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  1. thanks i cant wait to check it out grinus <3
  2. Awakening did a glow for some of them, and fe7 (sorry i dont know much about the other fes qq)left you in the dark. I'd go with keep them like FE7 now that weapons and stuff are so much easier to get, not sure what you could put as a secret item now tho tbh What do you guys think?
  3. im doing a run with dart rn for 7 but this run im not really invested cuz its eliwood mode just cuz i want to unlock hector mode but yeah i would casually play pokken if i bought it on switch
  4. fe1 and 6 right now rangers is the only good spin off if i want a fighter ill play usfiv or something conquest might be good I should get the game *legit* and try it out
  5. It's like beating a dead horse I guess at this point and i love all Fire Emblem games and anime I've been playing too much 7 though and i wish could move on but i don't think its possible for me to get tired of fire emblem
  6. Pokemon is boring the only thing I want from them is gen 4 remake Fire Emblem is my life though
  7. owo the mods never helped or w/e (i dmd two or w/e) i just wanted to have normal privelges and stuff but i already got that today so *shrugs* i like anything with a leveling system because idk i like fe too much now tho so thats probably going to be the only thing i play for monts or years
  8. I think his content is generally boring but his animation is stuff is really good I'm probably gonna give it a watch
  9. Rath if you want a solid unit, never used either tho I love Wil the most tbh
  10. Mark is canon and i wish it was more of a staple to have a character like mark that could be your self-insert and gets to talk to all the characters and so on I guess awakening also did something neat where your main robin is also a tactician so its not some random force telling units to move places
  11. Lyn can bow that's the only reason i like her the most
  12. I don't have rights yet so I can't even use the discord this is really upsetting and I'd use the forum more if I wasn't restricted from doing things big oof
  13. Any grass type starter besides rowlet, and greninja
  14. This is a really cool post <3 You should do other games and stuff
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