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  1. I am not not that far as well, but from the few supports I read and other lines I am really glad that he is more than just the best looking male imo. Really interesting. Gotta continue now. I want to know more about all of them so I can take part in conversations online.
  2. So disappointed with Ferdinand. 😭 If his character isn't great then goodbye to my husbando. The rest looks more or less good to me.
  3. I hope amiibo will unlock some of the items you would get on the battlefield from these glowing spots. For the online functionality they offer I would never buy the online membership but I am a little sad to miss out on some stuff.
  4. She looks a lot better after the timeskip. And I am glad to have a confirmation that the portraits of the students will change.
  5. I hope to change the strengths too, especially since gauntlets are next to useless for females imo. At the same time I doubt it. I just hope it is kind of ties to your birth date, similar to the elemental affinity in FE7 for the avatar.
  6. Lysithea does have a hidden talent in swords. You can see it at around 7:44 min. Ignatz does have a hidden talent in reason.
  7. I'd just say Byleth is around 21. Doesn't look too much older than most of the students. Also, I do not think the academy works like a school. More like tutoring in university. (Where more experienced students get to instruct newer students.) So romancing is totally fine by me.
  8. I will play all three houses at the same time on different accounts on my switch. Black Eagles are my favorite house though so they will be on my main account. Since the Golden Deer do not really interest me for now, I will most likely test out some things in that playthrough to make a better decision with Eagles and Lions.
  9. Thanks to both of you. I should check it out. I'd love it if he was playable and we could get an early wyvern rider. But I won't get my hopes up.
  10. I will probably stay online and read/watch everything that gets shown. Maybe that will help me decide who I want to recruit and who will study for which class. Although that will probably change while playing. Also...I still need to see if Ferdinand stays handsome. And I will most likely prepare some small "guide books" where I will note down anything I do not want to look up everytime but may need occasionally. Who knows how many lost items there are and stuff like that.
  11. Well...we know how an American would pronounce it tbh. But I am prepared for more mispronunciations from my point of view... I did like what we could hear from Hubert. And did Petra make a grammar mistake? I would like that. Hopefully the remaining 4 Black Eagles will get a video as well. And I am so looking forward to interactions between Hubert and Ferdinand.
  12. That dining dialogue with Ferdinand and Edelgard just made my day. 😂 I am looking forward to their supports.
  13. Or maybe it is..similar to "He Who Must Not Be Named" a.k.a. "You-Know-Who" a.k.a. "the Dark Lord". The school setting already fits...so why not the enemies?
  14. They seem fine. Seems like they are releasing this now a little faster than before.
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