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  1. Loved how they added more characters in the convos. It never crossed my mind I could field an "Amnesiac Team" in the game. Also Nagi! Surprised they added her! Love her looks and want her tiara. And to make things better, with just 60 orbs I got her and I'm done with the banner haha.
  2. Sending Roy with Cecilia, Hawkeye with Bridal Louise and Brave Hector with green archer Lyn.
  3. Got the only one I really wanted - Nagi - in just 60 orbs. She's -HP+RES, but I don't care, can stop now. Also got another Idunn +DEF-ATK on the same session. I have a +RES-SPD one, don't know if I merge (and who becomes the main one) or if I fodder one (and who).
  4. Also got the staff girl from Heroes, forgot her name. She also appears as a 4*.
  5. Got Neph in 50 orbs, but of course, she comes -ATK+DEF. But I guess it's still fine as attacking should be a secondary concern, or I would just use Alm. Nevertheless, I'm happy, no orb dumping to get exactly the only one I cared for.
  6. Started with Eliwood, then went with Camilla. Even forgot to vote in the final moments haha, at least still got some extra feathers. So instead of Begnion, it's Nohr who invades and crushes Daein. Nice.
  7. Damn, I was planning on saving orbs, and didn't care about anyone... but they release a Nephenee alt. Which looks amusing and amazing. Ah shit.
  8. 175 orbs until Julia (+RES-HP). Got another Naga (+HP-SPD), a Gunnthr√° (+RES-ATK) and a green mage Mist (+SPD-RES). I think it's pretty good, got some decent fodder too.
  9. Surprised how Camilla looked a bit childish in this, as it didn't really sounded like her... but then again, it's alternate worlds. Considering both Xander and Leo to die or at least renounce, wonder what happened in that Fates world.
  10. ~160 orbs, got Micaiah (+hp-def) and Eliwood (+hp-spd), plus another Axe Ephraim and a Nina. Guess I'll take Camilla as the freebie.
  11. Funny, the trailer showed her on Mystery of the Emblem. So she really is Nagi in that game (and the first)? Wonder what caused the memory loss or the return of it in Awakening.
  12. Got a Naga (+HP-DEF, of course...) actually without spending too much, which made me happy, specially as I got a Gunnthra and a Hrid as well. Kinda of makes up for spending 200 orbs for no Bridelia. Even got them with +ATK.
  13. How strange, story wise... Sigrun, Tanith and Sanaki do not even appear on the maps and the final boss is Pent, but no Louise in sight. No Masked Marth intro as well. Maybe we're the villains this time, like killing Pent and the guests while he's waiting for Louise to arrive
  14. I hate this game. Wanted Bridelia, 200 orbs later, I start with blue and get Charlotte. Go to Green next and get Minerva. Sigh. I don't even care they are +ATK (with obviously -SPD, of course...).
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