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  1. i think you need to speak with him with Jakob first. BTW if you are on Classic mode he won't return if he dies on his chapter. Did you complete the Chapter 17 finally or need some help or tips? i did it recently on Lunatic
  2. hi, recently i finished my first run on FE Fates in Lunatic Classic, now im trying to make a decent MyCastle but probably i got this issue and the method of the second comment is not working for me. My battle and visit points grow a little every day but when i go to the "mailbox" it doesnt display nothing new, just my records of me visiting other castles. Can someone try to gift me any accesory so i can check if there is a problem with my game or something? Im on European server, playing FE Fates Special edition, got the DLC's, my Castle is: 18238-43921-06471-45758 , if someone can just leave a comment to my assistant or send me a gift so i can check if this work or not.... thanks a lot
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