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  1. My favorite Awakening child is definitely Owain. He is just a very quotable person to me. Inigo is a very close second for though. As for Fates, it is probably Kana. I find them incredibly adorable. M Kana's voice cracks really drive it home for me.
  2. For Fates, it is definitely Rhajat. I didn't like Tharja in the first place, so a discount Tharja wasn't going to do anything for me. As for Awakening, I don't think there is a child character that I don't like. I personally found them pretty tolerable and interesting.
  3. Mela Lee (All of the Tikis)- The British accent she does and I appreciate that she can do the accent for both young and adult Tiki Erica Lindbeck (Celica and Myrrh) - A slight bias but I do think she does a great job. Brianna Knickerbocker (Mainly Est, Sakura, and Ninian, but she also does a good Charlotte from what I can tell) - She does a good job portraying shy and quiet characters, but has a good enough ability to energetic people like Est Cam Clarke (Arthur) - I love Arthur's over the top Superhero Stereotype, but he also does a good job calming down for Corrin Cherami Leigh (Caeda and May as well as a couple of others) - She is just really great Connor Kelley (Felicia, Catria, Marissa, and Setsuna) - I love her voice she does. Kaiji Tang (Lloyd, Narcian, Odin, and Shiro) - You can tell that he loves his job and that makes me love his work Richard Epcar (Hardin, Oliver, and Walhart) - The voice of Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts? Heck yeah, I love his voice Alexis Tipton (Clair and Lucina) - She does a great job replacing Laura Bailey and is overall a great voice actress Edit: How could I forget the wonderful voice of Feh the owl for the Order of Heroes. She is fantastic
  4. Does anyone know why Silas' voice actor is uncredited? I know why Lucina's voice actress, Laura Bailey, went uncredited because of a strike, but I have not heard of one recently.
  5. Felicia (CQ), Sakura (BR), Azura (Rev). I absolutely love Felicia as a character and her skill just made it better for me. Sakura because I had started my BR play through to right past the route split while still trying to finish Conquest and just checked into that file everyday and eventually hit S with her before unlocking pretty much anyone else. Azura because I find her to be canonical pair for Male Corrin despite being first cousins, though I don't think that they knew for a while. They just have some really good chemistry with one another.
  6. I feel like a FE game that plays similarly to The Legend of Zelda would be pretty cool.
  7. I would be fine if they do it or not. I personally think that they won't do it because money. However, I would be perfectly fine if one of them get DLC that explains what happens to some of characters in that 20 year gap between games. Heck, they could do the memory prisms instead if that would work better. I just feel like if there is going to be some kind of connection between the two games something needs to be explained. A lot can happen in twenty years.
  8. Am I the only person that thinks that it would be incredibly cool if Intelligent Systems released a banner of non-Fire Emblem Nintendo characters like Link or Zelda. I feel like there are several characters that would make great units in FEH, but I realize that the chances of this are pretty slim. Still, I believe that the concept is great. I would even be happy if they maybe did some sort of cosplay Halloween banner. Like instead of making the characters dress as monsters and witches, the characters would dress as other Nintendo characters. I think it would be both cool and hilarious to see someone like Elise in Mario costume attacking enemies with a hammer (axe). They could even make it a mount by having a horse Yoshi.
  9. I am working on an encyclopedia of sorts for the entire Fire Emblem series and in it I wanted to make a timeline for each series. I have a timeline for Tellius, Magvell, and the combination of Jugdral, Valentia, and Archanea. That leaves me with coming up with Elibe and the continent of Fates. What I'm trying to do is come up with a sequence of events for all three routes that I can put into a timeline like form. I also need help figuring out the combination events e.g. the playable events prior to the route split as well as the history prior to the games e.g. when Corrin gets kidnapped, when Azura gets kidnapped, when the other people climbed the mountain to reach the rainbow sage, etc. I am going to need the same things for Elibe as well, but I will tackle that when I can. This is a huge passion project of mine and I would like some help getting it done. I would be happy to post my results and what I have at the correct place when I find out where that is. (I'm kind of new to forums in general so any help is appreciated.) Any comments and criticisms are welcome.
  10. In terms of personalities I do not think that several of the characters would have been bi. Soleil would have been fine to be bi, but overall the romantic options for characters are not necessary in general. Many of the S supports in general just really do not make sense considering the support that they come off of. I feel like bi/gay options would fall into the same category of some of these. Yes, some of them could be good, but overall I feel like they would fall into the generic, unnecessary category. Also this is coming from a straight, male perspective.
  11. The best way to go about this is to start considering the facts. So correct me if I'm wrong, but we know that Nowi was kidnapped and used for "entertainment." She was also kidnapped when she from birth, so all she would have known was life in captivity. We also know that she is about 1000 years old, so she would have been in said captivity for that long. This time in captivity would make her more naive to the outside world, a la Corrin in Fates. Her childlike attitude could be chalked up to her being a manakete. The general scale would 100 manakete years= 1 human year, so it is not inconceivable that she would be mentally around 10 years old. With all of these factors to consider, it is certainly feasible for her to become comfortable in her attire and probably not want to change. Furthermore, we have characters like Tharja and Olivia to support the fact the outfits like Nowi's are not an uncommon thing. She also spends a lot of time in dragon form so her outfit would not be that big of a deal. We also don't see what the characters look like during their down time (remember they are an army, they have leave). Her outfit may just be her "combat uniform." When she is not in the manakete class she wears the generic uniform for that class. This leads me to believe that she goes to fight in said outfit, but when she isn't doing a job for Chrom's army, she wears different clothes.
  12. I think that they are cool to look at, but overall pretty useless. I don't like how generic they are, but again they look pretty cool regardless. I also don't like that you have to reach level 20 to promote. The experience gain toward the end is incredibly slow even in the experience DLC maps. Some of the classes do have some cool new abilities, but it is not enough to make them all worthwhile. They also are not even necessary to beat the main game. Of course, hard mode Thabes would be a whole lot easier with them, but it is possible without.
  13. Based on the quotes that I have read on this page on would say that Leon has some narcissistic qualities to him. It would also not be out of ordinary to call a person with qualities like his a narcissist. However, I will say that he probably is not a narcissist and is probably hiding some things behind his narcissism. I also think that Heroes does tend to blow certain character traits out of proportion and make some people a little one-dimensional, but with as many units as it has it is slightly understandable.
  14. Personally I used Faye as a Cleric. Although I will say that Tatiana is the best Saint in Alm's route imo. If you have the DLC classes than promoting Faye up again would not be a bad idea. I think you lose out on anew through this promotion, but iirc you gain more offensive spells. If I had to take Faye into another class it would probably the Pegasus Knight for the flier advantage and monster slaying. Of course my two play throughs of SoV were basically luck dependent, but I tend to play FE by relying on lucky dodges at times.
  15. Personally I feel like Kliff would die like in the Gaiden Magna, and Deen would be the one to die on Celica's route. It would also be interesting if Saber or Body died somewhere along Celica's route as well.
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