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  1. Given that M!Byleth isn't on this banner, and the Kronya GHB happens during this banner and the next, I'm expecting the new heroes banner after this one will also be 3H themed. M!Byleth will probably be on that one, and I hope they go the route of showcasing some teachers or other students, and not go the obvious route of showcasing the lord's timeskip designs. Hope there's someone on that banner I really like. I have over 320 orbs saved that I can't use on my new phone so I gotta blow em up soon.
  2. This kind of confirms for me that I'll be going BL > BE1 > GD > BE2. This way I can start with BL like I wanted, but I can also have the moral dilemma of being in the position of fighting against each house post timeskip after I've already played as that house. I originally intended BE as being last, but BL > GD > BE1 > BE2 doesn't allow me to do this.
  3. With the news of the SSM options, I'm going to romance Alois in Blue Lions, Gilbert in Golden Deer, and Linhardt in Black Eagles. Outside of those, Manuela, Petra, Annette, and maybe kind of Mercedes are growing on me. For F!Byleth, I'm thinking of going Dorothea or Hubert in BE, Dedue, Mercedes, and maybe Felix or Dimitri in BL, and Raph in GD. I also plan on seducing Hanneman one time or another too.
  4. My two cents: - It is bogus for WLW to get more attention than MLM - It is tone-deaf for the writers to code Claude as LGBT as they did and have him not be a same-sex option. Though it remains to be seen if this a result of Claude's original writing or his English characterization. - It's fair to not be happy with the choice of the three MLM they did include. But let's be sure to keep in mind that these feelings are mostly opinion-based. I personally think that it's an eclectic trio and that Alois and Gilbert aren't as similar as some people are saying, but I respect people feeling otherwise. - As legitimate as the issues with how IS implemented same sex marriage are, let's be sure to assess which arguments we want to make and try to avoid any bad-faith arguments and assumptions, especially when we have so little to go on. If something like a dev interview comes out and they try to hem and haw around the issue of same sex marriage then yeah, that's totally scornworthy. But for now we should think about what arguments we're making so our optics are better if this turns into a bigger thing.
  5. I know some people aren't totally happy with the distribution of MLM relations, but I'm fucking GIDDY that not all the same sex options are young, twinky archetypes. And regarding Alois's wife and kid, you can totally write it in a way where Alois and his wife split off amicably, or she dies and he and Byleth get together after the fact, with Byleth being a wholesome step-parent. Whether or not IS has the writing chops remains to be seen, but if you seriously think a 2nd party Nintendo title will have the protagonist be an abject homewrecker you need to seek help. Also, if the speculation of I wonder if they're going to go the route of him having left because of him being an MLM. Could be intriguing to see unfold.
  6. Manuela kind of gives me Misty Lee vibes. Sort of sounds like Ursula or Camilla with a different inflection. Also seconding Hanneman as Dan Woren. He's totally Ikutski from Persona 3. I'd say Annette is Laura Bailey, but given how she got replaced as Lucina by Alexis Tipton, I'm thinking Alexis is Annette here too. And Mercedes is TOTALLY Dorothy Fahn. That's definitely her signature breathiness and high intonation that she used for characters like Tsumugi Shirogane.
  7. Here's something I'm curious about. With something I'm wondering is that who here would prefer them break conventions and have each house be their own thing, as opposed to there being a Revelation-but-better situation where the three lords eventually join forces and you have the force of all the game's playable characters on your side (with "true ending" not necessarily meaning "all sunshine and rainbows ending"). My personal opinion is that I prefer the latter because I have an affinity for "true" endings because I like the closure they provide, and like having all the characters be available, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks. Thoughts?
  8. If Otherwise M!Byleth will go for Manuela provided she's supportable. For F!Byleth I'd go for Hannneman if he's also supportable.
  9. Waifus don't really do anything for me, and as much as I like Helbindi I'm drowning in sword infantry right now, so EZ skip for me. Good thing too, I'm waiting to see what the eventual Three Houses Focus(es?) bring to the table before I spend my 100+ orbs.
  10. Ingrid the otome game protagonist X Dimitri Mercedes x Dedue Petra x Hubert Marianne x Claude Raph x Leonie Manuela x Hanneman (please) M!Byleth x Hanneman (PLEASE) If gay options aren't available, or I don't like any of the gay options, I'll go for M!Byleth x Manuela if she is recruitable. I like the fact that she's 'neutral' per se, and I'm not super keen on dating former students, but that's something I'll have to see how I feel about everyone after the timeskip. Side note, but something I'm curious about is that Blue Lions has 5 males and 3 females, where the other houses are split 4/4. Do we know what implications this has for supports?
  11. Not to quibble over details, but does anyone else think that the subtitle "Three Houses" sounds incredibly.... dumb? That sounds mean, and the rest of what was shown looked crazy good, but regardless of their actual content, we had a good thing going on with the naming of Awakening, Fates, even Heroes. Why go for something that sounds so... unexciting?
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