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  1. You could go to the Repair 3DS Family System under the Nintendo Support website if you are looking for a repair, but the shipping and repair will most likely cost enough that it may just be more worth it to buy a new one. I actually bought a New 2DS XL not too long ago, and I can say I love it and would recommend it. Although a couple minor flaws (small stylus, speaker placement), its definitely worth the price in my opinion.
  2. Hello @RookofSpades! I find it really cool that you love Fire Emblem and you are a member of the US Air Force. In my mind I wouldn't find that as a common combination. In that case I do have a question if you don't mind. I don't have either of the Fates games and was thinking about starting them. I'm not sure which one to get first though. I am in it for the story and characters but from my research I don't think I should really be basing my descion between Birthright and Conquest on that. I do think I'm leaning towards Conquest because I like the Medieval style more than the traditional japanese style, and the gameplay seems better but I'm not the best at Fire Emblem games and it seems Birthright is much easier although I do like challenge too. Which one would you recommend to me getting first? (Note: I'll get both eventually but I'm only going to get one to start with.)
  3. Ah, ok thanks so much for the suggestions @Soleater
  4. My bad, forgot that used to be his shiny, I was only thinking about the more modern one. Also, yeah Sora would be cool, even though it may be unlikely, it could definitely work.
  5. Well out of characters that can logically make it in: Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Protagonist from FE on Switch (if it comes out after it would probably be a dlc character like Corrin was in Sm4sh) Characters that I want that there is almost 0% chance they would make it in: Zeke (Xenoblade 2), Shovel Knight, Galacta Knight (Kirby Series). Also, If Ryu makes it in again it would be cool to have Ken as a palette swap. Also shiny Charizard (mainly black). I don't know why that wasn't an alternate color already, but that would be cool.
  6. One of the things that I dislike is main characters that are OP for no reason. I'm completely fine with it if there is a reason for it and there is at least a little chance that something or someone can best him. However, when a character is OP for no reason with virtually no weakness, it seriously hinders the story (at least to me) in a sense that you never feel like that character is threatened and that the protagonists just won because he was lucky and blessed with being OP for no reason at all. How to fix it is honestly just try to put a reason behind everything. I don't know if this is common or not, but another thing that I dislike is when two characters get into a relationship right away. I guess you could call it the "love at first sight" but then it just all happens immediately and the relationship feels so fake cause in reality that's not how it works. I like relationships where it takes time to build a relationship and there is a reason two characters like each other, even if its just they've spent a lot of time near each other whether it was optional or not. Another thing, fake deaths. It's fine to me if characters go through unrealistic amount of stuff and still survive because it's fiction, but when someone totally makes it seem like a character just died (such as expressing through the other characters' reactions) and then miraculously survived without an explanation, the reader or watcher etc. can loose all trust in the author/director/etc. and so when something actually does happen, the readers/watchers may not believe it or take it seriously. I'm not sure if this counts as a trope or cliche or whatever but also cringey friendship stuff. You probably know what I'm talking about. How to fix this is simply do it through actions or other indirect ways that a reader/watcher can still pick up on instead of a character explaining it forever in cheesy dialogue.
  7. @grinus Thanks And also thank you for the suggestions. The story is one of my favorite parts of FE games so I think I'll hold off on fates for now. Edit: And I'm pretty sure PME stands for Pick My Edits but I might be wrong.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm Primal. I am a big fan of Nintendo. I have used this site before for informational uses but I am new to the forums. At the time of the post of this reply I have played Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones so far. I'm not very good at Fire Emblem but I find it very enjoyable. I would like to get into the 3DS FE games but honestly have no clue where to start especially with the whole fates thing because one one side I'm not that good so Birthright sounds better for me, on the other hand I still really like a challenge so Conquest might be better. And then of course there is Awakening and Echoes too (honestly I have no clue which one to get first lol). Anyways, seems like a pretty cool site, and I'm glad to meet you all.
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