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  1. I somewhat agree with you on this. The story is a mess and the gameplay is generally agreed to be really good but I do think people are starting to be less critical on certain aspects of Fates. For Revelations specifically, I think more people are starting to acknowledge that while some of the maps in Revelations is a flop, it at least tried to experiment with different mechanics. I personally admired the ambition behind Revelation's maps...even though it didn't work most of the time, it felt like more heart was put into it than TH's map designs. I'd also say that Rev and TH are the two FE games with the highest degree of freedom in terms of choosing which characters and classes to use. In that sense, I find Revelation to be more replayable than TH mostly because of how tedious the gameplay of TH can be. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I just feel like Fates had more passion behind it and I think many people fail to recongize that? Yes, it didn't work as well as it could be and there are a lot of missed potentials/questionable decisions. However, the developers clearly had an idea what they wanted from Fates and tried to please all the fans of the series. Birthright for newcomers, Conquest for old fans of the series and Revelations as a 'sandbox' game where everyone (players and IS themselves alike) can experiment and 'have fun' with the mechanics even more. It seems like they tried to please so many people in all the possible aspects (an attempt for a compelling story, interesting gameplay, fanservice, child units etc.) and it the ended up just not working out as intended. TH on the other hand almost feels hollow at times? I'm not sure how to express my feelings accurately right now towards the game...it isn't bad but it just feels like it's missing something. I actually think many TH characters are also pretty one note and are basically rebranded versions of previous popular archetypes. They have the benefit of longer supports that allow them to fill in more fluff that appears to be developing their character but half of the time doesn't really end up going anywhere meaningful. TH also has the benefit of being fully voice acted which allows the characters to convey their emotions much better than Fates (or any non fully voice acted game) which really helps with directly showcasing their personalities.
  2. Potentially unpopular (but maybe not because I kinda see it happening already but am not sure if people are just being more vocal): Three Houses will age poorly. A few years from now, people will start questioning why TH was so well loved. On the other hand, fans will also start to wonder why Fates was so hated and realize it wasn't as bad as people made it to be. Also...I feel like I don't really see people hating on Freyja??? People hated Camilla for what she represents and IS created a new character with almost the exact same archetype (doting sister that is obsessed with her brother with 'two big reasons' for why she's so popular). She's now becoming one of the most popular OCs from Heroes but people are weirdly ok with her actions/popularity despite her bland and bare boned backstory. Is it because she's presented as a villain or do we just have lower expectations for Heroes OCs?
  3. Personally, Fates is the hardest banner to 'mess up' and they still managed to do that. I have so many questions about this banner.... Also, the art all seems a bit off to me? Especially Charlotte's...why is her chest almost the same size as her head??! They also made her look younger which just makes it even weirder.
  4. It's honestly iconic how summer banners run into problems associated with human error so consistently.
  5. Looks like Freyja and Norne which basically means F!Kris to keep the summer female avatar tradition. Assuming none of them are TT units, will it be safe to assume the token male for the banner will be an OC?
  6. Because he's naive, and is a kid that acts like...a kid. For some reason, there's a perception that 'good' male protagonists in video games all have to be alpha and perfect (and if they have flaws, they must be 'fixed' before the end of the game). They must be the leader of the group and cannot show strong emotions (crying is a sin) or else they're the 'worst protagonist ever'. Obviously, I'm generalising here but there are certain character traits that seemingly pushes a male protagonist in to 'bad character' territory and Rex possesses a handful of them. I personally find the departure from the common traits that male protagonists typically have a breathe of fresh air. Not saying he's the best character in the game but I think it's clear what the creators wanted Rex to be (a kid that's really eager but also cannot properly emotionally process with what's happening around him without the help of his friends) and achieved it. --- Anyways, Pyra/Mythra in Smash is nice. I was hoping the fight style would reflect XB2's battle mechanics more but I flat out gave up on hoping XB2 getting any rep when Fighters Pass 1 ended so getting them now is more than enough for me.
  7. I wanted a Western release date for Rune Factory 5 but I guess not. 😕 World's End Club is kinda intriguing but I'm not sure what to expect. It seems more like a lighthearted Zero Escape / Danganronpa? But at the same time, I feel like it's going to be darker than it seems.
  8. That's true. The OC + SOV that many suggested seems the most likely to me but that would also suggest a lot of female OCs coming up. 😕 I can also see them combining two games into one banner. SOV + Geneology for example, would allow more units from Geneology to get added while dragging the release of remaining SOV units.
  9. My theory is that they’re figuring out what to do with SOV when they only have 3 playable females left to add in the whole game in which two of them would be alts (Tatiana, Palla, Est) and 8 males (Zeke, Mycen, Jesse, Deen, Atlas, Luthier, Kamui, Nomah and 9 if you include Fernand). They have enough characters to make at least 3 more banners but we all know that a male majority new units banner is like illegal or something. But seriously, in addition to having a lot of male characters left, half of the remaining cast isn’t that popular so I’m assuming they’re figuring out what’s the best way to make the remaining SOV banners sell.
  10. I quite like the new effects being introduced lately. I can see some creative/fun ways to play the game with a team of units with Canto + save skills + pathfinder.
  11. Got a free Erinys (+HP, -Def) from the first summoning ticket. Not the best IVs but I'm not complaining. She was the only one I wanted if I were to try for any heroes in this banner so now I can continue saving for Charlotte.
  12. FEH has the tendency to demote or GHB'd popular male characters anyways (Ferdinand, Seteth, Python, Cormag, Haar etc.) so I'm surprised but not that surprised. With this banner, how many green haired pegasus girls do we have left to add into the game? When/if they add Syrene into the game, we'll be able to have a whole team of lookalikes! But seriously, I quite like this banner but I'm not super attached to any of these characters (did not finish Geneology)...so I'll probably just do the free summons and continue saving my orbs.
  13. I think it’s safe to say that both groups of Edelgard fans/haters have an unhealthy amount of toxic people. Another potentially unpopular opinion is that unlike the Tellius or even GBA games, I don’t see TH aging that well.
  14. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm how bond skills interact with Gustav and Henriette's Saviour skills? I'm assuming that if Gustav is either one or two spaces away from a unit and triggered Saviour, the bond skill wouldn't be applied as he's not adjacent to an ally right? Since he's literally on top of it. Does that mean for bonds to work with saviour, Henriette/Gustav will have to be one/two spaces away from the unit that gets attacked + have another unit be adjacent of the attacked unit?
  15. Wanted Tibarn, Duo Micaiah, Ninja Lyn or NY Plumeria because I actually tried to pull those units and failed. Of course I got 0 colourless orbs and went for green instead. Keeping with the tradition of getting dancers for free, I got Duo Peony + Triandra. I got Soiree Ishtar the year before and Bridal Ninian before that. Can't wait to see which seasonal dancer I'll get for free next year.
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