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  1. Trying basing a unit around a unique combat art such as One Two Punch or Vengance. You might be surprised at what you can come up with it. For example
  2. 7 Weeks of instruction is nothing particularly significant in the grand scheme of things. Assuming if you recruited him during the beginning of Chapter 7, he could reach C rank Authority as soon as Chapter 9. And getting 13 Authority exp is a non factor since he can just gain that amount from combat. Chapter 6 Recruited Caspar also comes halfway to C+ Brawling so getting him things like Bombard or Healing focus is a non issue. This is also assuming that he isn't focusing solely on Authority during weekly training as that would mean he'd gain 24 Authority instead of 16. There's always enough time to feed units and do Paralogues at the end of month since there's typically a free day at the start of the month. TC also said no grinding, which I conclude to means that grinding for skill masteries is off the table. Regarding the early game, the exact opposite should occur. The easiest way to win the earlygame is to invest in 3-4 of units with decent base stats and largely ignore most other starting units outside of chip damage and Healing as to not spread out Experience and allow the better units to promote faster. Getting a unit like Edelgard to level 10 before Chapter 5 , for example, will allow her to take the Armor Knight Certification for 12 Base Defense as a Brigand. That will make her much harder for the enemies to take her down when combined with say an Iron Shield and Empire Knights Battalion, making the chapter much easier. The weaker members of the starting cast can then be put on as Adjutants to be brought up to speed rather than see use with their middling bases.
  3. I think a recruited Caspar's Authority Bane is being a overplayed a bit. There are plenty of good low ranked battalions for Caspar to use, even if they're not top tier ones. The faction Brawler battalions, for example, all give +4 Strength at E rank, so having a immediate low authority rank isn't all that bad. It's also not difficult at all to raise Caspar's Authority to C rank as well. With Byleth's Authority and the +1 Authority from the Cichol Statue, Caspar is often gaining ~25 Authority Exp from each lecture. Add on + 16 from weekly training and Caspar can reach C Rank Authority in as little as 7 weeks of training. By that rank, there's plenty of good battalion options avaible to him. From Victor Private Millita Battalion giving him for +6 Strength and +15 hit, to the Faction Knight Battalions giving him +5/+4 Strength and +4 Defense, to all of the Impregnable Wall battalions. While Authority is certainly useful, it's not the end all be all when discussing recurited units. As for Starting House Caspar, while most units don't start great at the beginning, most have at least some way to contribute. Some units can provide ranged damage through magic or bows, some can heal, and some even low tier units can provide things like Rally Strength or Tempest Lance. Caspar has nothing like that going for him in the beginning on top of some the worst bases in the game. The issue with starting Caspar is by the time he becomes useful, almost any male unit will be having the same performance as him. He often doesn't break the class base Strength of Grappler, Bombard is a nonfactor in the presence of Fierce Iron Fist, and it isn't difficult for any unit to reach Deathblow. Really, if TC banned promotion rigging entirely, even Hanneman would have a difficult time certifying as a Dark Knight. It takes 1220 Skill exp to go from D to A rank. If we assumed that Hanneman got 40 Skill exp from instructing and 24 from weekly training, it'd still take him almost 20 weeks of just uninterrupted Riding instruction to reach. If we recruited him in chapter 8, he wouldn't be able to promote to Dark Knight until Chapter 15! But putting that aside, I will concede that Hanneman is marginal better since he is easier to recruit and learns Ragnarock faster than Dorothea learns Agnea's Arrow by a substantial amount (A vs A +). I still maintain that their combat is largely similar, however.
  4. You only need C+ Riding to have ~50% chance of passing the Dark Knight Certification. That requires 480 Riding Exp. Having Riding as a weekly goal will grant her 16 Skill exp a week. With the Maculi Statue bonus, she'll gain 16 from tutoring sessions at minimum. We'll assume it averages out to 20 thanks to Greats and Prefects. This results in her gaining 36 Riding Exp every week, meaning she'll need about 14 weeks to reach C+ Riding. Assuming that she reaches level 20 during Chapter 8 and reaches level 30 by Chapter 14, this will give her the amount of time needed to reach C+ Riding. And while 50% may sound rather unlikely, keep in mind that is over the course of 5 chances. And there's no penalty at all as long as one isn't against resetting if she fails the Ceteification. ---------- I completely forgot that Jertiza gets Mastermind. Still, Mastermind is Additive, so he gets + 6 Class exp (2 natural gain + 2 Knowledge Gem +2 Mastermind) rather than multiplicative for +8, so it'll take him 34 battles to learn with the Knowledge Gem, or 50 without. So it looks like it could come into play more easily than I thought. Still, I think it better for him to go into a class like Wyvern to get more movement and ignore some of terrain that will really slow him down in the later maps of Crimson Flower.
