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  1. Alright, guess I'm just unlucky... I think it's just that colorless have been giving me those old units with some regularity, but green isn't. Have plenty of Arturs, Cherches, Merrics, Sheenas and Sorens but sadly no Cecilia.
  2. So were some units removed or are harder to acquire anymore? For example, I wanted to build a Cecilia (the cavalier mage) as one of my favs from FE6 but in almost a year or more I never actually pulled a single one, all the copies I have are the neutral ones given by the game. I actually still open Lyssas, Virions and Rebeccas, but never a Cecilia. I'm wondering...
  3. After dumping almost 300 orbs on the limited banner trying for another Picnic Flora (and not getting her) I was left with 187 orbs for the Celica banner. Got her with ~40 orbs left. Whew. Of course, she's -SPD+RES, but it's fine. Also got lucky this time, got a +ATK Fem!Grima, a neutral Hrid (already had one), my third Naga with crapstatic IV, -SPD+HP now, the other two are -ATK+HP and -DEF+HP and a -SPD+DEF Peony. Use 5 orbs to finally expand my barracks to 350 as now I was needing it. Have 35 orbs left. I better finally begin the garden maps for some refill...
  4. Spent 200 orbs out of 350 orbs on the 6% banner, as it had a 6%... 200 orbs only 2 5*s, and I only wanted another Picnic Flora to get rid of her bane. Got Xander and Bride Sanaki. Was pretty upset as things went almost twice to 10% and I had an abundance of red orbs that only kept giving me 3* Lonqu's. And it was a few hours before I learned about Queen Celica. Then I just went for the Christmas banner to get it out the way and just redeemed a colorless.... Marth and his sister. Wow. Of course it's -ATK, but damn that was really awesome.
  5. 250 orbs, and got her, with a +RES-SPD. Was getting a little worried, was getting pitybroken by Julia haha. Got 2 more Julias (one with +ATK), Bow Lyn (+SPD-HP), Marth +ATK-DEF. Also Bantu and Valbar (hm, demoted already?), Chad. Year would have been perfect if I had also an Igrene or a +ATK Nagi.
  6. 340 orbs, no Igrene =\ Got Perceval, Echidna, Zelgius, Dream Prince Corrin, an when a red finally pity broke me... Sword Reinhardt. To add injury to offense, he's +SPD-ATK.
  7. 130 orbs, got Bunny Marisa (+DEF-HP), Legendary Azura (+RES-HP) and Leif himself (+SPD-RES). As usual good pulls, terrible IVs.
  8. This mode is fantastic, but I really wanted more stamina...
  9. ~75 orbs and got +HP-SPD Hector/Lilina. Wanted Ilyana, but I'm not burning orbs. Also got a +SPD Norne, didn't know she was already demoted to 4*
  10. I wasn't even gonna pull on Thrasir if she wasn't Veronica. Surprisingly, just 70 orbs was enough, got her with +SPD on top of it, and also got a Spring Veronica on the same circle (though with -SPD). Can almost field a Veronica team now 🤣
  11. Loved how they added more characters in the convos. It never crossed my mind I could field an "Amnesiac Team" in the game. Also Nagi! Surprised they added her! Love her looks and want her tiara. And to make things better, with just 60 orbs I got her and I'm done with the banner haha.
  12. Sending Roy with Cecilia, Hawkeye with Bridal Louise and Brave Hector with green archer Lyn.
  13. Got the only one I really wanted - Nagi - in just 60 orbs. She's -HP+RES, but I don't care, can stop now. Also got another Idunn +DEF-ATK on the same session. I have a +RES-SPD one, don't know if I merge (and who becomes the main one) or if I fodder one (and who).
  14. Also got the staff girl from Heroes, forgot her name. She also appears as a 4*.
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