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  1. A counter argument to your counter argument, that ghost type is hard carrying the normal. Normal only grants the ghost immunity which while great it gives no other benefit. A type should be able to stand and be judged alone(with the exception of flying) which normal can not do. I personally believe normal should beat Dragon and Fairy, make mundane beat mythical.
  2. Not me, not a fan of fighters, I would prefer a FEW with a good roster or even a action rpg don’t in FE’s world and characters.
  3. So for me it's split into a few groups First is Action RPGs: It's gotta be Infinite Undiscovery, I know it wasn't well received, but I loved the combat in it. The link systems was fun, and it made you really think if getting it to fights are worth it as running can be really problematic. Second is Persona 3, while P5 polished a lot in the combat it got rid of a some things that made it more fun such as the fact P3 was more strategic. You couldn't control your allies so you really need to put more thought in who you take and how much more important hitting weaknesses where in P3. Lastly is a certain RPGM game that I won't name but has such insane customization freedom. It has some crazy builds that can break everything or while you can ignore it and still manage. I do like having some class that are the same role but use different methods, like Priest vs Nurse while the Priest uses mana the Nurse uses SP which you start each battle with a set amount. The Nurse can heal more often to keep the team going but is far weaker in drawn out battles.
  4. I mostly think it's the drought, once a new game is finally announced it will pick back up then.
  5. I wish we could get some news on something FE that isn't Heroes.
  6. Bernie is only B tier? This list lost all creditability.
  7. Depends on who you have recruited, I know Anette and Gilbert happens after the skip.
  8. Hey, Alastor I don't know if others have said this but if you have to redo a Paralogue opening you can hold down B to fast forward thru it.
  9. No, I mean like as it's a back and forth between you and me it's fine but if like if me or you where to post twice in a row that is double posting.
  10. Yea, it's considered spamming. Asking questions are all fine, but try to let someone else post before you do again. If you want to ask more and no one has posted try private messaging those who reply here.
  11. Well, posting 2 times in a row on the same thread can get you in trouble. You can always use the edit option to add more to a post after you post it.
  12. I'm just gonna throw this out there but you can always save before using it and then if you don't like the results then you can just reload. And before you ask any class that reaches cap can cycle back to lv 1 with a second seal.
  13. Either click the "Quote" option at the bottom of the post or highlight the parts you wanna quote and it will give you the "Quote Selected" option.
  14. No, I have only gotten bullions when I have gotten the kill with Leif's Blade as the killing weapon.
  15. I'm fairly certain it works just like the despot skill, I have only ever had it work when the blade was eqiupped.
  16. Man, it been pretty bare around here in terms of new anime but I can’t express how much I am looking forward to Komi-san in a couple week. I have only read all 300+ chapters.
  17. Not gonna lie I think stat booster should be buyable in new game + like hoe SS lets you buy them in the post game. This way you get a lot more freedom for what characters you can use.
  18. Here is mine I guess. Beam Sword (Rowan and Lianna) - Eliwood Lord (Marth and Celica) - Erika Lord (Chrom and Lucina) - Ike Myrmidon (Lyn and Navarre) - Mia Thunderblade (Ryoma and Owain) - Catherine Paladin (Xander) - Stahl Puff the Magic Dragon (Corrin) - Kana by default? I second this. Dancer (Olivia) - Tethys Soldier (Oboro) - Nephenee Flying Lance (Cordelia, Caeda, and Hinoka) - Sigrun Singer (Azura) - Honestly none, I think this moveset is the worst. War Priest/Cleric (Lissa) - Charlotte Flying Axe (Camilla/Minerva) - Haar Great Knight (Frederick) - Titania Dark Mage (Robin/Tharja) - Canas Light Mage (Linde) - Marianne Dark Knight (Leo/Elise) - Maribelle Archer (Takumi/Sakura/Anna/Niles) - Shinon Manakete (Tiki) - Nah
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