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  1. I like the game, even if the plot is super cheesy. Battle mechanics are pretty good too once you get to mid/late game. I liked this game much more than Octopath Traveler (which remains abandoned after 10 hours). It's not as good as Xenoblade Chronicles but it's definitely solid as a JRPG.
  2. Production Companies WIT - Attack on Titan (iirc they had a long backlog?) - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/company.php?id=10798 NUT - Youjo Senki, FLCL, One Punch (also they are a newish studio so Nintendo could probably get an anime without waiting too long unlike WIT) - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/company.php?id=15923 Whitefox - Code Geass, Food Wars, Re:Zero - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/company.php?id=6989 LINDEN Films - ERASED, Arslan Senki (lower tier than the others as Linden definitely has had bombs but Arslan I think carries over to FE pretty well) - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/company.php?id=11121 SANZIGEN - Three Houses Cutscenes Studio (what Nintendo would probably go with) - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/company.php?id=5214
  3. For the Golden Deer epilogue, the Nabatean king is described as a Fallen, which reminds me of Grima who was a dragon. I wonder if they are somehow related.
  4. I wonder if abyss mode will be a exploration activity with the entrance in the cathedral to the top left. If you approach the door the activity point bar briefly shows up before vanishing. Same thing happened for the sauna before the dlc.
  5. The odds of getting level ups is based on the binomial probability calculator (which is to say, given X rolls with Y chance of getting a level up, what is the odds of getting Z or more level ups). You can use the calculator and throw the odds in there. I haven't made up the statistics. If you want a proper normal distribution (aka matching "on average") you need sample sizes of at least 100, ideally 1000. Players are not going to level up 100 levels in a class, and in practice players will see results that deviate from the norm significantly. Ignoring small sample sizes and focusing on the picture at the whole is disingenuous (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_fallacy). In fact statistics 101 will tell you that for any sample size below 20 you need to do significant adjustments. Averages are only part of the picture, and averages alone are meaningless. If you want to ignore a single timewheel undo if the level up is bad (which is very easy for players to do an I imagine quite a few players do this): Without the +10 growth means a 1% chance of getting 5 or more res points in 10 level ups, and a 56% chance of getting 2 or less. With the +10 growth means a 8% chance of getting 5 or more res points in 10 level ups and a 24% chance of getting 2 or less. So the 10 points has greatly increased the odds of you getting good growths while greatly reducing the costs of getting screwed. As for why players should do a single timewheel undo, a single timewheel per level up (if the level up is bad) bumps that 8% chance to 46% of getting 5 or more res points.
  6. A +10% resistance growth is not 1 point in every 10 levels on average if you only have 10 level ups. Statistics doesn't work like that at low sample rates. Assuming a player does a single timewheel for level ups (level up at end of battle, roll back if the levels are bad, and do the level up next battle), a 25% res level up odd means 75% chance no level up. 1-(75% no level up ^2) = 44% chance of getting a res level up per each level up. That is significantly better than a 15% chance res level up (85% chance no level ^ 2 = 28% chance of a res level up). At low sample sizes, you have a 1% chance of not getting a single res point in 8 levels at a growth rate of 25. You have a 10% chance of not getting a single res point in 18 level ups at growth rate of 15. So a +10 growth rate impacts the odds much more than it appears on the surface. A 10% growth rate bonus, regardless of what stat, significantly reduces the chance your unit will be screwed by RNG. In fact, the +10 growth means in 10 level ups (with a single reroll per level), you have a 46% chance of getting 5 or more res points. (see https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/binomial.aspx). Without the growth, you only have a 11% chance of doing so. If you reroll levels three times instead of one (which is not hard if you do auxiliary battles, just bring 10 units and only use half of them, the ones who get good levels, and you have 3 battles/weekend), the +10 growth rate bonus changes the math to a having a 65% chance of getting a res point per each level you keep. 65% is much higher than the 15% growth rate the unit starts at. If you don't reroll 3 times but just hold off on bad levels until the next battle, the odds are still much better (at 44%). With 3 rerolls, you have a 90% chance of getting 5 or more res level ups per 10 levels. I misspoke, I thought max was S+, turns out max is A+, I got B+ at chapter 6 and A+ in chapter 8.
