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  1. Circling in the sky, far, far above the unfolding conflict below, the fiery dragoness watches on with annoyance and disgust as she watches the dragons down below struggling to deal with the gnorks below, and is less than amused when she sees one actually fail to do any damage to perhaps the largest of the gnorks there... It seems the only remedy to that problem would be her large size hurtling through the sky, aimed straight at the gnork's head in an attempt to take it right off, although any observer may just see a flaming figure rapidly descending from the heavens upon the foe, striking the back of the head of the large gnork, knocking it prone with the force delivered. Alraxis wasn't done, though, snarling as she begins slashing up the monster, unaware of the gnorks that are already advancing upon her as she is completely focused on killing the one gnork, rahter than let it live and become another pain in the rear...just like the king of nothing, far to the north. A shame that Alraxis cannot even hear that there is a dragon trying to warn her in advance that her life is probably in danger.
  2. I noticed that there was a lack of them a while ago, and I would have made an app for her more than a week ago, but I was still a bit busy with off site RPs. Also, I'll assume that means my app is accepted?
  3. Name: Alraxis, although she also goes by Ali. Gender: Female Age: Young adult. Species: Dragon - Dream Weaver Appearance: Alraxis, occasionally called a fiery beauty by admittedly annoying individuals(to her, anyways), is a rather massive dragon, standing taller than most beast masters and peace keepers, the two kinds that actually use size to aid with their tasks. Alraxis, however, isn't imposing with her height, possessing a more slender frame, built to offer herself as much agility as she could train herself to have, and covered with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of small, overlapping scales that are varying colors of red, orange, yellow, and some white even, which all rub together in the right way as she moves to give the appearance of being a moving inferno. Her neck and tail are both on the longer side, and Alaxis' head is long and angular, her muzzle being not all too far off from being a beak. Her scales make her emerald eyes pop just that much more, for better or worse. Personality: Alraxis is a woman that prefers to get lost in her work, or in a book, even, rather than interact with others, as research can be predictable, whereas dragons and other species are often not. It doesn't help any that she a rather serious grudge against a few dozen people just because they have ruined several days worth of observations, be it on purpose or just accidentally bumping into whatever crazy contraption was set up to run for a week or two at a time. Perhaps it's all just because deep down she's just afraid of rejection from others, and she compensates by isolating herself and rejecting others first? Backstory: Ali may be a a stoic dragoness with a deep resentment towards anything that talks to her more than five minutes, but she wasn't always that way. Alraxis was once the friendliest dragon that you could ever meet, although deep down she knew that it was a facade to hide her true colors from her friends and family for their sake, not her own. She was actually able to do really well, playing iwth friends and being kind and respectful to elders, although one day, somewhere along the line, her facade slowly started fading away, until she had left society for several weeks, where she just...stared at the sky, and relaxed, so that she could deal with people once again...as well as think up several different tests that she could run, just to observe patterns in the sky and plantlife to indicate different types of weather. She enjoyed this more than dealing with people, and had left society again a few years later, only to be disturbed by the occasional messenger, or some idiot that thinks Ali really cares for other people all that much.
  4. May I ask if this is still open now that all offsite RPs that I'm in are dead? Or was there a time limit that was passed?
  5. Sorry about the late as hell reply, but there is a chance that it will be moved 'ere soon, as the mods at the other place have finally did what was expected. I say might because there are other options being looked at as well. And for those that want to know, Myu's comment that got her permabanned there was "mods are toxic af lol guys move to a different site". Also, the invite wasn't set to never expire so I am I have gotten another new one. https://discord.gg/cXTZywP Here you all are.
  6. I'll double post here with information from Myu. Due to piss poor interned in her room, she'd be unable to run the current site with Lost Hope, Discord, and here all at once. She does, however, have a server for LH on Discord, in which the invite is here. I'm still here to answer questions on this site if people don't wish to use the discord.
  7. The GMs are currently away from here, but it it's any console I am figuring out how to bring this up with them. The main issue it that Myu herself is uncertain of her own actions.
  8. It's unlikely that the Alathi monsters would get beyond their boarders as Alathil is comparable to the Sahara Desert, blistering hot at day and nearly freezing at night, while Serall is comparable to Siberia, almost always near and below freezing point for the majority of the nations, with little to no food being available. Thyr would be a nicer nation to get to, comparable to the Mediterranean area, but there is no boarders between Thyr and Alathil. Alathil is unlikely to get into the conflict because the nation has no resources that either side really needs, just monsters with very few people.
  9. The only nation that has a real large issue with monsters would be the desert nation of Alathil, which has many beasts that roam when it is dark, as well as undead turning up randomly as well. The closest that Serall and Thyr have to real monsters would be the native Serallian species of Wolfskin shifters, and Wyvers, and neither are particularly aggressive towards people unless they treat too close to territories claimed by either species. There aren't very many monsters in LH because of the focus on fighting eachother more than monsters.
  10. Part of me wonders if there was any discussion between you and Myu about those characters...it's less about fighting monsters and more about fighting one another.
  11. The king isn't really much of a fighter, which is why he doesn't have a special class.
  12. I know. We once tried to have skills and stats involved with this but too often the stats would be completely fucked. I had a level one character and the next lowest was level 5-10. The idea was scrapped because it'd be completely unfair for the lower levels to face off against the higher levels. Skills were treated much the same way, someone with a broken skill would be able to use that to completely decimate any competition, unless everyone had broken skills. That's only one of your suggestions, but still.
  13. I'll just quickly inform you that, while the revisions would be good for the most part...we have removed personal skills, there aren't really officers in the Serallian military, as the generals directly give orders to soldiers on the field, you definitely don't control people's back stories nor are you a leader for this social group, so suggesting small edits for back stories is out of your control, and Serall isn't the Enemy units. It's just a more warlike faction. Grima damn it that was worded all so weirdly
  14. Well, at this point we are just waiting for the final straw before we fully transfer over here.
  15. The RP was planned to have a complete restart when moved here to have more people get involved and see how they were going to change the story even further than the few of us that came from the old place.. It's mostly the moderators of the place that we are currently hosting it. They got a few new members, one of which deems a crusade against us the righteous thing to do as the site is dying out. Which is a huge pain.
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