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  1. I think it’s Karen again, I’m used to hearing her as Anna that it would be weird if it weren’t her Also, yeah, Ingrid does sound a bit like Marcella, I hope it’s her as it was refreshing hearing her as Priscilla
  2. Guys, I think we had enough of this chat already, can we please take this somewhere else entirely? It’s giving me a bad taste in my mouth already that a discussion about us guessing who would voice who is derailed completely to “why the fuck is he here?”, we get it already and we don’t have to repeat the same things over and over again So with all that, grab your Chris Niosi complains, and other topics about him and take them somewhere else already
  3. I better get to the bunker and quick
  4. No one else confirmed today? Seems a bit quiet now
  5. Same for M!Byleth as well, he should be revealed soon as well
  6. These are the only students missing confirmation now: Black Eagles: Ferdinand and Linhardt Blue Lions: Ingrid Golden Deer: Hilda, Raphael, Lysithea and Marianne
  7. He's basically confirming he's Felix
  8. Heather Watson (Tailtiu), Ranata (Ishtar), Griffin Burns (Julius), Grant George (Sigurd), Mick Wingert (Arden), Steve Staley (Lewyn), Brina Palencia (Ayra), Erin Fitzgeralt (Olwen) and Xander Mobus (Arvis)
  9. Even if Byleth isn’t revealed now, FEH will reveal their voice soon on the 20th when the banner trailer drops
  10. I think I heard a serious Priscilla in Flayn, maybe she’s voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope Can’t tell who voiced Dorothea tho
  11. After hearing F!Byleth, I think she is voiced by Ashley Johnson Here are the site VA’s according to some:
  12. Same, tho I thought it was Greg Chun or Mark P Whitten myself
  13. After hearing her again, seems Kira Buckland is F!Byleth, could be wrong tho I can’t tell who M!Byleth is voiced by
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