  5. That still leaves questions about the Monastery. Cooked Bullheads benefit the entire Roster equally, but i'm not sure if people really want to spend an half an hour fishing on Fistful of Fish just because it becomes really tedious on repeat playthroughs. I'd also question how Paralogues would be handled as well, since the rewards and Exp in those battles tend to be pretty valuable, but they're not included in a unit's performance. As for Units: - Jertiza can use the Knowledge Gem to Master Death Knight in 50 battles. Issue with that is it would deprive him an accessory slot that he might have wanted to use to equip a shield or Accuracy Ring. -The thing about Shamir is that her Speed will never be enough to naturally double without some substantial amounts of investment and she'd wouldn't have to defense to see many rounds of combat in the enemy phase on Maddening. It's better to keep her in Sniper since she'd never have to worry about Speed and she could Master it before most units could even qualify in it. - I disagree that an Autoleveled Ingrid is particular special. Even if she's recurred as far as Chapter 9, she'll be at level 17 and have 38 HP / 16 Str / 22 Spd / 14 Def / 22 Res. The thing that makes it less impressive is that those are effectively Wyvern Bases, as the class has a base of 31 HP / 21 Str / 17 Spd / 14 Def. So really anyone speedy can replicate her performance as a unit, as a unit like Leonie matches her Speed base when you take away class bases. - B Supports become more and more easier to get it as the game goes on. With 10 Meals and 20 Gifts, you can raise any unit's support to B rank, or just 20 Gifts if they like a particular flower like Lorenz. - On the contrary with Caspar, the Black Eagles route is his worst performance. While on other routes you can simply recruit him later to avoid dealing with his initial Bases, he must see combat with terrible bases to improve. With how much better other units are statwise and without a unique niche to call his own, there's really nothing preventing from being bottom tier. - Physic doesn't really matter on units that aren't Bishops due to how low they heal for. Physic only has a might of 8 and and Magic only adds a point of healing for every three points of it. So even if Dorothea had 30 Magic, she'd only heal for 18 HP, which is not a particularly substantial amount late game. - The thing that offsets Ignatz's lack of autoleveling Authority is his recruitment requirement. B authority is not exactly a demanding skill on Byleth, so he can easily be recruited by Chapter 7 and have A Authority by the time the A rank battalions show up. -Wyvern Annette is a pretty decent unit as she's capable of oneshoting a great deal of enemies with Lighting Axe. even on Maddening, and is then capable of being able to canto out of danger. And while I may admit that Rally Speed may come a bit too late to be particular useful when not on Blue Lions route, Rally Strength can be useful in allowing something like Warmasters to deal that much more damage to monsters or allowing units to one round enemies with Brave Weapons or combat arts so they don't eat counter.
  6. Hanneman doesn't even need any Speed Carrots if you're willing to fish and cook bullhead meals for all of your units. His Speed also increases to the class base of 14 when he promotes to Warlock, so doubling armors should give him no issues by that point. Dorothea averages ~18 Magic by level 15. Combine that with Magic +2 from Monk, and she'll have the same magic as him by that point while Hanneman won't have the time to master monk. About the only difference is Hanneman learns Ragnarock a bit sooner in exchange for learning Meteor later. I never found Silence to be a particularly worthwhile. Most mages can be killed off rather easily with brave weapons of Combat Art. About the only ones who present any issue are Siege users, and by that point you can easily have a unit stacked on Avoid and Retribution to just simply take them out. Even if you don't have a unit with 100+ avoid, there's still several ways rendering them a non issue such as having them attack a unit with Wrath + Vantage, using the Sacred Shield Gambit, or just waiting out their uses with Impregnable Wall. Meteor does only have 2 uses in their hands, after all. Also, Marianne does not autolevel Reason when recruited, only Swords and Faith. So it can be difficult to get her into a offensive inclined class such as Gremory or Dark Knight.
