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  1. If I was told that that was a character from the rumoured Atelier Ryza 3, I’d believe it. Can’t decide which is worse - the hair or the shoes. Will be interesting to see what the male version looks like.
  2. I’m actually not sure if FE made huge progress for LGBT+ representation between Fates and TH. While the wlw options in Three Houses were great, the route they decided to take for mlm options feels like they were taking one step forward and then two steps back. The platonic S support endings with Alois and Gilbert were a baffling choice considering that the fans have always associated S supports to be romantic. So base game basically has 1 mlm option and 5 wlw options. To rub salt in the wound, you end up marrying some random girl in Alois’ ending. IS then added two mlm options via DLC. Jeritza, who is probably more deranged than Niles and Yuri, a guy that wears makeup (not that there’s anything wrong with that but I was hoping for a less stereotypical choice). Other somewhat popular games in Japan with dating aspects such as Story of Seasons and Rune Factory have already implemented ss options across the board. While Rune Factory 5 launched with no SS options, they went out of their way to create new cut scenes and gender specific terms for the Western launch. The next FE game will be the most telling to me in regards to the developers’ stance. While I’m not expecting them to go all out like Rune Factory, I’m hoping they’ll at least do better than what they did in TH (which IMO is a pretty low bar for this day and age).
  3. TFW people in that reddit thread say that it's probably a Chinese knock-off but China doesn't even use traditional Chinese. If anything, the fact that the text is in traditional Chinese makes the leak a bit more believable as games need to be completed and approved to be released in China + the game was probably sent to Taiwan/HK for translation or play testing which caused these screenshots to be taken. The hair of the protag is what's really bothering me and I was also expecting more colourful character designs from Gust. However, looking at older Atelier games (Atelier Lulua, Atelier Escha & Logy), the character designs seem to be in the similar art style. Also noticed that there's no S support betwen WWWWWWW (looking to be the avatar/protag) and the character in that screenshot. Not sure how well some fans of the series will receive that (unless they standardized it so all paired endings to be able to only reach A support similar to the students in TH). Edit: Omg just remembered that the protagonist is supposed to be male which makes the lack of S support in that screenshot make sense (but also RIP to the idea of everyone being bi if the picture is real). The hair made me think the protagonist was a she. I do find the redditors to be overreacting a bit though lmao.
  4. I have a feeling that if the leak is true, this game will probably be even more divisive than Fates. The summoning mechanic is quite fanservice-y and on top of that, if Gust is doing the visuals, I'm expecting characters in a similar style as the Atelier games - very colourful and over the top - which I think a decent amount of the fanbase will dislike (but I personally don't mind).
  5. Have to sleep as I have work tomorrow but just reached the first mission after you choose your house. Seems like there are no S supports in this game (at least with the students) as the maximum support is A. However, not sure if they decided to keep the idea of how A supports can also lead to paired endings. Another weird thing is that Felix and Mercedes only have a C support (no B and A). I believe they're the only pair in Blue Lions to only have one support conversation. Edit: Seems like although some pairs have multiple support levels, there is still only 1 conversation to be had between them. (i.e Dedue and Ingrid's support levels go up to A but it seems like the only support level with a conversation is A).
  6. Here's a random (I think) unpopular opinion I had recently: I'd like a spinoff/mainline' game of Fire Emblem where the gameplay mechanics are more or less the same as all the other mainline FE games but the character designs are more over the top and ridiculous. Some may say it would be 'too anime'. Think character designs similar to TMS, Atelier games or XB2 with the fanservice toned down. The game also doesn't take place in some medieval fantasy setting that obviously draws inspiration from Europe but takes place in a world that's much more creative, unique and colourful. I think it's unpopular because I don't see the current fanbase taking this type of FE game well since it will be 'too anime' but honestly, the character designs that are all inspired by Western cultures whilst great are starting to get a bit 'repetitive'. Maybe that's why even though the gameplay of Birthright is subpar, I still have a great appreciation for the Birthright cast with their character designs because it's finally something different. ...Maybe I just want a mainline FE game that doesn't draw inspiration from Western cultures again (nothing against Western cultures but I just want something different setting wise for an FE game).
  7. The trailer made me excited because it seems like the story is more fast paced and interesting. With the exception of Hubert, I quite like the character designs in this game (compared to post skip in TH) and it seems like we'll get to play as or at least meet characters that were mostly absent in TH (Monica, Holst etc.). Just makes me more sad that this game isn't a traditional FE game instead.
  8. An unfortunate 9/10 for Lysithea for the reasons stated above. Personal want is 1/10. I'm one of the few people that really really dislikes Lysithea as a character. Her support with Ignatz is the worst and her other support conversations are either almost as bad or non offensive at best. Her backstory is not interesting enough to save her as a character. Basically the most overrated character in the history of FE and I pray that IS will not make more characters of her archetype in future games.
