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  1. Yeah that's valid but just hoping we get some in general
  2. Agreed but having every character being bi wouldn't be bad seeing as it would allow for people who are gay to have more options rather than just the token gay who they might not like
  3. As an aside does anyone else hope for more same sex S-supports in fact how well supports work in general with the new mook team ups
  4. Same I'm interested to see how this will play out especially with that last ending quote being so foreboding
  5. we only have a few minutes of footage and people are complaining I wish I say I'm surprised by this
  6. Okay that's cool worried the map may end up a little busy
  7. I honestly really liked the idea of goth/vampire emblem and depending on how the story is handled it could've made a really strong entry it's almost certainly fake though
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