  7. I think that these Links should really be included in the opening Posts: Recruited Units Stats Black Eagles Maddening Enemy Stats There should be extra criteria to clarify things, especially regarding Monastery Useage. How much Aux Battles should be allowed, for example? Should Fishing for Bullheads be accepted? What about for Professor Exp? Rigging for Promotions? And what of Stat Boosters and Gifts obtained through Gardening? I also think you should also just remove the recruitable units from the list and just put them all into one list. Would make it much more concise and easier to read. Anyways as for the actual list: -Byleth's description should really emphasize Faculty Training. That feature can allow them to quickly accumulate enough Skill Exp to pick up skills otherwise inconvenient to get such as Weight -3 or Healing Focus. -While Jertiza is worthy of his position, Distant Counter isn't that useful as it takes a 100 battles to obtain. On a no grind play through, that's so late it really doesn't come into play at all. Add to the fact that the Gambit Retribution does the same thing anyways and it really doesn't stand to be mentioned. -Sylvain's description can stand to mention how benefits from +3 Attack from his Ingrid and Felix support. -Leonie should probably get a mention of having Point Blank Volley, which is especially useful with how dangerous fliers are in Maddening - Shamir does not fall off at any point if she stays as a Sniper. Speed issues are a complete non issue for her thanks to Hunter's Volley. Adding on the Killer Bow, Bow Crit+10, a battalion with high amounts of Crit, and her High Dexterity and Luck means she can reach 80+ Crit Rates rather easily. -Ingird is not a Pegasus Knight by Chapter 5. Even when she becomes more autoleveled as one, she's not anything particularly special outside of her speed. Autolevling doesn't level Flight either, so it's going to put off learning Alert Stance + by a substantial amount. -Dorothea's early game is less that stellar due to Thoron being limited to 4 uses and having shaky accuracy for most of the early game. She's certainly not better than Hubert. -Speaking of which, Hubert most certainly needs more credit for learning Mire as soon C Reason and providing a +Attack Support with Edelgard. Frozen Lance as a Budding Talent is also useful for the early game. -Felix is not at all difficult to recruit considering that raising his Support to B lowers the Sword Requirement to D+. Unfortunately, he is also a terrible unit to recruit since he only trains Swords and Brawling, which makes him that much harder to reach good classes like Wyvern or Bow Knight. And that's not to mention his Authority Bane -Likewise, Lysithea only requires D+ Faith to be recruited at B Rank Support. Her learning Warp at B Faith also makes her instantly A Tier at least. Mastermind is also skill that should get mention for allowing her to obtain Fiendish Blow more easily and allowing to her reach S reason much sooner than most other mages. -Bernadetta is incredibly lack luster stat wise. The only things preventing her from being just outright bad is her Combat Arts and her Personal skill, and the later becomes much harder to activate due to her lack luster defenses. -Sylvain only requires D Reason to recurit as a male Byleth at B rank support, so he's not difficult to recruit at all. -Caspar is easily the worst unit in the route. 6 Base Speed with no impressive Attack or Combat Arts gives him no niche and leave him rather useless until Advanced class bases and Deathblow start to kick in. Authority Bane is also rather ouch. -Hanneman is pretty much interchangeable with Dorothea, with the only difference really being that she gets Rally Charm instead of Rally Magic and learns Meteor a bit quicker. -Ashe is a complete lack luster unit with nothing to really differentiate him with other units. Having a boon in axes doesn't really do anything with how easy it is to certify as a Wyvern. Easily bottom tier. -Ignatz has a boon in Authority, making him capable of using the really useful A rank Battalions sooner, such Indech Sword Fighters for Retribution, or Dance of the Goddess on the Blue Lions Route. -Annette is more certainly not C Tier, as her rallies alone ensure that she's at least B tier. She also makes for a very competent Wyvern rider with the Lighting Axe Combat Art and the Bolt Axe, which is a rather unique niche. -Dimitri should be higher than Byleth thanks having Battalion Wrath + Vantage.
  8. I'm not sure why people are claiming it's difficult to certify as a Dark Knight. Perhaps if you don't rig for promotions, but a unit only needs the B+ Reason, C+ Riding, and C Lances to have a ~50% chance of passing. That really isn't much investment considering the Reason rank would've been already taken care of considering Warlock takes A Rank, and it'd only take 480 Riding exp to reach C+ Rank. Even a unit without a boon can gain 56 Riding exp from a combination of Weekly Training, Activites and Tutoring. And that number can be increases substantially once you include the possibility of Prefects and Greats. Also, how is Lorenez particularly bulky in any regard? Sure, he might have higher HP than other mages, but he doesn't evenbreak the Warlock Class base of 12 Defense on Average. He's not going to be durable enough to take more than 1 hit from most enemies, especially as the game goes on.
