing any decent damage. His problems are fixed with class bases and masteries, but to give some perspective of how middling his stats are, here's comparison between a Level 20 Average Grappler Caspar and Ch 6 Recruited Rapheal. Keep in mind that Grappler has a base Speed of 14 and a Class Mod of 3 Speed. Add to that his Authority Bane and he has a running for the worst student in the game. - Annette should be bumped up to Mid tier. While she isn't spectacular as a mage, her rallies can be be very useful all game long by making things such as one rounding with brave Weapons / Arts, or allowing a Warmaster to out speed a monster and attack them with 4 times with Killer Knuckles possible. - Hanneman should also be moved to Low tier. Warlock's Base 14 Speed alone ensures that the doubles most Armor Knights. Add to that Bullheads and a Speed ring for Great Knights, he'd have a use to there. -Cyril should move to Mid Tier. While his stats are admittedly not impressive at first glance, his combat arts and Wyvern Rider Class mods still allow him capable of doing of things not many other units can claim. He can, for example, one round the Chapter 14 Falco Knights at base, which is pretty useful considering how dangerous they are. Vengeance also allows him to oneshot several enemies with the Blessing Gambit, which can pretty useful.
  8. Beat Maddening on all 4 routes. It was kinda fun for the first two playthroughs (CF and AM), but the other two really burnt me out and kinda made me low key hate the game, or at least the Monestary Section of it. At least it gave me an example of how completely ludicrous a unit can get even in the hardest difficulty, so that's kinda cool I guess.
  9. I was not claiming that it's impossible to reach S+ on a unit nor was am I saying that you're playing the game wrong by doing so. I was just trying to see how you got Ignatz to that point since it really differs from my Personal Experience and numbers I provided didn't seem to accurately reflect your experience.
  10. Participating in that many Paralogues and Aux Battles is most certainly going to skew a unit's Skill Experience. If we assumed that Ignatz fought 4 battles in 25 Aux Battles as a Archer, that's 500 Bow Exp right there that's not even including the amount obtained from Paralogues. Having a boon in the skill does not increase the chance of obtaining perfects or greats, only the amount obtained from them. And while they're some weeks where Ignatz gets multiple prefects in a row, there's going to be some where he doesn't get any at all. Plus, what I described previously is assuming Ignatz is being tutored in Bows at every opportunity with +1 Bow Statue Bonus. That's not going to be case with the amount of Aux battles being done, let alone how he needs Axe Training for Death Blow, Authority training for better battalions, or how they're may be some other units in need of instruction.
  11. I'm curious, how often do you do Aux Battles? Or do you use the DLC Sauna at all? Because while I disagree with a great many things Shadow Mir says, this is one thing I find to be accurate. It takes 3500 Wexp for a unit to go from D -> S+. Even if you assumed that Ignatz was instructed and got a perfect every week (42 Wexp) and had it as one of his goals for weekly training (24 Wexp), that'd be 66 Bow Exp a week. By chapter 16, 33 weeks of training would have passed. That gives a total of 2278 Bow Exp, or about 242 away from S Rank. Now while you do gain Bow Exp from combat, it's only +3 Bow Exp plus whatever the class bonus they're in. So even if you assumed that Ignatz was a Sniper all game long and earned +6 Bow Exp every fight, it'd still take 221 battles to reach S+ rank. So in short, it is rather difficult for units to hit S+ without either a substantial amount of Aux battles, broken weapon Grinding, or Sauna usage.
  12. It's even better than that since class bases are don't include class mods. So a unit that has certifies as a Fortress Knight will have a guaranteed 19 Defense as a Wyvern Rider.
  13. At the beginning they're rather weak, since nobody really has the Strength to use them really effectively. Some combat arts like One Two punch or Bombard can help out, but most users won't be great with them intially. But as you proceed through the game and pick up skills like Deathblow, Strength +2, stronger Battalions, and Fist Faire, they start to really pack a punch. It's arguable worth even staying in Grappler over Warmaster for using Gauntlets because of their mastery combat art Fierce Iron Fist, which allows them to attack them 3 times in a row before an enemy counter.
