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  1. This game didn't deserve better. It's a fine example of games needing a focal point. When you think "Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem", would you immediately think of Japanese pop idols? It tries to be too many things at once and is only mediocre at what it does at best. For example, you could rename the Personas Performas into any religious or mythical figure and remove any mention of Fire Emblem characters (Including Tiki) and it wouldn't affect the game's plot. The gameplay in battles is just a weak mutation of the original Strange Journey on DS; having characters perform follow up attacks after hitting a weakpoint. The original characters are bland, cliche, and one dimensional. The Fire Emblem characters all have amnesia, are monolithic, and hardly interact with anyone other than their partner or the bland MC. This is completely meta and based off of speculation, but people who wanted to see aidolu waifus doing kawaii things already had Idolmaster and Love Live which were peaking in popularity at the time. And of course, which is hilarious to watch in retrospect. Expecting this, but receiving Idol Persona with Fire Emblem lip service tacked on instead doesn't exactly generate good will. It was released on an ailing system; about to be replaced by a newer system. in short yadda yadda it was lame, self indulgent, and catered to a very niche crowd.
  2. What constitutes as "30% good"? Is that like the power levels in this show and are just arbitrary? And wowie, "Goku Black arc was pretty good" tidus laugh
  3. It's great to see this hack has been finished. I played it in early 2017, when the last finished map was the town map with the arrive objective. It was great to see the overhaul that that map received cause it was tedious as all hell to complete. The only major complaint I have is the text bugs with lines from FE7 replacing what you wrote, with the last two maps being nearly "Nils... Ninian...".
  4. I hope that Atlus balances out the characters and magic in general. Naoto and P3MC were ridiculously consistent with mahama and mamudo skills and Akihiko, Chie and Junpei's awakened persona skills gave them absurd damage potential. and why oh why is there gonna be another tragic mystery box loli yet again
  5. "A crude clay doll that simultaneously resembled and didn't resemble a human being. She was told that this was the shape of a human slumbering in its mother's womb"
  6. Welcome to the forums. Hope you have a good time. ... So you like SK too? Can you refresh my memory what Yomi and Murakumo's characters' aliases are in Ikaruga's theater shows? It's been so long since I've last played Estival.
  7. I watched the first ten episodes of Boku No Hero Academia after a friend recommended it. It was very droll and vanilla for a shounen anime and it left me bored and sleepy. It can't even get heroism right. Why is the antagonistic school bully prick being called a hero? Cause he can gain points in a video game battle that determines how 'heroic' one is? "Hey, I got more points than you have, there for, I am the better hero." The annoying loser protagonist is always rewarded. Always. He completely flunks the entry exam and get first place regardless. He failed to save the school bully guy and gets gifted super powers. Not to mention, why do people with super powers discriminate normal people? Especially when powers can be traded around like some sort of token or commodity. Very poor from what I saw, but I guess the egg's on my face for expecting some semblance of quality for something that's intended for 8 year olds or older.
  8. Not particularly thrilled by this announcement, mostly due to it not being on 3DS. What will become of the map making in absence of a second screen? Cartography is a huge part of the series' identity. Without it, the games would be just another series of dungeon crawlers. In 2007, I was amazed by a feature being advertised that most other people take for granted as a convenience in most other RPGs. The maps were what drew me in in the first place, and without it, I don't have much of a reason to keep buying the new games. Off topic
  9. フレデスカ Was Federica inspired visually by Frederica, or is that just coincidence? Anyway, can't wait for 2.0. The story and the chapters were all fun and engaging so far. It was fun enough to play the entire romhack three times to use every character.
  10. I've been replaying 2hu Soujinengi, which was recently announced to be getting a Switch port. http://www.siliconera.com/2018/07/12/touhou-soujinengi-v-the-genius-of-sappheiros-headed-to-nintendo-switch/ It plays quite a bit like SaGa game with formations and weapon skills but you don't have to stupid, tedious stuff like hitting your own characters to increase their HP. You only need to worry about standard exp, and 'power', which is used to augment certain statistics or even learn new skills. The plot is pretty standard for Touhou. Reimu and co. go around Gensokyo beating up people who they think is responsible for the incident until they stumble on the big bad and defeat her. There's even a DLC expansion that adds extra post game content and five characters for a total of seventeen. The game has a ton of references to popular games and manga from the 80's/90's like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Jojo, etc, etc.
  11. FLOWERS - Le volume sur été -, the second in a series of girls love visual novels that was supposed to be released in 2017, is being released in one to two weeks. I'm pleasantly surprised that my plans for the month were messed up with this announcement. It was the only thing besides Bloodstained that I was expecting to be released in 2018 that I was interested in.
  12. I stopped at 6x cause of an unfortunate glitch that occurs at the end of the chapter. Spamming the B and Start buttons to get past the glitch doesn't work, sadly. https://imgur.com/aO0hA2r From what I played, the hack was competently designed, but not fun enough to be engaging. Just comparing, IIRC 4x and 6x to Conquest chapter 10, it isn't in the same league in terms of map design.
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