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  1. Reviving this thread because I've finally taken the time to update the hack and share it here! A LOT of stuff has been changed in the meantime, so I recommend playing through the game from the beginning again (Who know, there might be new units?); at least for those who haven't followed the hack's progress on FEU. I hope you guys will enjoy it!
  2. Hi ! I'm the creator of Terror Of The Forest ! I'm really happy to see my hack featured here along with so many project by great people, but I believe there's been a mistake : My hack is not finished at all ! Could it be possible to move it to in-progress ? (It's currently right under The Heroes We Deserve, in the FE8 category). Thank you !
  3. Good news ! Despite my computer dying, I managed to make a less buggy version !
  4. Oof. Where does the ending cutscene cuts ? If you mean you're getting sent back to the title screen after then it's intentional. But otherwise... Also, I... I actually didn't implement anything for saving the villagers, sorry. I will most likely add it to a future update, but right now it didn't seem like one of my priorities, I apologize. Is there any other glitch you've encountered that hasn't been reported yet ? Other than that, I'm really glad you liked the maps and especially the cast ! I hope you will play future updates too ! And, if you have any criticism toward my writing, or some characters in particular, please tell me !
  5. I see. I thought I had fixed all the bugs around this knight, but it looks like I was mistaken... Well, thanks for telling me about it !
  6. I understand where the Arnold bug comes from. However, I have difficulties understanding what happens exactly with Shell. Could you please record what happens ? That would be super-duper helpful ! Glad to hear you like the idea ! Although there are a few other hacks out there starring bandits, probably in a more traditional manner than me. I still hope you will enjoy my hack if you manage to play it later !
  7. Ah, yes, this bug. I hoped no one would notice, but it's too late now ! Seriously though, I don't know why such things happen. The only solution I can think of is making this specific event (visiting Alfred's cave and receiving the Hero Crest) take place at the end of the last chapter. This will require a lot of writing and some eventing, but it shouldn't be that difficult. I didn't think leaving the arenas as they were would be that big of a deal. I mean, the GBA FE games had arenas too. But I'll think about it. What if I buffed Stoneharm (You know, the optional boss guarding Ch3's arena) and pulled out the same trick for Ch4 ? Would this be enough ? Thanks for the compliment about writings, but I really wish to improve and make it as good as possible, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me !
  8. Well, about archers, I didn't come up with anything good for the whole class, so I tried to make each one of them stand out for some reason. There are three playable archers currently. The first one is the Jagen archetype, so he's useful at least for a good chunk of this demo, the 2nd one is playable only during one map with tons of tomes, handaxes and javelins and comes with the longbow as well as a good skill (Don't remember the name, unfortunately), and the 3rd one comes with a skill that increases damages against a certain type of unit that will appears frequently in the following chapters. I don't know if this'll be enough on the long run, but right now I'm satisfied with how things turned out for archers !
  9. Well yeah, but that doesn't mean they are necessary to the experience. This decision was taken long before I started working on the hack and I could have changed it, but it makes my hack stand out a little more and makes all the different units worthy of a place in your team !
  10. Well, for all it's worth : Also, think of it as a way to make the game more balanced !
  11. Hello, you lovely anime-chess players ! My name’s Zeldacrafter64, as you’ve probably already figured out, and I’m here to share my project with you ! Now I know what you might think : "Hey, haven't I seen that title before ?", "Oh, I remember that one, it sucked". Well, after one year spent rotting in the "concept" category, I am proud to announce my little baby is finally ready to be played by the whole world ! I also apologize for how amateurish the concept topic was. I was really a beginner at the time and barely had any idea what to do and where to go. Oh, and while I'm apologizing, let me apologize for my frequent errors. I'm not a native English speaker, so please correct me as often as possible, or else I won't improve (Same goes with my hack, obviously !). Download it here ! I -The Hack's Story II - About the Hack III - Features - 22 playable chapters out of 23. I’m not that good at designing things gameplay-wise, but I hope you’ll enjoy some of them ! - 61 playable characters! Each one coming with a different personality ! It’s unlikely you’ll like every one of them, but I’m sure you’ll find a favorite in no time ! - Only infantry ! On both sides ! Horses, Pegasi and Wyverns don’t even exist ! Because some people just want to see the world burn ! - More weapons for some classes, including Assassins and Generals with Bows and Heroes with Lances ! - The most basic bunch of patches you could ever imagine ! IV - Screenshots V - Credits : Do you want to be a part of this train wreck I call a project ? Do you have Discord ? Then that’s great, 'cause here’s the project’s discord server : https://discord.gg/vCYEp5E Thanks for your attention, and I hope you'll have fun playing my hack !
  12. Hey ! Your game looks cool ! It's too bad I suck at Metroidvanias, but pixel-art wise, I really like it !
  13. Hi ! Just a quick remark on the portrait inspired by your profile picture (Because the others don't have any real issue in my opinion) : The pink part of his hairs is... too pink. I'm probably mistaken, but it's supposed to be short, right ? Like Barth's hairs ? If so, it should look a bit more like skin tone. Or get more volume. Right now he looks like he has a weird, pink helmet. But other than that, good job ! Continue like this !
  14. Or more precisely, one game-ruining bug and one immersion-ruining bug. First one might be fairly simple to understand. I don't know. The thing is, I tried modifying battle quotes for FE8, and obviously added some new text (Because man these bosses aren't talkative...), and, well, the result was weird. I tested on two different conversation, and both of them show the boss' portrait twice, with one of them not moving its mouth when talking and the other one woking perfectly, except when his mouth suddenly become Dozla's (EDIT = Oh, wait, it might as well be the playable character's mouth, as he's got Dozla's beard. Oddly enough, the 2nd battle convo didn't do that). But yeah, I know, this is nothing, we know who attacked this boss so we can understand, and we can perfectly play the game without these optional dialogues. And, yeah, I agree (Even though it pains me to see my efforts ruined for something I don't understand), but the next bug... Is horribly painful. For some reason I don't understand, when making one of my characters attack (Or be attacked), the game freeze and make an ear-raping noise. He is the only character in this situation, and I do not understand why. Last time I tested, he worked just fine, and all I did since then was modifying cutscenes in which he didn't even appear, and modifying his battle palette. When launching the 'debug' mode, there's some sort of error message telling me : Could not detarmine the memory to read (Page 03)". (I'm using FEBuilder btw). Please, for the love of god, help me ! I don't know if this'll be helpful, but the character in question is an assassin. And while we're at it, there's another annoying bug. This time, it's nothing compared to the previous one, but they might share the same cause. There are two characters, a recruit and a female myrmidon, who ALWAYS make their ranged animation, even if they don't have any ranged weapon. Additionally, during the combat animation, neither of them (or the enemy) are shown losing their HP. It doesn't sound like it, but it's really, really frustrating. This time however, the bug was here since the beginning, so I don't know what caused it... Anyways, thanks for reading, and please, please, please help me out ! These bugs are really ruining my hack !
  15. Woah, Gonzalez, Batta, Dorothy and Felicia all look gorgeous ! I'm a little more unsure about Gheb. His face artwork is right, but his whole body... It doesn't fit. Considering Haar, it's his pose that looks awkward. Like he's sitting without a chair. Other than that, I'd really like to compliment you on your work, because all the others are really great ! I love how you still manage to give them personality despite your limitations, and also put references to their supports (Like Gonzalez's flower)
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