  14. - Weight -3 is obtained reaching C Armor, not C+. That will only require 300 Skill Experience to reach, which even a unit a unit that doesn't have a boon in the skill can reach in as little as 6 weeks (20 Weekly Training + ~30 on average from Tutoring with the Indech Statue). Alert Stance + also requires too much investment to be really relevant on a unit without a boon in Flight, as getting a unit 1760 Flight exp is quite the tall order. - Wyvern Lord has a Base Speed of 24, and is capable of making even a slow units such as Caspar capable of doubling even on Maddening with enough buffs. With 4 Cook Bullheads, a Speed Ring, and Speed +2, a base Wyvern Lord could reach 32 Speed without even that much investment. Take a look at what the Doubling Benchmarks are like in chapter 16. That's enough speed for them to double every enemy except for the bosses. Weight -3 helps substantial with reaching doubling benchmarks as something like a basic Silver Axe weighs 10, so it can very beneficial for Wyvern units with speed. -While War Masters may not suffer AS loss because of Gauntlets, with Weight -3 they're capable of wielding heavy Shields such as the Silver or Aegis Shields without any AS loss. Warmaster and Wyverns also have the benefit of certifying as a Fortress Knight at around ~40% chance to pass with C Armor obtain a base Defense of 17 as another class. To give you some perspective, the Average Petra even when certified as a Wyvern won't reach that amount of defense until level 35. - Using Weight - skills to increase Avoid is not going to be anywhere consistent enough to avoid Enemy Snipers, even when including Battalions,Skills, and Adjutants. Those units you listed never even break over 20 Speed as a Fortress Knight. So at best, Ferdinand can reach around 60 Avoid, which is still going to leave quite the sizable hit rate against enemy snipers. And keep in mind that 1/4th of that avoid is Ferdinand's personal, which isn't going to be on all the time
  15. - Retribution would be a good Gambit to add on that list. It makes any unit to be able counter almost any enemy regardless of distance. So that Warmaster Felix of yours could punch out a enemy siege tome user from 10 tiles away. - I'd say give your boots to Leonie to better utilize Point Blank Volley as Bow Knight. Fliers are some of the most threating enemies on Maddening, so having a very mobile unit to take them out is pretty handy. - Gardening for statboosters uses a ludicrously over complicated formula, but it pretty much goes like this. The results are also decided the moment right when they're planted, so resetting after that point won't do anything. - Statue EXP Bonuses are additive. So you can only get +40% exp in total from the statues as the 10% exp multipliers replace the 5% ones. - Felix's Shield can be quite useful on him if you're willing get him Weight -3. Combine with the low weight of Gauntlets and his high Strength, he'd will often not lose any Speed at all even white the shield equipped. But since you recurited your Felix very late and can't really afford to train Heavy Armor, I'd recommend just to give to someone who is always doubled but can still take a few hits like
  16. Swordmaster really doesn't have much going for it compared to other classes. It's main claim to fame, Speed, is outclassed by Assassins and doesn't compare to their Mobilty, while it's Crit is outclassed by Warrior is outclassed by them learning Wrath. Astra is also a skill that's worth no consideration espically considering how fragile high Crit weapons are. Really, the only use I can see of it is of you wanted to depend on crits without relying on Wrath. But when a unit can achieve near 100% Crit rates and one shot most enemies, why wouldn't you?
  17. If it were on a good battalion such as Leicester Mercs or Duscar Heavy Soldiers, I think Absorption see much more use. As is, there's not much of a demand for battalion that gives decent amounts of Attack and Avoid, as they're a plenty of options that do that better. I don't think it's Hit Issues are that much of a problem though. Between the Accuracy Ring, Hit +20, Adjutants, and Long range Link Attacks, I never found Gambits missing to ever be a prevalent issue, even ones with low base Accuracy. Also A Rank Link Attacks increase Gambit Hit Rates by +20 Hit, not +10 Hit.
  18. I thought there was one in Claude's Paralogue, but after checking I realized I was confusing it with the Rapier. So that's the only Experience Gem you can get.
  19. Manuela's Paralogue is about the earliest you can get one. She can only be recurited after Chapter 7, so you should get it by Chapter 8 by the earliest.
  20. Magic Combat Arts do in fact target Magic Avoid. So it does ignore terrain bonuses. It's actually better than using actual spells since it uses the regular Hit Formula instead of the Magic one, which divides Dexerity and Luck by half and adds them together. It ends up just being typically lower than adding Dexterity by itself. Magic Weapons, however, do use the Magic Hit Formula.
