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  1. I played this hack for 2 days straight to finish 18 chapters. I love the tactician and celia so far, they save my ass most of the time. Question here At chapter 18, Dione appeared so late but with different face sprite, she is supposed to be the blonde stoic girl, ex subordinate of Cynthia right? And is she going to be recruitable in the future?
  2. Finished after some hours playing. I like the story of this hack and the characters. The first few chapter are hellish to be honest, ganged up while your unit at low level. About unit: I love both Owen and Sawyer. They maxed Mag and Spd respectively. I hope Owen turned to the darkside (kinda predictable) but still hold onto his morale, while Sawyer got to choose his life changing choices. Belle is rather weak as a lord, almost got killed in first few chapter. And her Spd is not maxed out even though her Str is quite good, got 15 on her max level (but her Str growth is low tho, hmm). I wonder where will she be in the future, Sawyer or Owen path. I kinda disliked Eagle (Sawyer servant, the Cavalier). I ditch him in the middle of the story. He turned out weak somehow. But, in the other hand, Elijah (Owen servant, the Fighter) is a beast. This is why i love Axe wielder in most fire emblem game rather than Lance wielder. They hit hard and have good survivability. Other unit have some pros and cons, but i will wait until the next release. I love Seneca role in this story. Not your typical villain who want power and some shit. But, the reason he killed the queen is rather questionable. If it is because of the plot for Belle to develop or there are some dark intervention going on in his emotion (because the staff maybe), i don't know. But, i hope he has better role and fate in the future since his ideal is not as villainy as it should be. Oh and also, for Oberon's generals, please give them some badass nickname or title like the Grado's generals in FE8. Overall, this hack worth the wait. 10/10 would play again.
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