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  1. That is the point of a forum, what would we be if not helpful?
  2. I didn't say anything about dismount, it should be removed. I was talking about Canto and weakening stats and growths of fliers. If normal horses get canto why wouldn't winged ones?
  3. A few characters have different movement in the classes, such as Nowi's victory pose as a mage/sage is different then others of the class. Maribelle shares Thief line Panne's victory pose. They reused a lot of animations in it. However Griffon has a different animation set then Wyverns
  4. This is such a bad argument, Just cripple them isn't helpful. You would only swing them to the other side going from OP to trash and useless. Ground units vs Flying each has what they are good at but 3H gives to much freedom. Players will often just use the easiest route.
  5. I agree, but just because I find them the most fun to play
  6. Imma just gonna set this Rule 34 and fanfic Doujinshi here... don’t mind me...
  7. I have but... I didn't care for it as much as the previous entrees
  8. Villager escort is the mission your thinking of, and most of the time it was 3 villager. Yeah, I brought that up too, most skills are just bad compared to a select few
  9. That may be true, by why have them then? If their only use is fodder why make them equitable? The thing is to make them not a pointless drop most of the time. The same can be said for the opposite, I wouldn’t put it pass them to keep the 2000 kills( or however many it was) to unlock blessing and now everyone has to do it twice. Each character only have one personal weapon is something that I think makes them more different from each other, like if Minerva and Seteth both wield Axe and Lance but only Minerva gets a personal axe then she will always have the advantage over Seteth but he gets his personal Lance which makes him better then her in Lance combat.
  10. 1) if you look back Minerva actually favored Lance in FE1-2 and she couldn’t wield axes. She only started using axes in shadow dragon. So the “never used anything but axes” isn’t true. But that is splitting hairs as wyverns being axe units more or less started with PoR and was solidify in RD. 2 was more or less a personal concern and I have no issue with it. 3) I don’t think each character should have 2 personal weapons as you never really use a standard weapon in the first one. I think a character should be force to use a standard weapon for their second moveset. 4) can be argued in a bunch of ways, I think each character should have a favorite weapon type and they can only use that weapon for restricted missions
  11. Okay my thoughts, 1) That would make some unit more playable (Corrin) but I think if done you should still have characters share weapons sets. Like both Seteth and Minerva having Axe/Lance sets. 2) This would be kinda hard from a mechanic point of view, say you’re attack with a bow and switch weapons to a sword... there is a good chance the enemies will be outside your reach. If done right it would be fine. 3) I don’t see how this matter here, in fact I think it leans the other way, certain characters who get really good skills, like Niles and Olivia now gain an extra skill shot for free while characters with bad skills, Frederick, have even less potential. I think skills would need to be reworked for this to be good. I agreed on it because I think a character shouldn’t have to waste a skill slot on their skill. 4) Triangle coverage is all well and good but it would probably get locked a lot during history maps as it would render the “Only X weapon types” in history mode pointless.
  12. Okay, but then in your point everyone would be half clones. One weapon clones unit B and second weapon clones unit C... that isn’t much better.
  13. I agree with 1, 3 and 4. I’m on the fences with 2 but I do disagree with 5, instead of giving everyone 2 weapons each character should have 1 and their own moveset. Minerva and Camilla shouldn’t have the same fighting style(Minerva has a cap mag of 3 remember). I don’t really wanna see them try and make a check list of weapons.
  14. Nope, you can’t help it if you like them all. Use the Waifu-est of the Waifus and the most Husbando of them all to you content
  15. Oh I know, she is second to only Marianne in my books but I figured to use some logic instead of personal feelings
  16. I don’t know, adding 3H characters is like trying to run thru a minefield. No matter who they pick they are gonna piss people off. I see Bernie getting in over Dorothea just because she is far more popular then Dorothea in japan
  17. No one said anything about practical, I had Marianne be a War Cleric(100% pass rate) with her never touching a brawl weapon, Both Sylvain and Ferdie both are strong in Axes. However that still doesn't change the fact that once you get WL you stop using one of those weapons which is what this is all about.
  18. Heath and Cormag used swords fairly often to counter axes. Also like I said to Pete's mate training and using are very different. If you only level weapons by using them this would be different but you don't have to use them to level them.
  19. Training and using are very different things, you have to train Lysthea in lance to make her a Dark Knight but that doesn't mean she gonna use lances
  20. The point is if you spam SS you only use lances, if not you only use Axe... you never have a reason to use both
  21. That is why I said most characters, but if you don't use SS axes will have better damage. Heck, I'll admit it's me but in my 400 hours of 3H I've only had Ferdie as a WL once and it wasn't as a SS bot and I've never had Sylvain as WL. but then off your own statement why use an axe if you intend to SS spam?
  22. Okay so taking any reason to use any other weapon is less limiting the giving 1 less damage when fighting a bad weapon? Why would a Wyvernlord ever use a lance when they have axefaire, why waste a limited skill slot for lancefaire and Lance Prowess? They never have a reason to use anything but an axe (most characters).
  23. So, after 16 games, classes and class promotion should be dropped to based on your statement.
  24. I think it should come back, without their is never really a reason to use more then one weapon on a character. This is made worse with the skills from 3H where it almost handicaps you to try and use 2 weapon types
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