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  1. Gronnraven + Triangle Adept is by far Cecilia's nastiest setup, since it lets her murder AND tank all blues and greys, and a good chunk of greens too. That setup works fine even solo, no horse emblem needed
  2. The only one I am sure will come is Camus, since he's even leaked already stat-wise
  3. Playing from day 1, so far I've earned over 100k feathers. Uses so far: 22.200 Feathers to 5* Sharena 60.000 Feathers to 5* Hana, Zephiel, and Cecilia for LND/LND/Gronnraven+ SI fodder around 20k feathers for various 3* and 4* upgrades for SI purposes.
  4. Fury > lnd on titania imo, her defenses are great so fury really fits her
  5. Solo, titania isnt that great. In horse emblem however... Atm i plan to make her the core to my horse emblem team, setup of killer axe +/reciprocal aid/moonbow/fury 3/renewal/hone cavalry
  6. As red-swords go chrom is one of the worse ones. Lyn is good but overall agreement seems to say that ryoma/lucina/marth is the red-sword of choice, at least atm. Wait for ike later today though. For lances, lukas is an amazing tank, while both catria and sharena are very worth raising. Imo sharena first since her supportive ability is better atm, catria is best used in flier emblem. Out of your greys kagero is the best, so stick with her. Focus on leveling and unlocking potential for now, leave skill inheritance for later, since it is very sp-intensive
  7. There is. It's JP Fae going all "GAOOOOOO~" in battle :D It helps that her VA is Prinz Eugen's XD
  8. JP!Fae is one of the adorablest things in existence, period.
  9. Reinhardt is a slowpoke, 18 Average speed at 5* 40. Olwen is a more troublesome one with her 26 average, which means with gunter + IV you can be seeing a 35 spd Olwen.
  10. Just my 0.02$: Sharena is DEFINITELY worth upgrading. She's the first self-raised 5* I made (5*ed her at end of season TWO), and been using her in my arena team all season 3 and 4, both of which I finish in the top 2k in ranking. Best 22.200 feathers ever spent~
  11. The first 60% is a bargain (1+2+5 total 8 orbs), the last 40% (8+10 total 18 orbs) is more questionable
  12. ah, sorry forgot to mention that I use Lucina. With Falchion regen she can literally solo all the hectors while kiting.
  13. Beat them? Yes, easier on hector than on takumi due to him being eternally kiteable due to 1 mov. Win WITHOUT casualty? Yes on hector, no on takumi. Being mobbed by 4 ranged units practically guarantees 1-2 casualty no matter what you do, while hector can be handle by kiting
  14. Again, Say that to Sharon/Sharena Totally free? Check Amazing skillset? Check Amazing stats? Check
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