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  1. Hector does so well on this map with a distant def seal, it's insane lol Adrift Corrin is very helpful with her + 6 atk/spd support and Veronica with physic is crucial. The map itself isn't hard, but feeding Matthew to Fjorm was just cancer...
  2. -The addition of Heroic Grails, I can finally merge up my Linus and LA!Eliwood (although it's gonna take a long, LONG time...) and the players are able to get the TT/GHB that they had missed like me, I was able to get LA!Eliwood and NY!Corrin thanks to the Hero Grails -The Black Fang Banner, although why did we get Karla instead of Sonia on a BLACK FANG banner is beyond me. -Florina finally getting some love with her new refine, my +3 Florina can do a even better job in the arena and she's a GOOD unit right now (not even kidding) -Muspell Generals Banner -Legendary Hector -Fae and Cecilia getting Winter Alts, FE6 finally gets some love (can't wait for the FE6 banner in March!) -Summoning Tickets -Book 2 And that's pretty much it to be honest.
  3. I'm honestly disappointed about this banner so much. We get yet another Fates character despite the fact that November (!) was full of Fates alts and it was Heroes' worst month yet: https://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-heroes-revenue-dips-to-13-8-million-in-november-at-465-million-for-worldwide-total/. I guess IS never learns... That leaves Jugdral with no Legendary Hero, Roy despite being one of the most popular character has no Legendary alt, Eliwood is still the only FE7 Lord with no Legendary Alt... Honestly, why am I even surprised at this point, of course a dancer from one of the newest games that got another version like a month ago has to beat out multiple lords from other games to get a legendary alt... At the very least it's a easy skip and I can save up more orbs for the Binding Blade banner.
  4. I need help deciding what refine I should choose for Berkut Lance. I'm using a Florina with berkut lance and I can't decide (her nature is +atk/-spd and i do plan to merge her once i get the chance), i'm torn between the one that increases might and the one that increases defense. Thanks to her being S supported she'd have the following stats with each refine: +MT: 52 HP 50 ATK 26 SPD 27 DEF 36 RES +DEF: 52 HP 48 ATK 26 SPD 31 DEF 36 RES Btw my set is (or at least is gonna be): Berkut's lance+ Reposition Glacies Distant Counter Quick Riposte 3 Breath of Life 3 Distant Def 3 Now, the def refine would make a her a fine mixed wall and with the merging i'm going to do she could reach 34/35 def (not sure how exactly the boost in merging work) and she'd get 51/52 atk, on the flip side she'd still get 30 def or over with the +MT refine and have a decent attack stat of 53/54. I'd appricate any help
  5. Since March 2018, I feel like i'm the only one who didn't start on launch day xD
  6. I just got a -Atk/+Def Sigurd, is this really bad and is there a way to make him work?
  7. Karel and (I can't believe I'm doing this and i know i'm crazy) Nino. I just hope 28x doesn't add to turncount or grinding her will be hell. As i believe these are my last picks, my team is bad, what was I thinking xD
  8. I'll take Serra (it's ok this time? xD)
  9. sorry i forgot lol please remind me when it's my turn so i don't make fuck-ups xD
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