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  1. I know I haven't been on this forum in years and I'm super late to this topic, but I always hoped you guys might poke me on Skype to get my FE GUI skills up and going again. IRL kinda fucked me out of hacking a few years ago but I'll miss collabing with Dan, Lumi, Ciaran, Cam, Feaw, Eric, Agro, Arch, Yeti and everybody else who helped out with that project and/or were in the old Team Overtroll chat. It was a good run and I still look back fondly on my high school days pretty much just because of you guys. I miss those days and all of you gus and if any of you ever decides to do another project and needs a battle frame/statsheet inserted, give me that poke! rip dof Edit: funny story, I'm writing a tool report on HxD for my 4th year networking class ATM and it brought the nostalgia flooding back to me.
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  4. I've been thinking of doing this myself but too lazy, thanks!
  5. Happy Birthday Jubby! :D

  6. lol I think he can work on whatever he wants, and I think it's pretty kewl that he got it working. Cheers Brendor :) 10/10 will use
  7. the only real way to do it is to go into FEditor's animation manager, dump the animation, and go into the actual image files (in something like Usenti, MS Paint might mess it up) to replace the pixels you want; then just import it again. :P
  8. Jubby

    Elibean Nights

    I don't speak for Arch or anything but I'd think the effort of transferring everything to Fire Shell would be absolute hell and nowhere near worth it. All those graphics/events/maps/ASM/etc, it would be easier to just implement anything he wanted from Fire Shell in the current ROM.
  9. It's possible that Agro meant that as well :P I like the idea of being able to apply say Nintenlord's Canto or "thieves can steal weapons" patches to tweak hacks if I find them too difficult or just for fun :) Chester became oh so very useful when he started stealing bosses' weapons
  10. I am also in likes with Tomas.
  11. You can just open it up in Notepad and change the source: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <map version="1.0" orientation="orthogonal" width="25" height="23" tilewidth="16" tileheight="16"> <tileset firstgid="1" name="0A009B0C" tilewidth="16" tileheight="16"> <image source="../../../../../Tilesets/FE7/0A009B0C.png" width="512" height="512"/> </tileset> <layer name="Tile Layer 1" width="25" height="23"> <data encoding="base64" compression="zlib"> 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 </data> </layer> </map> specifically the line that says <image source="../../../../../Tilesets/FE7/0A009B0C.png" width="512" height="512"/> just change what's in the first set of quotes to your tileset's filepath. You can directly copy from Windows Explorer if you want but you'll have to switch the slashes around (Windows Explorer brings in blackslashes, you want forward slashes)
  12. I'm well pleased by this, free maps are bomb and they at the very least serve as some inspiration for making my own map ;) Thanks Aura!
  13. Usenti uses RGB values of range 0-31 as opposed to 0-255 (i.e. 16-bit); thus, if you bring in a colour that's not quite within that, it rounds it to the nearest one that does. I'd try to avoid using Usenti for much other than graphics you're inserting directly with GBAGE or requantitizing the palette though, it can do some pretty weird buggy shit, particularly to files that are not PNG or BMP in my experience :P
  14. unless you guys go super crazy i doubt it'll be an issue... I managed to fit this entire animation into a FEditor package without cutting many frames. (Note that I didn't have permission and it was terribly scripted and thus I never used it for anything and it isn't around anymore in case anyone's wondering)
  15. Jubby


    ^ I almost did that type of thing once, gathered some notes, these are from Nintenlord's hacking notes: May come in handy if indeed that hack is to be done. I'd put down money but I've only got like $3 left on a prepaid credit card and no money left :P
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