  9. The Sacred Shield Gambit on the Kingdom Heavy Knights Battalion completely nullifies all attacks at range. This will make any unit invulnerable to Claude's attacks and can make an otherwise defensively weak ranged unit capable of luring and safely engage him in combat. Then it's all a matter of getting another unit to take him down on player phase. Dimtri with Atrocity, a Sniper with Hunter's Volley, or any unit with a Brave Weapon will be a good choice.
  10. The chance of getting prefects. You gain the same amount experince regardless of if they have an arrow or not. 12/14/16 for units with a boon 8/10/12 for normal units 4/6/8 for units with a bane
  11. -For Claude I'd recommend Bow Prowess, Death Blow, Hit +20, Strength +2, and Authority Prowess. For Seteth I'd recommend Lance Prowess, Death Blow, Swordbreaker and optionally Alert Stance+ and Battalion Wrath if you want another dodgetank. -In my experience Lysithea hit rates are fine aside from the early game thanks to a substantial amount of Magic Battalions giving Hit. If you want to fix her earlygame accuracy, I'd unlock her budding Talent since Soulblade is going to be much more accurate than Miasma due to base accuracy of swords. -I'd honestly say to keep Defiant Speed since it works rather well with Darting Blow. But if you don't want to keep it, I'd recommend Hit +20 since Leonie is usually going against really speedy enemies, so the extra accuracy is nice. -I'd give Perta Bow Prowess as an option so she's less liable to get hit by Axebreaker enemies. Battalion Wrath can also do wonders on her since she doesn't plan on being hit anyways. -Lorenz is a decent choice for a dancer, espically considering he shows up for Chapter 13 rather quickly. Though do keep in mind you may have to invite him for ~5 Tea Parties since his charisma is rather low and you need 14 Charsima to consistently win. Some miscellaneous tips I can offer: •Have Ingrid, Flayn, and Alosis Adjutant Felix, Seteth, and Leonie respectively. Those specific units will increase the attack of units, up to 3 Attack at A Rank as well as add +10 Hit and Avoid. •Make sure to cook up Bullheads every week. It gives +1 Speed for every meal, and can stack all the way to +4 Speed. If recommend cooking the Defensive Fish for chapters 2 and 3 though since they're easier to get. •Have your Dancer consistently do Stable Duty every week really helps to reach A+ since it's 12 Riding Exp at minimum with boon. I'd also recommend doing the same with Dodge tanks afterwords to reach Alertstance +. •Rallies really help in the earlygame, so don't be afraid to use Ignatz for a time soley for his ability.
  12. Obtaining B Rank Authority is a non issue by the time Blessing shows up and applies to 4 units. And are you going ignore the Defensive Adjutants, Crestless recoil damage, or just equiping shields? Aside from the Blow and prowess skills, what abilities are so vital that losing an ability slot is a really hampers a unit? There's no other ability that would have made the Leonie in that example deal even close to damage that the consistent crits from Defiant Crit + Wrath provides.
  13. Seal Speed doesn't work against the bosses that have the Commander skill, so it's rather limited for that use. About the only use for Seal Speed is against monsters, but those enemies tend to go down against Killer weapons thanks to their 0 Luck. While Sword Prowess Level 5 and Sword Avoid +20 would give +30 Avoid over using Axes, the thing is you don't really need it. A Base Wyvern Lord with Axe Prowess Level 4, Galatea Pegasus Knights, A Rank Adjutant, Evade Ring, and Alert Stance + would already give you 102 Avoid. Add to that Rally Speed, Cooked Bullheads x4, and a Special Dance will give you a 113 Avoid without even a single speed level up. That's more than enough to consistently avoid most enemy attacks. You should make your Dancer any unit that's proficient in Riding so that they can get A+ Riding for Movement +1. A Dancer's main Priority should be dancing, so that they don't really need else aside from more movement. While Ferdinand can dodgetank more easily, if you ever need more than one dodgetank you can simply use Impregnable Wall to lure enemies over. And it's unlikely Fredinand will be able to meet Seteth's 27 Base Strength. Thing is about Leonie is a lot of the time you want it be using Point Blank Volley since it gives +3 Attack and +10 Hit, which can really make the difference on Maddening. Plus, the better bows tend to weigh Leonie down to the point she cant double even with Darting Blow, so it's just tends to be better to use the combat art anyways. If you plan on grinding, you can disregard what I said about Mastery Class Skills. So long as you dedicate an entire Aux battle to a unit, they'll be able to master those classes in no time at all. Though I'd still find Fortress Knight Raph less than ideal because they're still quite slow movement wise. It's easy enough to get a unit to that 25% Threshold by having them just engage with a less threatening enemy like Fortress Knight or Siege Equipment, as while they hurt they tend to fail to one shot even mages. Gambits are tend to be uncommon on enemies and on only select few amount of enemies that can easily be avoided. Even if they're no Fortress Knights or structures like that, there's still a number of creative ways of reaching that threshold. For Example: engaging an enemy who does lethal damage with the Blessing Gambit or Defensive Adjutant equipped, using a crest weapon such as Thyrus on a crestless unit such as Dorothea to take 10 HP damage every action, using Impregnable Wall on a unit so that they survive an sniper's attack but still take damage form Poison Strike, etc.There's no shortage of ways to hit that 25% Thershold. Defiant Skills give +8 Strength , Magic , +30 Avoid, or +50 Crit at the cost of not being able to take a hit normally. Considering that most units can't even stand more than a round of combat anyways, you're really not going to find a skill that outperforms that, especially in conjunction with other skills such as Vantage, Wrath, or Alert Stance+.
