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  1. Accepted of course. Glad to see you made it over!
  2. Oh boy, here it is! :D I can't wait to help introduce all of you guys to the world of Lost Hope. We've got a small but dedicated community already, complete with (of course) a fair share of memes and silly inside jokes. This RP started small and a little sloppy in its early days, but over the last year it really has grown, and I'm excited to watch it grow even more on this new platform. Cheers!
  3. Sorry if this is random, but does anyone have some clips of Falco gameplay? I wanna see how my boy handles in Ultimate, because Sm4sh Falco still makes me cry
  4. I can't think of a single time that Gilliam, Cormag, and Lute have not been the reason I complete Sacred Stones. Gilliam please come to FEH I love you ;-;
  5. Heya, I'm Gigavoir. Just call me Giga, or don't. Your choice. I'm a big Nintendo fan in general, particularly Smash, FE, and Splatoon. I also complain about these things a lot, so rip I guess. I also do art a lot, usually pen and paper but sometimes I make pixel art too. Overall I'm quite boring, so hope you can make room for me here!
  6. Help how do I exist

    1. InsertUserHere


      Don't be like me, because that means you'll stop existing! 

      Beyond that you're probably alright for existence.

    2. Bill Cipher

      Bill Cipher

      How does one exist? You just do, from what I know.

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