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  1. Oh shit, I almost forgot to do this, I guess I’ll do both at once, at least it’s fitting. Day 3: Brash Horseman Name: Furute Class: Cavalier Appearance: Age is on his face, but it isn’t as prevalent in comparison to others of his age. On that face is a brown mustache that rude folks would call a “pedo” stache. His head has no hair on its top. He wears a helmet to hide that he is bald. Around 5’10(178cm, rounded up). His body is slightly out of shape, as he is slightly overweight, but not enough for him to be woefully incapable of combat. He wears a bright red set of heavier armor, covering his shoulders, chest, upper and lower legs, and feet. flames have been painted on the Armor and very little of the paint remains on it from the years.. Under the armor is a set of short sleeved green shirt and brown pants. Description: Arrogant and crass, Furute is a passionate looking up in the political world and his social class. Expressive and extravagant with how he portrays himself, being near is quite a spectacle that keeps itself going. Most of it is fake however. He’s a part of an older generation and didn’t get too far. He’s disappointed with his position and uses that anger as a source for his perseverance. His loyalty for the royalty has never been questioned however, and will fight to protect Rukas till he can’t anymore. Crit/Death Quotes: 3 Crit Quotes, 1 Death Quote -You curs! -Graaagh! -Woah, M-My horse won’t stop! Death Quote -I guess this is how it was meant to be.. The Crunch: The offense focused of the two cavaliers. While he has high bases in strength, skill, and hp for his level, the rest are rather average, with really low res base. His growths are rather equal to his parter, but with with his attack and health growths switched with his friends Speed and Skill growths, He starts with higher weapon ranks in Lances, being able to javelins are base. Should be pretty useful overall, even if his hit doesn’t really improve too much. Additional Notes: The two cavalier are red and white to represent the rising sun of Japan. This entire set of characters are based off of Japanese shit if you haven’t noticed. Now for day 4 so I can do my homework tomorrow. Day 4: Calm Horseman Name: Sasaka Class: Cavalier Appearance: Definitely older than Furute, although his face doesn’t show it at all. Platinum Blonde hair envelopes his head, uncaring to keep it all tidy. 5’9”(175 cm), with his body being slightly underweight, but still good enough to fight in the war and help out. Especially early on. He wears a old and rather dusty white set of light armor, covering his shoulders, chest, lower legs, and feet. Under the armor is a set of long sleeved blue shirt and gray pants. Description: Calm and relaxed, Sasaka keeps a refined thought and a sharp tounge for any situation, usually to the detriment of his partner Furute. A man of the arts he has often shared a discussion with Rukas, making the two quite close. He’s very apathetic to his cause and is mainly in it for just lack of any other reason, he has nobody back home, they passed on due to illness a while back when he first joined the army to get them medicine. He sometimes worries about what to do later in his life, but usually gets back to the idea of just going with the flow, for better or worse. Crit/Death Quotes: 3 Crit Quotes, 1 Death Quote -Would this sting? -Please, you aren’t that special! -Oh, how exciting! Death Quote -Ah, I guess this is it then. The Crunch: The speed focused of the two cavaliers. While he has high bases in Speed, skill, and def for his level, the rest are rather average. His growths are rather equal to his parter, but with with his Speed and Skill growths switched with his friends Attack and Health growths, He starts with higher weapon ranks in Swords. Early promoting into a paladin is probably a good choice, cause he’ll get axes to increase his rather meh attack stat. Should be pretty useful overall, considering it’s a high move unit that can double. Additional Notes: If this looks rather copy pasted it’s because I rushed it out for his design and Statline stuff, tried to make his personality interesting.
  2. If any of the characters you make are related to the story Thalia is in I could see some fun stuff with her narratively, but I’m more interested in how you managed to make her not as bad as most Sword lords are. Giving her a 2 range sword with thunder stats is rather strong, and pretty interesting. I’m assuming that the sword weighs as much as her con of 6. When do you think she’ll promote?
