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  1. I'm fond of Shinon's voice in his RD appearance, his lines were just so natural in comparison to Rolf and Mist in the same cutscene, I hope they consider bringing his VA back for heroes like they did with Mia's. Norne's dialogue in Heroes is too stilted for it to sit comfortably with me. It's cute, but her "Aw, Geez," is where it's most noticeable.
  2. probably! IS has recently taking to dropping the trailer the night 3 days before the banner so they have 2 days of hype to build up/the meet some of the heroes page to update
  3. I wanted to take a crack at the Sacred World Epithets in Spanish... a few of these I couldn't figure out how to translate gracefully, I might come back to fix those later.
  4. Somehow I just like her in spite of what sov gave her. She had a lot of potential to be a well-written and interesting character if she and Berkut got more screen time, but even then her memory prism doesn't really do much for that, and she hardly reacted if at all when she was turned into a witch. On the flip side she is a nice departure from the 'evil, sexualized second in hand lady' i've come to expect from fe.
  5. started kinda late tbh, about since about late october of last year. 1st anniversary for me coming up. my first unit might have been erika if i'm remembering correctly? still haven't gotten an ephraim after all this time.
  6. I guess one of my least favorites FE8 hard, because it just... isn't. I think something akin to HHM would benefit the game as a whole. On the other side of the coin there's FE13 Lunatic/Lunatic+ which are too reliant on the player's luck to push through, especially in the earliest chapters. I've been attempting a run for over a month and i'm afraid i'll never finish it. I liked HHM the most since it fixes a lot of what i've criticized. Hard, but fair.
  7. I thought for a second one of them could be the falchion, since the blade deteriorates but the hilt doesn't, but here's alms sword which is much more similar:
  8. the faceless background characters Instills Fear in me,, i get they're there to add scope but a part of me wants the singular characters back. I liked watching them hold their own and being able to interact with every character in battle, which isn't the case anymore it seems
  9. i've always pronounced it as 'el arch el', but if i'm saying it wrong her heroes va says it in one of her lines
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