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  1. This is why I think it’d be a nice idea to have a country/continent based on Asia (not Japan please), South America , or Africa. Places where white people will be the ones that require world building in order to not look out of place. Personally I’d love to see an Indian country (because I’m half Indian half English lol)
  2. This is pretty good! I’m hoping byleth ends up pointing their students in the right direction at least. Not outright making decisions for them. That’s not what a teacher does. They should just show edelgard and co. the right things to do by giving THEM options to choose from, that would be interesting. I can’t wait to see how they handle the role of a teacher now!
  3. True I suppose. I personally do want him to be an avatar but not like robin and Corrin. I’m assuming you’re aware of what the summoner from heroes is like? They are entirely self insert and even from our world. Of course IS won’t make byleth be from here, but I’d like him to be like the summoner. Not in your face but still a little important. All I want from him being the avatar is customization and me being a part of things tbh??. But personality wise, I just want it to be easy to self insert.
  4. I don’t mind a silent avatar but ideally I’d want byleth to be like the summoner from heroes. Not exactly in your face, but still important enough and easy to self insert. Yeah byleth being like the summoner is our best bet in making people happy. At least the summoner isn’t like Corrin and robin
  5. I’m seeing so many negative responses to the squad thing. This IS a war you know? Before it was just you and your rag tag group of buds going on a dragon adventure. but this is beginning to look like a real war instead of like two football teams having a go at each other with everyone on one team wearing completely different stuff. There may not be as many characters but I’m sure there will be a few in each group. It’s better this way imo. as for the plot this is how I think it might go down: I’m hoping for a lot of internal and political conflicts between the Church and the three houses. The Church may end up doing something to split the houses up and cause them to have battles amongst each other while they watch as the houses try to destroy each other. The other cause behind this might be the crests edelgard was talking about. She and our avatar might help the other houses realize what the Church is doing. the Church itself is definitely based on Western European Church. Look at its design when the avatar is running around. I personally hope the setting is like England. (Because I’m English lol) and I’m REALLY hoping we get more accents this time. It’s really not that hard like Lasnigo did it, even though it sounded obviously fake, he still did it! I’m sure it’s gonna be along the lines of British, French and German, though. I’m definitely looking forward to the internal conflict, and the whole game itself!
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