  21. 17. So they'd have C+ in the skills that they autolevel in Maddening assuming they autoleveled like how other students do.
  22. Units that are recurited always meet the class requirement of whatever class they're in. It's why a unit like Dorothea gets D Faith when recurited as a monk but gets brought down to E Rank when recruited as a Mage. It's very doubtful that Caspar would even be able to master the beginner classes in a timely fashion, as the +1 class Exp statue bonus can't be unlocked until Chapter 5. To master those classes without it would require him to fight 60 rounds of combat and potentially delay learning Deathblow. Even if he we're able to learn those skills, keep in mind Alosis typically has as much +6 Strength and +4 Defense over a average Caspar (who doesn't even typically break the Wyvern Class base Stength), which evens out any +2 Skill he may have. There are 22 Training sessions before Chapter 11. To get Caspar to C Armor alone would require 15 weeks, nevermind how to get him to C Rank Authority would still require 13 weeks even after something like a 100 rounds of combat. You could argue for lecturing him on those skills, but keep in mind that there's only 5 tutoring slots until B Professor Ranking, which doesn't occur until around chapters 7 or 8. That's a quite an opportunity cost on Caspar but doesn't really apply Alosis since most units have the skills they need by the time he is recurited and Byleth would have 7 turtoring slots by that point. Alosis only feels mediocre if he isn't given the necessary investment. Unlocking Death Blow and promoting him to Wyvern Rider makes him better or at least on par to most other units. There's a reason why he was featured a great deal in the 0% Growths run.
  23. I think you're overestimating how much Flight Exp a unit needs to have in order to get into Wyvern Rider. D Rank flying alone is enough for Alosis to have a 40% chance of passing since he already has a A in Axes. If you had him study solely flight, (+24) instructed him, (+16 ~ +24) and had him participate in the flying Group Task (+4), he could easily hit D Flying in the month you recruited him. Alosis also has quite a substantial amount of Strength over the average Caspar. While Caspar may initially have Deathblow, with the Knowledge gem it only takes 25 rounds of combat to obtain Deathblow, so it will not be an advantage Caspar has for long. Plus Alosis gets enjoy other boons for free that Caspar would have to invest in, such as Weight -3 or having Fortress Knight Base Defense without even having to certify as one. There's really nothing that makes Capsar worth investing as starting house unit. His initial bases will make him struggle to have comparable stats to units that could simply be recruited. Add to that his bane in Authority and lack of notable Combat Arts, I see no reason in having him anywhere but C tier.
  24. -Byleth reaching Falco Knight doesn't require that much investment. She'd only need B in both Lances and Flying to have a 50% chance of certifying, so it's not too bad to get into. -There's never a particular need a Sword Users. Thunderbrand and the Rapier are some of the best swords in the game, yet are both E Ranked and can easily be easily used by other classes. -If you're concerned about Chapter 13, you should only really be concerned with Annette, Merecedes, and Ashe, as the rest appear too late to really help. But even those units are unnecessary if you're willing to certify Byleth as a as a Fortress Knight for a base 17 Defense. -Speaking of, Annette as a Wyvern Rider works rather well thanks to Lighting Axe Combat Art. Though I'd recommend dropping Rally Res as mages hurt too much to make that much of a difference and Rally Mov since it takes too much investment to get and doesn't stack with Stride. -Sylvain should really focus on lances even if you plan on him becoming a Wyvern Rider. Swift Strikes is an incredible combat art that should really be pritoize on getting, since doubling enemies like Assassins or Swordmasters is very valuable on Maddening. -Dimitri also benefits from going Archer instead of Lord since he can be prone to missing some of the dodgy enemies. Hit +20 can really help to alleviate those issues. He should also stay a Paladin since Great Lord doesent offer him anything of interest. -You really want a Sniper for Hunter's Volley. Guaranteed one rounding on some of the most dangerous enemies in the game is too much to give up, even when put aganist +3 Move and Canto. Shamir is the best choice for this. -I'd recommend ditching Hilda for Catherine instead. You can easily recurit her by Chapter 5, and those Swordmaster bases of her while joining at Level 9 allow her to Snowball pretty easily.
  25. Fun Fact: Impregnable Wall doesn't stop Lethality from activating. So you can have Anna quad a unit like an Armor Knight for 4 damage only to instantly defeat in a single blow.
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