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  1. Actually I'm questioning Athena's motivation for roleblocking me again as town here seeing as I claimed power role on day 2. He couldn't check anybody else?
  2. I say don't lynch Athena, if he's a town roleblocker scum may need to kill him just to prevent people from being cleared He is limited though, not sure in what way ##Unvote: @Shinori
  3. OK, I targeted Refa both nights, so the ascetic theory is gone
  4. I claim roleblocked, again. Either that or I've targeted the same ascetic person two nights in a row. I'm being told my action is failing. Anybody want to claim to have been roleblocking me? ##Vote: @Shinori
  5. I disagree with Weiner scumreads right now, I'm pretty sure he's town
  6. Getting the nagging feeling that Darth Roxas could be scum
  7. Fenrir was a gladiator, I might be biased, do you guys think he was setting up to gladiate with me at some point?
  8. Since there was only 1 kill I'd just focus on Mafia anyway
  9. Wasn't sure if I wanted to out a pr or not After some thinking it's likely this game is or is close to role madness so it doesn't matter as much
  10. I claim roleblocked ##Vote: @Shinori
  11. I say Shinori looks scummy off of that just from how they acted at the end
  12. alright, going to hold you to this for the rest of the game
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