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  1. Here, have a Fyris, madam Essentials:Name: Fyris ReynoldAge: 15, 7/22Gender: MaleHeight: (optional)Appearance:General apperance: Fyris has distinct short, spiky golden hair and brown eyes. He wears green and blue regal clothes, with a green cloth attached to a single shoulderpad on his right shoulder.Class: LordEquipment:Armour: Wears light leather armor under his clothes for protection. And also one shoulderpad on his right shoulder.Weapons: RapierPotions and staves: 3 VulenariesMiscellaneous: N/ANature:Personality: Fyris is a kind person who is very willing to put the lives and needs of others before his own. He has a desire to be strong so he can protect people, and as such commonly spars with the soldier in the Thyrian army. Unfortunately, he is most certainly not the brightest person in the world and is prone to making stupid and reckless decisions at times. He adores his older sister Zira along with his parents and would do anything for them. Also doesn’t much like you if you’re a massive prick.Backstory: Fyris was born as the second child of King Reynold and his wife, after his sister. He loved watching the soldiers spar in the barracks when he was a kid, so he decided to train some himself so he could be stronger and protect his family and kingdom. As such, while given an education, he spent more time practicing swordplay than more formal studying. Allegiance: ThyrBoon: QuickBane: Excitable Sexuality: BiOther Notes (all optional):Notes: BahTheme/Battle theme:
  2. Oi, I have arrived. Anyways, I’m Bill Cipher. Not the guy from the show obviously, he’s very dead. Call me Bill if you want. I’m just a guy who enjoys playing video games, such as Fire Emblem(obviously), Pokemon, Zelda, etc. Mostly Nintendo stuff, since I’ve grown up with them in my life. So yeah, I’ll be hanging around here a while. Sorry if this introduction sucks, I’m not very good at this sort of thing.
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