  3. Well, it’s day 2 now, I guess I should make a Veteran now. Day 2: Veteran Name: Hamanchi Class: Falcon Knight Appearance: Definitely an aged face. His hair is cut short, and an incredibly light gray, close to white. Around 5’10(178cm, rounded up). His body is toned, but isn’t big enough to where his Pegasus is hurt by carrying his mass. He wears a faded red set of light armor, covering his shoulders, chest, upper legs, and feet. Covering the armor is a decorative set of white feathers. Under the armor is a set of long sleeved black shirt and pants. Description: Hamanchi is has set his beliefs and ideals based off of his country’s old ideals, and is strict about upholding them. He often scolds Rukas for his lolligaging and tomfoolery and wishes for him to be able to properly handle himself and his current situation. Before the war, he was the main warrior training new recruits, being well known for leading the current king’s militia long ago. He has a fondness for games like shogi, and often gives Rukas pointers when they play. Rukas eventually surpasses him in shogi over the course of the game. Crit/Death Quotes: 3 Crit Quotes, 1 Death Quote -Don’t disrespect me! -Doves flying high! -My Liege will not falter! Death Quote -Struck Down, here? M-My Liege.. The Crunch: Probably one of the best if not the best unit in the game. Really solid bases in everything except defense, with a noticeably high speed, and a below average attack. His growths aren’t too good excluding his speed, which combined with his base is enough to double most of the game’s enemies. He’ll eventually have offensive and durability problems. Primarily focuses on swords, though starts with A in Swords and B in Lances. He has a personal weapon known as the Ward’s Blade, which gives units nearby a +5 to their defense and resistance, but has no attack and weighs him down by a lot. Probably will be used often to help Rukas survive considering the lord’s poor defense. He also has a steel lance. Additional Notes: Hachiman, divinity of war is the main inspiration for him. Main reason he’s focused on flying and doves due to the animal being his symbolic animal. Wow that took a while, I haven’t had time to read anything else Incase any new posts have come up when writing this, but I also forgot to mention in my last post that I’m rather fond of Stercus’s Bowlord idea moreso than the others I’ve seen, atleast from a gameplay standpoint.
  4. Wow that was quick, and thanks, I was wondering about how to make a unique Lord. Glad to see people like the idea.
  5. This seems like fun. Haven’t had to think of characters for a while should be fun. Been playing Last Promise recently, hope it didnt rub its writing quality onto me. Day One: Lord Name: Rukas Class: Tea Lord. Staff Lord. Promotes to a Chanyou Lord, a Bard unit, in the latter half of the game. Appearance: 22 years old. 5’7(170cm). Medium length jet black hair fashioned into a ponytail. His physique is not prepared for what war needs from men. Very lanky. He wears dark grey robes with a gold sash with his family’s name in the fabric. Wears geta shoes Description: A very aloof person at the beginning with not a sense of foresight. Knows a lot about the culture of the different kingdoms in the land, and is very knowledgeable about ceremonies held specifically. After his first experience with the war he chastises himself for his incompetence and tries to better himself.Often relies on his Veteran to make up plans as he eventually grows into leading the group. Eventually focusing on long range tactics and weathering out opposing forces. Crit/Death Quotes: He wouldn’t have any, as he isn’t a combat unit, so I’m not giving him any. If I decide to change him so that he can fight, I will add crit quotes. To compensate, here’s a death quote instead. He has two based on whether or not he’s promoted. Unpromoted- M-Master was right about my decision.. Promoted- I am glad I be given the respect to die amongst comrades. I’m sorry everyone. The Crunch: Rather bad bases in everything except for his skill and luck . He’ll have good growths in Magic and Res, and Skill. He’ll have mediocre growths in HP, Luck, and Speed. And a really bad Defense growth. E Staff Rank, as he took it up only recently. Focus on a nonviolent lord not because he doesn’t want to fight, but rather is too weak to properly fight and decided to focus on politics and pleasures instead. Pretty good utility unit and even better when he promotes. I’m a bit tired of physical lords so I thought this was a neat idea. Additional Notes: Inspiried by the Tea Master Rikyu.
  6. Sword-Locked Lords are pretty fucking bad unless your name is Sigurd, and arguably Ike. Eliwood is too Average, Roy is my boy, and I have shit genes, Lyn sucks, Marth is in Lance hell games, Chrom does better considering he can promote, and Great Lord/Paladin use Swords and Lances, which means he has two range from around mid game or so depending on how much exp you give him. I forget Eirika existed as I’m writing this and she’s like Lyn, but at least she gets a horse. Still not that good though. But uh, if this was just for the main classes, then Archer/Sniper. Bows are not too good in most Fire Emblem games cause 2-3 range only is pretty shit. Knight would be here but Their GBA animations are way better than the Bowmen.
  7. I’ve wanted Shinon in since they added Ike in. I’d like some other bow units to use besides B!Lyn and F!Takumi. But uh, other units I want in are FE6:Dieck, Lugh, Murdock could be an Axe Armored Unit GHB, Rutger. FE7: Nergal should be in by now, Marcus(This version is probably much more well known), Oswin should be here for being the best Armor Knight in the GBA games, and Erk would be nice. FE8: Selena would be a nice GHB, same with Caellech. Knoll shouldn’t be cucked like he has. There are too many Tellius units that should be in and I can’t think of anyone for Awakening and Fates.
  8. A Sniper with Kanto who teleports to Fortresses laid around the map if an ally is nearby. If attacked teleports to another fortress. It’d be like fighting Guerilla Warfare Enemies.
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