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  1. is it at all possible that I could get a Jill one?
  2. As long as the mini portraits aren't cropped versions of the normal portraits, and its actually finished, 11/10 better than TLP
  3. I remember using a few codes from a while back, one made it so you could access the prep screen/base screen from any chapter, like the very first prologue chapter, and another made it so you could access everything within the prepscreen, does anyone still have that? I'm trying to make it so the MU is whatever class I want them to be. Though if there's a way to hack the game so you can have him be whatever class you want that would be work too.
  4. Im not a fan of FE4 over all, the reason why I like 776 is because despite the seemingly bad mechanics, it uses them in ways that I really like, making sure the game is, at least in my opinion, is fairly balanced (not easy though, which I also like) and the map design is great, especially compared to FE4 (to quote a certain person who's name rhymes with Snarky Zoe) "this map size should be cut by three"
  5. Fair enough, but overall with everything it does I think it is the best, but it definitely isn't my favorite
  6. they're all flawed though, I just think it does everything it does good the best, and everything it does bad okay
  7. The best title, and I am so far
  8. oh yeah the gba games are amazing 6 is just bad
  9. Took me way to long to realize I needed to do this anyways, I've been a huge FE fan since I was little, around 4/5 years old when I first played, my first game was either 7 or 9, and since then I've played every FE game that's been released (haven't played TRS yet though) My favorite game in the series would be Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, though the best one would be Thracia 776, and FE6 is the worst/least good FE game Favorite characters (because I can't chose one) are Tiki, Sakura, Pelleas, and Haar Also, I'm also currently working on a FE8 Rom hack (kinda on and off, sooner or later I'll be working on it a lot more often)
  10. can anyone help me with getting this to run? specifically with pyside never mind
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