  14. Barring the defensive ones, the Defiant skills can be worth it on units that outrange enemies, such as Mages or Bow Knights, or ones that don't take much damage from enemies such as dodgetanks. For example: https://imgur.com/a/Q7VH2EU The only thing holding them back is the amount of combat needed to obtain them. But overlooking that makes them pretty useful skills, espically since most units can only take 1-2 hits anyways before going down.
  15. You cannot access the Armory until Chapter 2: https://imgur.com/a/zNvmBYN You can, however, access it at Chapter 1 on NG+, which is why I think some people are confused.
  16. - I would recommend against investing in Black Magic with Byleth. Not only is their Magic Stat rather lackluster at 6 Base and 35% growth with no class base to bring it up, their spell list also isn't that great since it's just Fire, Thunder, Bolganone, and Ragnarock. If you really want to attack using Magic, just use a Levin Sword instead since it makes use of their Faire skill and has 3 Range once forged. - Drop Battalion Wrath on Claude. The Skill and it's regular version only work on Enemy Phase and Claude isn't going to see much action considering how hard enemies hit in Maddening and how Faller Star only work on one round of combat. Zoltan weapons are also something you shouldn't consider as it takes 12 Wootz Steel to forge any of them, leaving a lot less for Brave Weapons to use. -Would recommend going Dark Knight over Gremory Lysithea. It gives +2 damage to her Dark spells thanks to Dark Tomefaire and allowing a 4-5 Range unit to repostion with canto is rather nice. -Seal Skills that are applied on Enemy Phase don't last to the next Player Phase, so it's fairly useless on that Hilda. You should also consider getting Hit +20 on her since hit rates with the Killer Axe tend to be shaky and Defiant Crit comes to late to really be part of a build for consistent Crit Rates. -Wouldn't recommend Fortress Knight on any character really. Enemies in Maddening scale in damage very quickly, to the point where keeping up defensively doesn't really work. If you really want to use Rapheal, I'd recommend going Brigand > Grappler and staying in that class for Fierce Iron Fist, which can lead him to one round a surprising amount of enemies. - Leonie should really go into Brigand rather than Archer to learn Deathblow with how well it couples with Point Blank Volley. - White Magic +1 is rather useless on Marianne consider she only gets Nosferatu and Aura and doesn't even get White tomefaire as Bishop. Just focus on the Levin Sword if you want offense out of her. Rapier + is also a lot better than Blutgang when combined with Soul Blade. -You should consider Fredinand as another combat unit since you only really need one Dodgetank and having Swiftstrikes makes him rather useful. I'd suggest replacing with Seteth, however, since he typically has better stats than him at base. -Petra should most certainly not certify as a Dancer as she can dodgetank just fine as a Wyvern without Sword Avoid. It's fine keeping her using swords thanks Wyvern's Strength Mod, though keep a bow on her to Avoid Breaker skills. She's also a unit that would benefit immensely from Battalion Wrath. -I'd recommend Felix to do the same thing I recommend with Rapheal. It's very difficult for even a fast unit like Felix to consistently quad on Maddening so Desperation doesn't really come into play a lot. Defiant Strength would work well with Fierce Iron Fist, but I'd think it would take too long to master. -Shamir looks fine. -Cyril is a unit I'd recommend as a Wyvern Lord. He only losses +2 Strength compared Sniper thanks to the class mod, and being able to fly around is pretty vaulable. Being able to counter Mages doesn't really matter as every unit can with the Retribution Gambit, which is much better considering how bows get -30 hit at 3 range. But honestly, I think they're are more pressing issues than how you're using units. If you want my advice: • You're using way too many combat units. Everyone on you're team will suffer because of this since that means less Exp to go around and less chances to earn Class exp . You should only want to invest heavily in about 6-7 Combat units and have the rest as support. • There's not enough emphasis being placed on Battalions, espically support ones. Retribution, Impregenable Wall, Blessing, and Stride are all extremely good gambits that can really change how you approach a battle. • Use a Dancer. They're by far the most versatile you unit you can field and you should never consider giving up one. • There's too much of a focus on the Mastery class skills. It takes a 100 rounds of combat to master one of those classes, which is simply way too long achieve for most units without grinding.