  7. The only support skill you lose is warp, there is no need for doubled healing whatsoever, the only times I've run out of heal were before month 3 when money was tight and I couldn't buy vulnerarys. Flayn doesn't need to be a holy knight you can use her 3x rescue in lieu of warp (warp flayn with manuela turn 1 and have her rescue, flayn has better range anyway). If you run dark knight or holy knight on your physical units they can use heal as well, and both classes are superior to great knight. You have more movement as Holy Knight as well and canto. You seem to be considering only for magic classes but physical classes can use holy knight as well. Holy Knight is much easier to sidegrade into for physical units than Bishop since you only need C+ in faith, and physical units will do well in horses anyway. Holy Knight provides physical units 10 res, most physical units lack res base growth, and this makes a huge difference in leveling (if you use timewheel). Dark Knight does too, some units prefer the +10 luck over +5 Str growth. For physical units they aren't going to use spells anyway so the main benefit is growth rate. If you optimize for growth rate C+ Faith is much easier to reach than C+ Reason since you would have leveled the physical units in Monk and they would be D or D+ in faith already. Monk provides Res which is good for physical units and has no stat penalties. ____ A 10% res growth rate in master class is roughly equal to a +6 Res by end game with minimal turnwheel usage. With a hexshield, res batallion and heavier turnwheel usage that can completly nullfy magic weakness of physical units. Eg Leonie who has base res growth of 15 has 32 Def and 32 Res in my game as a result of leveling in Holy Knight. Thanks to the timewheel, a 10% growth impact is much higher. The chances of you not getting a res growth is actually impacted by 20%. (.75^4 = 31% chance no res growths in 3 mulligans, retreating on a map resets the RNG. .85^4 = 52% chance no Res growth)
  8. Most of the xp will come from battling. If you don't battle with fliers then you are right it is hard. On harder difficulties keep in mind the xp gain is per fight not kill so you can still get enough from battle. Pegasus Knight is +2 to flight and the difference of 2 vs 3 can be made up by tutoring. ____ Again on Holy Knight what it gives is better growth rates. You are focusing only on skills. Also terrain resistance is really amazing for the last golden deer map. ____ How I got to A+ in month 6: 1) Arena gives more professor XP than Food, 2) Did nothing but explore, arena, and share meal for a few months 3) Saving bait is not worth it if you can get more explore points earlier as each explore point is worth quite a bit of xp per month. I only saved one month of bait for it. did abuse the fishing competition though, purposely fail and you get xp
  9. It takes about 3400 to get to S+, you can get 430 xp per month in flying (no tutoring) if the unit has a boon, 250 xp on the low end on higher difficulties if unit is neutral So that is between 8 to 14 months (assuming a month is 4 weeks of training, and 6 free battles where the unit gets 5 kills with knowledge gem equipped and in a class with +3 training) With knowledge gem (+1), boon (+2), statue (+2), class (+3) you get 9 xp/kill on normal, 7 on hard, 7x5x3x2, 210xp from free battles alone in a month. You can get 32xp/week if you train only flying neutral affinity, 4 more from pair activity. Without focus is around 24 xp/week (normal), down to 18 on hard. So 72 or 105 xp/month from training on hard with neutral affinity. Tutoring can give you 40xp per week at best, twice per month is 80xp, low end 60xp. ____ For holy knight you only need C+ Lance, C+ Faith, and B+ Riding to be able to roll RNG to unlock. The first and last are not that hard to get. Faith is somewhat challenging but not that hard either. It's about 2 months of tutoring focus and skill usage. _____ I was able to get A+ professor rank in month 6 and S+ in month 8 first playthrough so 3 battles/month is definitely possible.
  10. Holy Knight is a class you level in because it has the best growths. Gremory is the class you fight in because it has the best innate skills. There's a difference. Also in my 240 hours of grinding I have never run out of offensive spells with holy knight so the downgrade is more theory than in practice if you are doing things right tactically (you have 3 to 7 turns of nosferatu, 3 turns of seraphim or another white tome, 4 turns of dark magic, you can end maps in 7 turns). The only limit on holy knight is warp (use once) but rescue has a base 3 charge which is enough. Deadeye with 5 cost is fine, there's a reason why I have characters carry training weapons as well, also the game hands out weapons like candy if you have NSO, the purple tiles are free weapons and you get at least 4 per battle x 3 per week = 12 per week, and something like 10 to 20k gold per dlc battle. 2 weekends of fighting + end month battle means 28 free weapons a month at minimum. Also with 10 movement (movement ring and move +1) frequently you don't need to use deadeye as Bernie's base 4 range is enough thanks to canto. With regards to seal and warding I agree those are niche and generally bad but potentially useful on one or two characters (eg archers and if your character really needs res). Flying Null is great, you only get 1 null shield on chapter 20 or something. It's not that hard to get, I got it on Byleth around chapter 16/17 and Ingrid at 18.
