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  1. Then there’s instances of not just Pre Awakening vs Modern fans but also Kaga era vs Post Kaga fans.
  2. Mmm. I do see Jugdral fanboys sometimes but not as often as GBA and Awakening fanboys but I've heard about how bad they can be. In my experience, I always see Blazing Blade fanboys comparing only the worst aspects of the newer games to the best aspects of GBA era (Especially the Elibe games) and Awakening fanboys who shun or constantly trash the older games. What's your experience been with Tellius and Jugdral fanboys?
  3. -Blazing Blade and Awakening aren't that good compared to the other games on their respective systems and are overhyped just because they were the first games most people played. They have the worst fanboys because of the latter. -Cains > Abels. -Children should only be brought back in a future game if there is an at least 18 year long gap in the story like what they in GOTHW, instead of forcing children in like Fates did. -I'm all for a Native Island, Middle Eastern, or another Japan type setting for a future FE game whether it be the main continent or an area of a continent. -Speaking of future FE games, we need a Jugdral prequel focusing on the origin of the Crusaders. -Fates has one of the best OSTs of the series. -Most of the lord characters aren't half as good compared to most of the cast of their games (Ephraim/Eirika, Blazing Blade trio, Chrom) -Memes aside, Dorcas is one of the best characters of the series.
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