  17. When you say forest, do you mean this location? https://imgur.com/a/DFPa3yC Because that's a pretty bad spot for Dimitri, as it triggers all the initial enemies to move out since it seems like the Snipers attacking causes all the other enemies to move. They'll also be a lot more spread out so Dimitri won't be able to capitalize on Wave Attack as much and can easily be taken out by the Snipers since they typically double him. Waiting for a turn for the reinforcements to show up will also make the enemies more inclined to go after your other allies in groups since they're closer to them than Byleth and Dimitri. Felix's Paralogue is also easy enough to clear in one turn with any base Wyvern and a Dancer. All you have to do is use stride and dance to get the Wyvern to the boss and use the Assembly Gambit on them. The boss will then attack them on Enemy Phase before anyone else and will be easily disposed of on a counter, saving all the villagers without much hassle.
  18. Then just how would one create a consistent strategy for this chapter without planning ahead like this? The benchmark for something as simple as avoid being doubled is way too high for most units to reach without statboosters, let alone something like one rounding or OHKOing. And there's no guarantee that the units that appear early will even be in use or that they'll have the amount investment needed to be useful. Accounting for the way others play the game just presents too many variables and will make it difficult to determine any type of consistent strategy with how dangerous the enemies are. The requirements for this strategy may be stringent, but they do not require any stat procs or investing in any other units than what is already given to the player. Having the Evasion Ring by this point means stealing one off of Claude by Chapter 7. That doesn't seem likely considering that you need a thief with 25 Speed to nab it off of him, so I don't think we should include that. I also found that Dimtri simply just doesn't have the Avoid to consistently dodge enemies, even with the Terrain and his personal. Most Theives and Mercs have Hit rates in the 20's, with the Brawlers and Grapplers are in the 30's and get 4 chances to hit. https://imgur.com/a/Ny0y03Z Not to mention that if Dimitri gets hit at any point or just levels HP, he loses the effect of his personal and with it 20 Avoid. Just doesn't seem consistent enough to really succeed most of the time, especially if you didn't raise Annette or Mercedes.
  19. Issue with that is a lot of things that make dodgetanking work simply aren't available in that chapter. The Evade Ring and Adjutants, for example, aren't equip able in that Chapter which put you down +17 avoid. That's rather concerning when you most likely can't reach over a 100 avoid even with terrain to consistent dodge enemy attacks. Even disregarding Nosferatu being a 1 might spell and their being no Magic Battalions that raise Avoid to a significant amount, it's also limited to 12 uses. That is not enough to last through the onslaught of enemies.
  20. The requirments aren't that harsh. It only takes 15 sessions of Faculty Training to pick up C Armor and the Brawling skill only requires 8 sessions. Considering that you can hit A Professor Rank and have 9 Activity Points by Chapter 9, it's not too demanding to reach. B axes is admittedly quite more of an investment, but is already required for Wyvern Rider anyways. So most people should have an easy enough time achieving the requirements if they plan for it ahead of time. Besides, having Byleth hit some skill ranks is a lot less investment than say getting a unit like Ashe to contribute in that chapter.