  11. Most common abilities after 240 hour playthrough where I unlocked pretty much everything on everyone:Movement +1/Dexterity +4/Spd +2/Darting BlowWrath/Weapon ProwessHit +20 (near the end when all enemies have 50+ avoid)/Vantage/PaviseAegis/Null Flying/Quick RiposteMagic Prowess/Alert Stance +Situational:Darting/Warding BlowRationale:1) Movement +1 is amazing2) If character has physical weapon, the prowess ability is really good. if not, +50% crit if HP < 50% is amazing with base crits of 15-30, and crit on weapon of +15 means almost guaranteed instant kill3) Hit +20 is mandatory on the final maps against high avoid to reduce frustration. Vantage is underrated and ensures your unit survives. Note I run Pavise instead of Vantage if running Quick Riposte4) Quick Riposte is really OP but only run on male characters (of which most of my team are female as they either have greater utility eg warp/rescue, or turned out with better growths than my male characters, I gave up on Lorenz (no STR or MAG), Felix (somehow SPD screwed), Seteth (no DEF/RES), Cyrill (no STR/MAG), only Sylvain got good growths). For female characters, if they are flying, Null Flying is amazing. Otherwise Aegis is a weaker but easier to access Null Flying5) Magic Prowess if they use magic, or Alert Stance + (30 avoid + 40 spd + 25 avoid batallion + 10 prowess = base 105 avoid, + 20-40 from trees...)Of Note: Wrath/Pavise/Quick Riposte share Axe in leveling (Warrior -> Fortress Knight -> War Master), Hit +20 requires C archery (which you can easily get), Alert Stance +/Null Flying come from leveling up fliers. Movement +1/Aegis come from horse line. Classes worth using(* means good growths and recommend to level up in the classes): Beginner Classes: Monk* - allows leveling up magic for characters, best growths in beginner tier Myrmidon - Spd +2 (only good for NG+) Intermediate Classes: Mercenary - Vantage Thief (1) - Situational, accessible class Archer - Hit +20 Armored Knight - allows leveling up armor for Pavise, very bad growths, if not getting Pavise or already acquired do not level. Cavalier* - good growths, levels up riding, skip if paladin unlocked Pegasus Knight* - allows leveling up flying, good growths, skip if wyvern or falcon unlocked. Advanced Classes Paladin* - Aegis, good growths Assassin (1) - Upgrade for your thief Fortress Knight - Pavise, very bad growths, only unlock if getting pavise + quick riposte (situational) Warrior - Wrath Wyvern Rider - Situational for archers as it provides Seal Def, level up Alert+/Null Flying Swordmaster - best class for dodgetank due to class skills. Master Classes Gremory - x2 spells Holy Knight* - Best growth class in game. Also good class for final map if you are golden deer. Underrated due to growths. Dark Knight* - Second best growth class in game. For classes lacking STR favor over Holy Knight, provides Seal Res, generally best for archer classes as they tend to lack STR. Falcon Knight* - Third best growth class in game. Level up Alert+/Null Flying. Innate avoid War Master - Quick Riposte Mortal Savant - only use if will satisfy unlock constraints anyway and character lacks RES for warding blow. Bow Knight - Class +2 range stacks with Deadeye (+2 Range) for +4 range (5 with longbow). Terrible growths in game, DO NOT LEVEL IN BOW KNIGHT (use Dark Knight) Note on Thief and Assassin: These classes are more accessible classes to level in for some of the worse growth characters in game (Rapheal, Ashe, Caspar) as they have decent growths and don't have a movement skill requirement. These classes also boost Spd and can be used to level up slower characters. Tips for leveling skills to unlock for NG+: There are two side missions available, one in the first half and one in the second half, that are really good for leveling skills as the units are low level and deal low damage. This means you can grind skill XP in bad growth classes without gaining level XP. You grind by retreating which resets the battle but lets you keep XP. You will have 2 knowledge gems so you can have one char + an adjunct and just keep ending turn after entering enemy range and retreat before killing all enemies. Maps are related to the quests 'Dealing with Deserters' (note enemy are primarily archers but you can still level fliers on this map if they have sufficient DEF) and 'Something to Prove'. ____ On Bow Knights: Mini Bow exists if you don't want to run close counter, and I had the same amount of them drop in my game as brave bow. Statline for my Dark Knight leveled Bow Knight Bernadetta is STR 38/MAG 19/DEX 41/SPD 32/LCK 21/DEF 27/RES 24/CHA 30 at level 49. She can kill enemies with steel bow if she gets a crit or her crest procs, otherwise most enemies are down to 1 hit from another character. 38 + 12 (silver bow) + 7 (battalion) + 5 (bowfaire) +6 (Deadeye) = 68 Atk at 7 range is pretty good.
  12. I spent 240 hours unlocking all the blows, vantage, quick riposte, flying S, and many other things in my first playthrough. Death Blow (as well as most of the blow abilities) aren't worth it since there usually are higher priority abilities.
  13. Dissapointed in the DLC so far, definitely not as good as Awakening DLC was. Even Valentia DLC (though few) was better in some aspects.
  14. Ignatz - Harry Dorothea or Ingrid - Hermione (dorothea background, ingird personality) Linhardt - Ron Annette - Ginny Bernadetta - Neville Marianne - Luna Felix - Draco Lorenz - Cedric or Lockhart Ingrid is an amazing mage, seraphim is great and she has great growths all around. Dorothea has hexblade which is pretty good.
  15. Early promotions at level 10 give me like +3 stats on the higher growth characters if you use Mila's turnwheel to avoid bad growths. It's not a big boost compared to the additional levels from maxing out your level. If I'm halfway between the minimum promotion level and level cap anyway I frequently only get 1 growth or none at all (if I'm only leveling high growth rate characters). Alm in 10 levels gains 30 stat points on average due to his base growths. It's also an additional 10 levels of getting a possible RES growth. Kliff in 10 levels gains 23 stat points on average. Faye in 10 levels gains 21 stat points. Also as a villager she avoids the HP/DEF -10 growth rate, which makes her much more tanky.
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