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  1. 037,730 Is there a specific word for a numerical palindrome or are they just palindromes?
  2. Here's a few based on my last FE:6 support list: Lance/Alen Dieck/Klein Clarine/Rutger Sue/Shin Garret/Gonzales Elphin/Perceval Miledy/Zeiss Sophia/Fae Echidna/Lalum
  3. Granted, they all have a negative magic stat and can't go back to being armors. I wish Seteth could join you in Crimson Flower.
  4. Push him back down and flush. Unless he has coins of course. WWYDI if suddenly all the hair on your body turned bright purple?
  5. Legicycle WYR have really long feet hairs or have toenails that cant be cut?
  6. Honestly, I only speak Insectoid if I’m visiting some family friends and I do so terribly.
  7. You now have Lysithea's shortened lifespan. I stole Black Knight's armor and he got killed in PoR.
  8. Gotta go fast. WYR have the athletic capabilities of an Olympic swimmer or Olympic gymnast?
  9. Parakeet? WYR eat parakeet or gerbil?
  10. 3(7,77)3 I like these numbers.
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