  21. Requirements: - Byleth must have must certify as a Fortress Knight (B Axes and C Armor for 34% chance of passing). Needs to also have 6 movement and the Rushing Blow Combat Art (C Brawling) equipped. - Ashe must have a Steel Shield, an Iron Lance +, a Training Axe, and a Iron Bow + in his inventory as well as a Stride Battalion equipped. - Dimitri must have Authority Skill Level 4 and Model Leader Equipped, a Steel Shield, and a 1-2 Range Weapon. Lance Breaker and an Accuracy Ring are also recommended. - Dedue and Felix's Paralogue must be completed, and the Aegis Shield must be obtained. - A Giant Shell must be obtained. Easiest one to get is located in the North chest of Chapter 8. ------------ Explanation: The goal of this strategy is to have a durable Byleth tank most enemies hits with the hopes of taking little to no damage from as many enemies as possible. To this end, Byleth must certify as a Fortress Knight, as doing so bumps up their defense to a base 17 Defense before class modifiers. So as something such as an Enlightened One, they'll have 19 Defense without having to rely on any Defense Level ups at all. To further increase their Defense, you should then equip the Aegis Shield and Duscar Heavy Soldiers Battalion. At max level the Battalion will provide +10 Defense, which with the shield will give 35 base Defense as a Enlightened one, making Byleth more durable than Gilbert. Adding on the Giant Shell and Forest terrain will make Byleth become immune from damage from most enemies in the map, only taking damage from Assassins and Snipers. Here's some actual proof this in actual play: https://imgur.com/a/EccEin9 ------------ The Strategy: The main goal of this strategy is to aggro and defeat groups of enemies before they can cause other groups of enemies to trigger and start moving out to attack Annette, Mercedes, or Ashe. To start with, Byleth must use Rushing Blow on the Mercenary towards the North of their starting positioning while Dimitri must move into the Forest at the starting position. This will avoid drawing in the Sniper in the Center in particular, who if moves will cause the other enemies to do the same. It should look something like this: https://imgur.com/a/kiG96Hp On the Second turn Byleth must equip the Sword of the Creator and Gambit the Sniper to stop them from attacking out of range. A Grappler will also start to move out where Dimitri is and will attack him, but he should be able dodge at least one attack and survive. Equipping a strong weapon also may have him decide to gambit rather than attack normally: https://imgur.com/a/wkSBQ2J On the Third turn, Ashe and Gilbert will show up near Byleth while Mercedes and Annette will show up near the South. So long as you don't move the south group into range, the enemies will not rush towards them. Make Ashe trade all the items in his inventory to Gilbert and have Gilbert take out the Sniper if not already disposed of. Dimitri then use Wave Attack on the Grappler and should also be prepared to take on a Thief and Archer with a Blessed Bow headed his way. https://imgur.com/a/TmTvOP9 The next turn will have Ashe Stride Byleth and Byleth attacking the Sniper with Rushing Blow to make the Assassin and Thief go for them over Mercedes and Annette. Gilbert should go near the entrance to where Dimitri is and act as bait for the Sniper: https://imgur.com/a/hJmXYkk Have Gilbert and Dimitri take out the Sniper and act as a bait for the Assassin and Grappler near Byleth, while having Byleth Rushing blow the enemy south of him to ensure that a Thief doesn't go for Annette and Mercedes: https://imgur.com/a/FYGfSUg Finally, move Gilbert and attack the Grappler with the Iron Bow leaving Dimitri to finish him off with a Wave Attack and finish off the Assassin on enemy phase. ------------ And that's it. At that point you can get access to Ingrid, Sylvain, and Felix from the East and can take the rest of the chapter at your leisure. There are multiple things you can do to improve this strategy, such as making Mercedes and Annette Fliers to not have to worry about them or having Dimitri be more aggressive with his wave attacks, but I wanted a clear that didn't rely too heavily on those factors in case one didn't want to invest in those unit's too heavily. Thoughts? Problems? Potential Improvements? I'm open to criticism.
