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  1. Golden Deer route, I went with Marianne. She is precious and I have a weakness for blue haired girls. I'm currently on BL, and as the girl. Leaning towards Mercedes. Not sure who I'll go for in BE yet. Petra does most interest me of the BEs. Shamir and Ingrid I'll go for in future playthroughs. One of them could be my choice when I do BE.
  2. Is correct as I have not played Octopath Traveller myself.
  3. May or may not agree with me that FE debates are dumb. The only bad units in FE are the ones cursed by the RNG or the ones you didn't train :P
  4. Took a liking to the Death Knight slayer.
  5. Is aware of how expensive PoR is now. I was fortunate to get a copy of it before the price inflation.
  6. Likes a character who I turned into a dancer.
  7. Unfortunately lost a family member 😞 My condolences
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