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  1. I think Grinva has it right. It probably means that you have enough WEXP for a higher rank but your class prevents it from actually ranking up. This way you can continue to earn WEXP in categories that can’t be improved based on your class, so that whatever training or activity is done isn’t wasted by not being in the proper class.
  2. This is really cool. I know nothing about programming but I was wondering: do you plan on making character/class/etc. editors in the same vein as the level editor? The latter is just so well made and easy to understand that the jump from that to editing a(n) .xml for everything else comes off as strange to me. Seriously the level editor is so good. I especially like how maps can be uploaded as simple images with the terrain added separately. That might seem like an extra step for some people but I think it opens up a lot of possibilities. For example, one could splice maps together instead of creating them tile-by-tile, which is helpful for creating peaks.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I did Genesis and it pulled me up to four stars for EXP, though it’s still easily the rank that concerns me the most. Currently on Lloyd’s FFO and really regretting not looking at the EXP threshold beforehand; it makes absolutely no sense that it would be higher than Linus’, which is bigger and has way more enemies. I’ll probably play it pretty slowly so that I can get as much EZP as possible before luring Lloyd over to the forts around turn 7 or 8.
  4. I’m doing my second ever attempt at S-Ranking HHM, and I just beat Living Legend. I’m easily at 5 stars for everything except for EXP, which is already at a pitifully low 3 stars. Basically I’m curious as to what strategies I can take to salvage the EXP rank with the large quantity of turns I’ve saved up so far (I haven’t done the math yet but I’ve beaten every chapter below the threshold). Right now my conundrum is deciding whether to attend Genesis. It’s obviously a massive pain in the ass, but the requirements all around are so lax, especially EXP at a mere 600 for a chapter brimming with promoted enemies. Also, I’ll likely be attending Lloyd’s FFO; I did Linus’ last time I played and didn’t think it was really worth it.
  5. FE6 HM - Pretty fun, but hard mode bonuses are way too good for recruitable allies. Shin, Milady, and Percival are almost invincible in the latter half of the game. I love the idea of HM bonuses too, but it’s kind of lame that this game gives them to units that are already amazing. FE7 HHM - Big fan of this one. The changes are really substantive at points, something I think all hard modes should aim for. Reduced deployment definitely feels unnecessary at points, but it’s not a deal breaker for me the way it is for some others. FE8 HM - It’s fine. There are some challenging moments if you don’t grind at all and bench Seth, but that’s already too many restrictions than should be necessary. FE9 HM - Like FE8, it’s too easy, and requires self regulation (in this case, something like not using BEXP) to keep it interesting. There’s a massive dropping off point in difficulty once the gang reaches Begnion. I haven’t played Maniac Mode and it sounds pretty bad but I’ll need to form my own opinion some day. FE10 - Enemy quality is really good from what I remember, and I don’t even mind that they took out the weapon triangle. Removing the ability to view enemy attack ranges was inexcusable, however, and a real shame considering how fun the rest of it is. FE11 H5 - I just beat this for the first time recently and wasn’t impressed. The game just begs you to warp skip way too often with its map designs, enemy placement, and abundance of Warp uses. The end of the game left a really bad taste in my mouth. FE12 - I’ve only tried up to hard, and didn’t find it very fun. I just don’t really like the nature of combat and formulas in DSFE. This game also brought back same turn reinforcements, which was stupid. FE13 - Never played Lunatic and probably never will. I hate this game. Conquest - Played it on hard and it gave me a run for my money. Overall I just think it’s a little bit exhausting in how every map is just as hard as the last, there are no breathers, and you constantly need to be checking enemy skills. I’ll do Lunatic eventually. Birthright - Lunatic is way too easy. I had to bench Ryoma to make the game even remotely interesting. Revelations - No thanks. Echoes SoV Hard - A lot of fun. The bad map designs didn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought they would. Unlike DSFE, SoV units felt really bulky and ORKOs were rare, which is a style I found myself enjoying, as it led to a lot of improvisation.
  6. I’d like to see armor mages make a return, especially if it meant having a playable one. They don’t have to be anything great, but the novelty would be interesting.
  7. I don’t think trial map units are meant to be something you grind for. They’re just a nice incentive to reward the player for coming back to the game every so often. Because it wont be worth it. The trial maps aren’t substantive enough, no matter how cool it is to use Zephiel, for it to possibly be worth the cumulative amount of work put in.
  8. Kinship’s Bond in FE7 (the one where you defend Nils). It has a bevy if objectives but doesn’t ever spread you too thin or have you running ragged back and forth across the map. It’s a defend map with a boss that’s tough to reach (in Hector mode) but who is rewarding to kill, as it he drops a promotion item and ends the level too. All of the melee enemies having reaver weapons is a cool twist too.
  9. I just replayed Shadow Dragon and it reminded me that Marth is the worst. It’s not entirely his fault so much as it is a product of the game design: Marth has no time to fight enemies between visiting villages, recruiting enemies, and seizing the throne. Having Marth be the only one who can visit villages is such a massive design flaw that needed desperately to be changed in the remakes. Hector is my favorite. He’s in a very unique class (axe armor) and it’s fun to pick his spots and watch him wreak havoc.
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