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  1. Sparked to get Guinivere, only one I wanted. I was getting really salty and pissed off as I didn't get a single 5* and I was being showered with 3*s until the spark limit... I actually went to 41 on the last orb of the circle, which was red, and I almost didn't do it, but did it simply to finish the damn circle since I was 100% getting Guini anyway. Then a sillhoette in slow motion popped. Igrene. Hell yesss, I've hunted her fo soo long, and she appeared when I never expected it! She even came with +ATK! Quite fitting on a FE6 banner too. 150 orbs for Guini and a Igrene and now I'm in a very happy mood again.
  2. Damn, between "Alfonse" seeing real Earth and that revelatio, it's making me feel just 1 more chapter really won't be able to cover and wrap it all neatly in just 5 segments. Really looking towards a cliffhanger or some half-assed resolution. Maybe Veronica saves the day...
  3. Can't believe Velouria won! When I saw she had a 11.2x over Bernadetta with 2 hours remaining I thought that would've sealed the deal for Bernie, so I cashed in my flags and sad my puppy would lose. Opened the game today... she actually won!
  4. All I know is that I love my Perceval and Echidna. Saul, Melady and Guinevere should be characters as well.
  5. Got all 4 with ~140 orbs. Very first pull was a Shinon, then got another one. Pulled a 4* +ATK Ilyana (which I already feathered), pulled Gatrie around 31/40 and sparked Jill.
  6. Characters with a heart are locked from being merged/compiled into a manual and etc. This is to prevent accidentally deleting them. Click the character and the heart on their big portrait to remove it and you can now do whatever you want with them. But you should never sent home. Go to the Compile option and choose to create Manuals. Then choose the characters you want to get rid and turn them into manuals. Manual storage room is unlimited, and being a manual you can still use the manual to merge it to a character or inherit skills to other characters as if it were a normal character. Sending 4*s to the "manual room" is fine, but you shouldn't do it with the 5*s, even if they are duplicates. In case you are really looking for more room, you can expand your barracks size in the Options, Expand Barracks. Costs 1 orb for 5 slots, all the way to 1100 extra slots.
  7. I was actually excited for the mode, but I thought I would be fighting some battles myself or something like that. I had no idea what I was doing and everything seemed so dull. From the description of how it worked, Elincia had no business having almost a 10x multiplier for all the event, and I supported the lower multiplier characters multiple times and while it was supposedly to be easy battles, I lost a lot of them.Felt pretty nonsensical. Didn't even use my shields yet and the event is already over aparently.
  8. I want a Nagi or fallen Tiki banner, I want more merges for them.
  9. Damn, I actually had the flags saved and all, and actually forgot to vote, after like 5-6 million points on Tiki the previous rounds. At least Dimitri won, as I was on his team. Haven't played 3H yet, but initially he was the least impressive of the 3 lords that came into the game for me, as I really didn't like his art (looked liked Arthur somehow). But the Brave version is so badass!
  10. I don't have any feelings towards FE4/5 characters as I haven't played either, save for Julia, so thankfully it's a banner I can save my orbs after the bonanza with CYL and Corrin.
  11. Let''s go Tiki! 3 million points on you!
  12. After being almost 5 months off from the game, couldn't have returned better, I guess! Managed to get all 4 with only ~100 orbs. Got Lysithea and Claude on the very first summoning circle, then went the 40 spark thing and chose Dimitri, then chose Edelgard as the free choice. Lys is +ATK but Claude is -SPD, wondering if I go for anothe round of 40 just to choose him on the spark and get rid of that bane. Edit: Easy, 2 more circles and a +SPD Claude popped up, along with a Fallen Lyon!
  13. Folks, my phone broke back in February and haven't played FEH since then as only 3 days ago I got a new phone. So can anyone give me a summary of significant changes? More specifically, what is a "Spark"? I heard in the main page description you can "Spark" the banner up to 4 times. From what I think I understood it's kinda of a pitybreaker, that when hit I can get a focus Hero of my choice? And how exactly this works or how many orbs is necessary?
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