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  1. I wasn't try to be snarky or anything, just asking a question. If your going to be like this then forget I asked, I don't have the time nor the effort to deal with people who are rude for the no reason. You're an adult are you not? Act like it.
  2. Couldn't this same logic be applied to the regular weapon triangle? If the basis of your argument is that mages attacking each other is useless, can't the exact same be said about physical units attacking one another? I'm really struggling to find some logic in your reasoning here.
  3. It depends, if the out of game content is enriching the lore or providing background i would say that is a charming, healthy way to deepen story and reward players. If you are using outside sources to explain major plot arcs and events, then i would say that's an example of poor/lazy storytelling and world building. AS a company you can't expect everyone of your fans to have disposable income so they can get the full story, doing so is both lazy and dishonest, not to mention clunky and alienating too much of your target audience. Often times when companies do this, the team for the additional side content is not the same as the eam thea made the original game, resulting in continuity errors to misunderstanding of the lore among other things. Overall it's a very circumstantial issue that will more often than not vary case to case.
  4. Regarding armour mages (barons) if they were to return they would have to (in my opinion) Have a shortcoming of some sort. Hitting res and being bulky in both def and res is kind of a hard thing to counter, so i think they would have to some statistical failing like low HP or abysmal speed and luck to counteract that immense bulk.
  5. Me reading this thread: I never thought laguz was such a touchy subject lol
  6. Manakete Roy Better growths all around (especially Sophia, Wendy and Roy) Divine stone has infinite uses or is repairable at the very least Rebalance the weapon triangle to make weapons a little more accurate. Letting Lalum and Elphin be able to use those rings from fe 7 or something similar, as well as a higher level cap Adjust join times for some characters ( CATH) Map redesign/rebalancing Make Perceval ever stronger for the lolz Thieves being able to promote, or at least raise the level cap A few early game bosses need to be nerfed a bit Full voice acting Style/artwork/ aesthetic closer to echoes than fates Add some new supports for some units as well as rewriting them for the most part Promoted units get d rank in new weapons More weapon variety Expand upon the story and lore
  7. HAs PTSD flash backs from a Jeanne NTIC pure plat run While I agree that Masked lumen is a very cool boss, it leans very close "Spectacle for the sake of spectacle" for me personally , I find it rather hard to see him in the second half of the first fight, he blends in with the orange and white backround and I feel that a few of his attacks are not telegraphed properly case and point, the dash attack which comes out instantly and can come from off screen, which is a big no no for games of this genre. Then again I try to pure plat every chapter so maybe I just find him extra annnoying beacuse of that damned attack.
  8. So a while back I was watching someone stream Bayonetta 2 and they had quite a few problem with it, and to my surprise t i shared many of these same complaints. However there were also things I disagreed with them about and through 2 did better than the original. My objective in making this is to figure out what the general consensus of people who have played both games is. As for me personally. I believe that Bayo 1 did combat and story better but was less accessible to newcomers to the genre as well as being much less forgiving ( Insta death QTEs anyone?). On the other side I found the bayo 2 was, on the surface one gigantic piece of dazzling eye candy with charming music. However the story seemed to have a poor sense of progression, mixed tone, and the characters felt a bit more shallow and jokey. Furthermore the combat, much like the games stunning visuals is even more flashy and exaggerated than ever before, yet I felt this lingering feeling of emptiness and lack of depth in the combat system that the first game had done so well. I am very curious to hear everyone's input but first some rules: Please be respectful to everyone Try to be reasonable and cool headed DO NOT under any circumstances needlessly bash other opinions and/or one or the other game. This is not a bashing/hate thread. Have at it
  9. It depends, I tend to go for pairs that I both like and result in good children. However, if push comes to shove I will lean towards child optimization, or in the case of Fates partner reclass options. While it does limit their usefulness, I actually think some of the corrinsexual supports are some of Corrin's best romance options. In particular I am talking about Scarlet and Flora, since they are both very interesting characters that deserve more attention than they end up getting. I especially like Corrin and Flora as a couple because it finally gives Flora the chance to pursue her own happiness and enjoy her life for once. It also one of the few supports with Corrin that I actually like
  10. You're forgetting Adean, Genny, Natasha, Ellen, Priscilla, Coirpe, Deirdre, Nanna, Mana, Safy, and Malliesia. So yeah I would say this is a well established archetype/ trope.
  11. Here's some I think will make the cut Early game archer who sucks ass That one character they made way too powerful for some reason (Seth, Milady, Camilla, Ryoma) Worthless "Est" that ether shows up 4 chapters before the final map, or the one who joins earlier but has terrible bases and bad growths for an Est, so also worthless. Mid game pre-promote with awesome bases and good growths that can decimate every enemy that comes into contact with them pointless last minute unit recruited 2 maps before the end of the game but has a really good item/weapon fanservice character ( i'm betting both a male and female) Mega late promotions for lord characters Quiet, demure healer Dancer type unit who comes midway with atrocious bases The character that we'll all hate. The church was evil and corrupt the whole time. the campus archetype I don't care about killing because “ My country is obviously evil has committed crimes against humanity/ patriotism overrules common sense and morality for some idiotic reason/ i’m only here to die so you feel bad but you won't because my actions and motivations are unclear and/or don't make any sense”. The character who isn't playable who dies early on who we’re supposed to care about for some reason despite knowing them for less than an hour x number of magical macguffins that seal the evil demon away stationary bosses hammy crit quotes
  12. The truth was that Ninian and Nils were desperate to escape fates god awful plot before they somehow got roped into it , so they jumped at the chance to come back to Elibe.
  13. I would love to see the shaman and druid classes return, I like the aesthetic they carry far more than then the ridiculous striperific costumes the dark mages have been getting. I would also like to see the kinship knights return for a similar reason. Fixed that up for ya.
  14. I'm almost positive that Sophia mentions her father was human. As for Sophia herself, the only dragons we know for sure live in Arcadia are divine dragons so i'm willing to bet that Sophia is half divine dragon.
  15. Nice to see you back to posting the same low quality shitposts that got you suspended.
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