  9. I'm currently in NG+ and his weapon skill (completely ignores enemy's defense stat) is able to hit around 300-400 per enemy. As a comparison, Seranoa is able to do high 100s - 200s using Hawk Dive. With the help of Qauhaug, Julio and Medina, he'll able to do it multiple times consistently, but the only problem is him surviving until his next turn. So honestly, his biggest issue is his squishiness as there are a lot of enemy units that have ranged attacks and his mobility isn't so good that he can avoid them. Edit: forgot to mention that other than his weapon skill, all his other attacks/skills are utterly underwhelming. To avoid spoilers (since I don't know how far you're in now), there is a map mid game where he is a mandatory unit to use and he actually was one of the more useful units in taking a huge chunk of HKP off from the boss with his weapon skill. How the story unfolds by surrendering Roland is so much better! I'm currently choosing all the options that I didn't choose (usually the less 'moral' options) and I'm discovering that it provides a lot more insight to Roland's development and internal conflicts. I'm finding myself to be more sympathetic towards him now and he's honestly one of the more complex characters of the cast. My biggest gripe with Seranoa and Frederica is that they seem too 'perfect'' to the point that it's boring. --- On a completely different note, I finally figured out how to use Decimal and honestly he's becoming more useful than I expected? Obviously not S tier but every time he instant kills an enemy unit, I giggle like a maniac.
  10. I think it's more fair to say that he's designed to be a glass cannon but kinda falls short. He has the defenses of a glass cannon but doesn't do so much damage that makes him stand out a lot among the others. Certain characters such as Seranoa, Ezana, Frederica, Rudolph all hit as hard, if not harder than him and have other skills that are more useful than his. I pretty much only use Roland just because I like him as a character... However...(major story spoiler regarding a recruitable character; click at your own risk):
  11. Oh yeah it's NG+ as the levels carry over and the enemies' levels also adjust accordingly. Funny (and sad story) is that because I didn't use Frederica, Geela and Roland much in my first run, I actually couldn't beat the first map in NG+ on Normal and had to change the difficulty to very easy...😅 Probably one of the better design choices for this game is the leveling system so even though some units were super neglected, I'm able to get them up to speed after a few mental battles. Also, no unit is so horrible that they're not worth using (unlike FE) so I'm having fun experimenting with units that I didn't use in the first run. Not being able to rely on some of the MVPs in my first run is also a fun challenge. I feel like with how the abilities are designed, there are certain units that have to be deployed together as a pair/group though if you want to get the most out of them.
  12. Roland is definitely the weakest of the Core 8 since he's designed as a glass cannon. Unfortunately for him, there are other glass cannons are able to strike from a distance or can sustain themselves without dying in a few hits (so they're not really glass cannons, just straight up better units lol). Added to his already low defense, he has the added bonus of being weak to spears which is just...sad. Roland is now level 42 for me and I find that he's actually better than he was during the 30s as he won't die in 2 hits (arguably the worst levels for him because he's squishy + damage output isn't so high that it's worth deploying him). I'd still recommend using Roland though because depending on your choices, he might be required to be deployed on maps even in mid to late game. As he's already squishy, being underleveled means he'd easily get sniped! I haven't used Narve that much (I'm still trying to level him up so my experience of him is limited to mental battles). For my first run I primarily used Ezana and Corentin but from what I see so far, he's kinda an 'all-in-one' mage without the high damage output. I do think his diverse utility is pretty useful though and will play with him more in the future. In the end, i think all four mages are pretty good and all bring something to the table and it's entirely up to your play style to choose who to use. I personally think Corentin is the best mage (decent damage output, freezing the ground, silence, crowd control, shield that gives immunity.+ counter, Disney TP on Ice). Despite not having 1 TP skills, I find that pairing him with Julio (and his TP on ice passive) pretty much 'fixes' the issue.
  13. I agree that Roland's definitely selfish too. However, I feel like Roland's reasoning for being selfish is a bit more understandable than Benedict's. Granted, Roland's decision is quite extreme and it is basically impossible for players to agree with him. I actually find Ezana to be more useful than Frederica. Her main attack hits hard (I think second hardest hitting mage after Frederica) and has the chance to paralyze enemies which is honestly super useful. When she makes it rain, her lightning attacks spread to anyone that's standing in the puddle and I've been able to paralyze multiple enemy units with one strike this way. The downside is that the puddle formation is random and your own units are not immune to being hit and paralyzed. Medina will seem underwhelming at first but when she unlocks a certain skill, she becomes healer + TP battery in one and she's probably the best healer in the game. I think the problem with Hossabara is that everything she can do, others can do it better. She's arguably the worst character for healing due to low healing + not being able to heal herself (Giovanna might be the worst healer but I don't think people bring her expecting her to heal anyways; it's more of a bonus when the conditions are right). As for knockback, Erador, Roland and Rudolph all can push enemies off. Roland and Rudolph's damage output is very high and Erador is the best tank in the game. I've heard her weapon skill is game changing though but I haven't unlocked it for myself to see.
  14. I see Roland as someone that's incredibly lost and traumatized and will do anything to end the conflict to the point that he's not able + willing to think things through. I'd argue Benedict is arguably the most selfish character in the game and is also a prick yet I still really enjoy his character. I honestly quite like all 4 of the main characters and I like how both Roland and Benedict are written to have unlikable traits though I wish they'd expand more on the personalities of the other characters (not even the recruits). Geela's personality is non existent.
  15. I think you need to play the game 4 times to unlock all playable characters. Regarding Roland, I've seen many people say that supposedly, if you follow him for the Chapter 15, his BIG decision at the end will make a lot more sense. I'm on my second run and I'm planning to go with Roland for all the decisions to see for myself. I was pretty shocked at his decision at first too but the longer I think about it, the more I think it's actually quite in character. Obviously, I'll have to play his route to see whether the game can justify his reasoning well but from what I've seen, people seem to not agree with him but are satisfied with the reasoning.
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