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  1. Well thank you for explaining that, as someone who love the franchise for 11 years and thought people who like such obscure game which require so much brain power to play would be nice and collected unlike MOBA fan. Guess I was wrong. I am seeing better, more sensible reaction on reddit so I am going over there. Good bye everyone and good luck.
  2. I litterally just create a new account to talk about my hype to people here. But what I am reading is people complaining about a name(???) so they think the game is bad(???) Seems like I'm hanging with the wrong crowd, back to my friend circle I guess.
  3. I love the trailer honestly. The trailer quality and sense of art improve greatly from previous entries. And there is some small thing I must mention, I F*CKING LOVE THE GAME I SAW! I mean from the 1st time playing FIre Emblem I always imagined that each unti is actually the representative of a troop, why else would 12 random people running around a battlefield fighting an army? Now we actually have army on army action here. Not just about playing defensive to win a map but actual army tactic!!! The graphic is obviously an upgrade, the art style is a perfect mix between old school serious FE style and anime style (feel somewhat close to Persona 5). The only thing that doesnt fit my eye is the size of character on the map, a little too small I suppose. And the story start off really interesting, I guess we have move on from 1 absolute good county vs 1 absolute evil country. I get the feeling that there will be a lot of conflict and our main char is stuck in the middle as she is still a student(?) kinna like trail of cold steel situation. Even the holy Fire emblem (crest) itself is being question. Love this direction. Dont know how the story will play out though. All and all, I havent bought a switch yet but I will now! Feel the hype!
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