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  1. Well there are 4 tiers of classes in Three Houses; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced and Master; unlocked at level 5; 10; 20 and 30 respectively. There are (presumably) 40 levels for each unit in this game; and that number doesn't reset upon changing class, but staying in a specific class does allow you to level that class' skill proficiencies more effectively; so staying in a specific class would allow for that. There is also a class mastery feature that rewards you with an ability that you can then carry to another class upon "mastering" that class; mastering is a gauge that fills as you battle. For example; mastering Noble/Commoner(the basic class that most units start as); rewards you with the HP +5 skill; meanwhile mastering Fighter grants Str +2; and mastering Cavalier grants Desperation. So my advice would be if that class is beneficial to your unit's progression through their skill levels; stay in it until you master it to unlock the skill and then you can worry about promoting to the next tier at the next promotion level threshold; or move to another class on the same tier to unlock their mastery skill.
  2. The overprotective guardian thing had me wondering; what if Seteth wasn't actually her brother; just an appointed guardian to protect Flayn; and the sibling thing is just a cover up. I did not expect Hannemann to have a Crest at all; and I now wonder who's crest it is as we're all out of Saints and Elites. Yeah Hannemann is totally gonna be a Dark Knight for everyone. I wonder if the death of his sister has anything to do with Crest experimentation; given the fact that he revoked his own Imperial peerage after her death; and the fact that her brother has a Crest also. I wonder how powerful Thoron is going to be given it only has 4 uses; I would've thought it would be similar power wise to Sagittae but by the number of uses it looks like Sagittae is less powerful. EDIT: Ignore that comment about Hannemann's crest's origin being unknown; turns out it's the Minor Crest of the Divine Indech, the same as Bernadetta. Whcih means for sure that Indech's Hero Relic will almost certainly be a bow; as both Hannemann and Bernadetta have boons in Bows; and the statue of Indech depicts him aiming a bow. Speaking of the Saints lol; apparently the more Renown you spend to restore each statue the more restored it looks in game. On another note I'm surprised we haven't seen anyone with the Crest of Macuil yet; as we have 2 for both Cethleann(Linhardt and Flayn) and Indech(Bernadetta and Hannemann); and one for Cichol(Ferdinand); so I'm gonna guess we get another playable bearer of Cichol's crest and one or maybe 2 playable bearers of Macuil's Crest.
  3. So Manuela's age is depicted as "Secret"; at least they played it as a joke rather than ?? again which would make people speculate about her being a dragon. From her stat screen it shows she has access to Heal; Nosferatu; Ward and Silence. She has the Hexblade Combat Art which is new to Three Houses(I think); but I'll presume it activates sword strike which goes off of the user's magic stat. She has boons in Sword; Faith and Flying and Banes in Reason and Heavy Armour. Seems like her intended Master Class is either Holy Knight or Falcon Knight. Desperation probably won't be great on Ferdinand as his personal skill wants him to stay at full he health. Triangle Attack as a Combat Art is such a good idea and I'm really glad it's back.
  4. Might as well just rename this thread "4Chan Discussion" smh
  5. Byleth - Myrmidon > Mercenary > Hero > Personal Class(generic I know) Dimitri - Soldier > Lord > Hero? > Personal Class(really don't know what to do with Tier 3 for him) Dedue - Fighter > Brigand > Warrior > War Master(decided I'd rather go this route than the Great Knight route as he has a painful Armour Bane) Felix - Myrmidon > Mercenary/Thief > Swordmaster/Assassin > Mortal Savant(with Reason Talent; I'd imagine after unlocking his boon in Reason he'll be a very decent spellcaster with this) Ashe - Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin > Bow Knight(high Mov will mesh well with his personal skill Mercedes - Monk > Priest > Bishop > Gremory(she's got Boons in both magic types and not much else so she'll be very good at focusing on the 2 magic types and getting Gremory effectively) Annette - Monk > Mage > Warlock > Dark Knight(she doesn't have Boons in lance or riding so it'll be tough to crack but it should be fine) Sylvain - Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin > Dark Knight(he is the cookie cut Dark Knight with his Lance and Riding boons and Reason Talent) Ingrid - Soldier > Pegasus Knight > Paladin > Falcon Knight(she's perfect for this) Transfers(Assuming there's only 2) Lysithea - Monk > Mage > Warlock > Dancer(with Sword Talent and Authority Boon) Ferdinand - Soldier > Armour Knight > Fortress Knight > Great Knight(his Boons and Talent are perfect for this)
  6. 1. Edelgard has Black Magic Crit +10; Black Magic is the "anima" part of Reason. Dorothea has Faith Avoid +20; Ferdinand has Seal Speed and Bernadetta has Pass. Hubert also has the Lance Combat Art known as Ice Javelin in Japanese. 2. They are equippable into a palette of 5 Professor Skills; and then activate passively; so yes; both passive and equipable
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/cfia8c/leak_compendium/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  8. I did think Human Kronya; but Idk because of the hair but I doubt it. Edel's post timeskip hair is almost certainly a tribute to her after she is almost certainly killed.
  9. She's either her best friend from the Imperial Capital or something similar.
  10. So that leak compendium thread on Reddit uploaded this photo revealing a new character:
  11. So I'm very sure the Hero Relic for Cethelenn will be a Staff that grants an ultimate Faith magic spell; between both Linhardt and Flayn both have a boon in Faith; unless Seteth is also playable all the way through the game in which case the Relic may be a lance as both Seteth and Flayn have a boon there.
  12. I wonder if equipping a leather shield on an Armour Knight will give them a much smaller and less effective shield in their model; even though it'd give them bigger buffs. I doubt we'll get models for the rings as they'll be too small to really notice. Staves should definitely get a model; even though unlike SoV; Staves aren't present on the models of mages so it'd be much more difficult to implement a model for the 3H characters holding a staff.
  13. Maybe not as wide stretching as that; maybe the Caduceus Staff gives any class the ability to use the Heal spell; if given to a unit that already has Heal or a unit who's class grants the Heal spell; modifies the number of uses. Given both Lysithea and Lorenz proficient in magic; having the Gloucester Hero Relic being a staff that grants an uber powerful Reason spell of makes a lot of sense. { Staff of Gloucester } - If the user bears the Crest of Gloucester; allows for the spell *insert cool spell name here* to be used; grants Damage +3 and Crit +10 during magical attacks.
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