  22. I bring up Gambits because their Accruacy aren't affected by regular skills and are floored at 20-30% while enemies also benefit from Gambit Boost. While it may not exactly be a high chance, they still freeze him in place if they hit and can even one shot him later on in the game. But this can be avoided entirely if you use Impregnable Wall, since the enemies see that they do more damage if they double your dancer rather than Gambiting. So why even take a risk of your dancer going down when you can make it a nonissue? You've mentioned how Ferdinand can reach a 100 avoid, but there's some assumptions in there that are on a bit flimsy side. For example, how are you going to reach 1760 Wexp to reach A+ Swords for Sword Prowess level 5? Even reaching Prowess Level 4 is going to take 960 Wexp for a unit who's not going to see combat. And what about the 680 Skill exp to reach B Rank Authority for the +20 avoid from Gautier Knights? Dancing doesn't even grant any Authority Experience. I will say that if you focus on these goals, you can eventually meet them with little issue with enough time. But focusing on them means postponing or even not getting Riding to A+ for Movement +1 at all. That skill seems a lot more valuable then relying on a chance to dodge that would only work consistently on specific enemies. And giving him an Evasion Ring when there's only 1-2 in the entire game? I don't see how that's more valuable than getting a Wyvern Lord to engage enemies safely on Enemy Phase. The only reason why Dodgetanking is rewarding in this game is because it's the only way to see combat on the Enemy Phase late into game. I don't see why you'd invest a Dancer to do the same when they can already survive any enemy with no investment at all with a single gambit. Also, for future reference, even though the Accuracy Ring does affect gambits, neither the Evasion Ring nor Ferdinand's personal lower the chance of enemy gambit's hitting. https://imgur.com/a/3z0KeGz
  23. It's not like Fredinand having +15 Avoid will make him immune to enemy attacks unlike Ingrid or Petra are made Dancers instead. When you account for enemies with Sword Breaker and Gambits, he has a lot less survivability then what on paper would lead you to believe. Plus if you really wanted your Dancer survive enemy combat you could just do other things such as apply the Impregnable Wall or Sacred Shield Gambits. To say that +15 Avoid on a class that shouldn't see combat in the first place is enough to push one of the better combat units in the game towards is something I will refute. Unless you can provide actual gameplay to prove his Avoid can hold up in practice, I'll hold my reservations since just leveling up HP can remove his sole advantage over other Dancers. While I'll agree that training Annette for the sole purpose of assisting in that chapter is not a great idea, I'll refute the notion that Dimtri or Byleth can perform well on Enemy Phase on that chapter. To begin with, Dimitri can't actually utilize Battalion Wrath + Vantage since the game automatically equips King of Lions Battalion on him with no option to change it. And that's not getting to either 1/3rd durability considering Dimitri would need to eat 180 total damage for it to fall that low durability. Likewise, Dodgetanking is also out of the picture. Without an Adjutant providing him +7 Avoid and with his battalion actually lowering his Avoid by -5, he has a notable chance of being hit by theives with 15-25% of being hit even when standing in a bush. And that's the guys he has Swordbreaker on. Grapplers and Snipers have an even higher chance with their hit rates in the 30's and 40's. Those Hit Rates are also based on the assumption that his personal is active. If he gets hit even once or just levels up HP, he going to be losing 20 Avoid and get pummeled down by enemies. The most consistent Strategy I found for that map is to lure all the initial enemies with a Byleth equipped with Duscar Heavy Soliders and the Aegis Shield before your allies show up and utilize Wave Attack. A Wyvern Annette would be useful for taking out enemies, which is important since if any of them are blocked, they'll go North to where Ashe and Glibert are and trigger another entire group of enemies to go for them.
  24. It takes 1320 Skill Exp to get a skill to A rank. Assuming you let a healer study solely Authority after promoting to Bishop by about the start of Chapter 10, that'll yield +30 Exp a week. Tutoring them will yield at the minimum 28 Exp thanks to Cichol statue bonus and Professor's Expertise, with 42 Exp with a single perfect. So that'll be an average +65 Authority a week. Healers also gain +2 Authority exp whenever they're both Fighting or Healing with a Battalion Equipped, and also gain also +4 whenever they used a gambit. So assuming they they fought and healed around ~125 times and used around ~25 Gambits, they'll have already stockpiled 350 Authority Exp by this point. So Healers can easily learn A Rank Authority by about Chapter 15. Might have to delay their promotion if you want to promote them to Gremory, but Healers are better off staying as Bishops anyway.
  25. Wyvern Class bases will ensure that he's good to see combat. 21 Strength / 17 Speed / 14 Defense will keep him relevant no matter what his stats were like before. Especially when coupled with things like Deathblow or C Armor for Weight -3 and for the chance passing the Fortress Knight Certifcation for 19 Defense. If he becomes a Dancer, not only will that mean he loses a substantial amount of offensive prowess due to missing out on a faire skill and +3 Strength class Mod, he'll also be impacted by terrain and miss out on two Movement. Put simply, why would Fredinad be the best pick for a dancer when he's the one who needs Sword Avoid the least to become a dodgetank?
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